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      2021 THC Classic Entries

      2021 Entries | Past Entries
      Peach Haze - Chronic Creations

      Two of our most popular strains: Afghan Peach/Ghost Train Haze combined 50/50 to make an electric fermented citrus mango flavor that sticks to your tongue long after the dab is done!

      Peach Power Live Badder - Glow Extracts

      Peach Power is a blend of Peach Pie and Tangie Power. The two strains are individually unique in their own regard, when combined they make for an even more special experience. The smooth citrus notes from the Tangie Power combined with the sweet creamy profile of the Peach Pie make for a smell reminiscent of orange creamsicles on a hot summer day.

      Sherbet Creamsicle Live Badder - Glow Extracts

      Sherbet Creamsicle is a cross of Sherbet X Creamsicle by Freeworld Genetics. Extracted with a specific hydrocarbon blend to achieve the best ratio of cannabinoids to terpenes from fresh frozen plants, this live badder is a connoisseurs’ dream. Notes ranging from strawberries n cream frozen yogurt to a sugar sweet blend of citrus and berry. Great for functional daytime enhancement and to bring back memories of your favorite ice cream shop.

      Slazerbeam - Green Treets

      A cross between Super Lemon Haze & Gupta Kush. This energizing strain creates a happy go lucky, euphoric high. A real Treet!

      Straight Fire Live Diamonds - Kush Masters

      A cross of Mint Chocolate Chip & Mothertongue- A sweet, minty, vanilla, peppery flavor with earthy undertones. Diamonds that will glisten every-time the jar is opened!

      Tennis Balls Live Diamonds - Dalwhinnie Farms

      This bright green pheno of Brain OG x Stardawg packs a punch with heavy terpenes of rubber and fuel. A cerebral hybrid reminiscent of Headband back in the day. Can be enjoyed anytime of day to brighten your mood.

      The White Chem 4 x Dawg’s Waltz - TR Concentrates

      The White Chem 4 x Dawg’s Waltz is a cross that is a genetic derivative of both the Chemdawg and OG lineages. The aroma and flavor of this live resin is packed with both earthy and citrus notes. It has been refined to bring you the cleanest dab experience possible while staying rich in both THCa and terpenes. Since the genetics are rooted in indica dominant strains you can expect a sedated but pleasant experience.

      Wedding Cake Live Diamonds - Sunshine Extracts

      Wedding Cake is an instant classic with a flavor that is a marriage of velvety kush, sweetness, and a hint of gas. Good luck finding a ring that fits these rocks, these diamonds are any dabbers best friend.

      White Grapefruit Cookies 14 - Olio

      The White Grapefruit Cookies has a unique profile. Starting with sharp, bitter citrus notes on the inhale followed by a surprisingly smooth, sweet exhale reminiscent of berries. The White Grapefruit Cookies is new to our garden but it didn’t take long to become a team favorite.

      BioChem Bubble Hash - DADiRRi

      BoChem is one of our favorite solventless Bubble Hash strains due to its potent, citrusy, and fuel-like aromas. It is an Indica dominant strain, perfect for an end of the day smoke session. BioChem offers a gentle head high and perfect body relaxation.

      Concord Crush Beach Sand - Habana Extracts

      The Combination of Sundae driver and Mai Tai #4 is sweet and creamy with Mouthwatering Tropical funk and heavy notes of grapes and berries .

      Gas Tanker #4 - Olio

      An Olio selection from one of our favorite breeders, this cross of motorbreath 15 and Sour Dubb will surely please the old school and new school gas lovers. This pungent cross will hit you with a flavorful sour, fuel, and earthy nose backed with a familiar notes of OG. It is definitely a potent strain for experienced smokers.

      Lemon Zkittles Moroccan Hashish - The Greenery Hash Factory

      Our Moroccan Hash starts with potent, dry-sieved kief, which we bake to decarboxylate the cannabinoids. Then we hand-roll the finished hashish into one-gram balls that have a dark, musky flavor profile enjoyed by true hashish connoisseurs state-wide since 2017.

      Purple Sherb Lebanese Hashish - The Greenery Hash Factory

      Our Lebanese starts with golden kief selected and cured specifically for this type of hashish. The kief is then pressed in a form with twelve tons of pressure, which melts the trichome heads together to darken the surface, but the interior of our traditional Lebanese is left blonde, just as it should be.

      Tropaya - CGC Black Label

      Tropaya combines the iconic Tropicana Cookies with the highly sought after Papaya strain to create an amazingly flavorful, fruit-forward profile that is easily enjoyable at any time of day. This full melt hash is solventless in its most pure form!

      Forbidden Zkittles Melonaid #8 - Olio

      The Forbidden Zkittles Melonaid #8 has an overwhelming fruity jolly rancher taste that lingers on the palate. The effects are just as intense leaving you with the munchies like no other. 

      Golden Goat Pod - The Lab

      The Lab’s Premium Live Resin Pods are made from 100% cannabis terpenes and THC fractions of fresh frozen Golden Goat plants. Those fractions are recombined to give the full sativa dominant effects and spicy, sweet and sour flavor of the tried and true strain.

      Lemon G FSE - Sauce Bros.

      The closest thing to biting into a lemon, without the actual lemon. Lemon G is the pride of Ohio, representing the Midwest among all the Dutch and West Coast strains out there. Potent and invigorating, this strain descends from Original G13. Prepare to have your mouth coated in tart lemon juice! This strain is the most requested out of all Sauce Bros flavors - one drag of this vape and you’ll know exactly why!

      Live Blue Skunk Cartridge - High Level Health

      The Live Blue Skunk Cartridge is an excellent option for someone on-the-go looking for a full spectrum experience. The upfront blueberry muffin flavor is complemented well with a great earthy undertone.

      O.pen Live Resin - Borealis #7 - O.pen

      Live Resin: O.pen Live Resin uses fresh-frozen cannabis to deliver loud & robust terpene flavor profiles, plus a full-spectrum cannabinoid experience reflective of each strains genetics.

      Gyro: A gravity defying innovation. Borealis #7 is a slightly indica dominant hybrid (60% indica / 40% sativa) created by crossing Northern Lights x Skunk #1. It has a prominent fruity flavor profile with sweet and sour undertones; reminiscent of strawberry lemonade. Its effects are well balanced with an euphoric head high and a relaxing/rejuvenating body high.

      Shift Kush Sauce Cartridge - Dalwhinnie Farms

      This heavy hitter indica stays close to it’s Skywalker roots. Myrcine dominates in an earthy taste with floral notes that relax and refresh like a hike in the rain.

      Strawberry Head Live Resin Cartridge - Dalwhinnie Farms

      Strawberry head live resin translates the beauty of the garden in this Strawberry Cough x Bruce Banner cross. Fresh limonene and myrcene find a balance with an unbelievable taste that will mellow your day.

      Afghani 1 Gram Cartridge - Mile High Xtractions

      Afghani - One of the few landraces left in existence. Perfect for a deep and sedated body high. Using only the finest starting material, we are proud to offer a truly clean and environmentally sound extracted distillate. We have selected a ceramic based cart that hits consistently from start to finish. Afghani’s original terps are re-introduced into the oil so consumers experience the sweet and earthy taste of this phenomenal strain. Enjoy!

      Cherry Pie - Modern Flower

      Not your traditional Cherry Pie. When you vape this pie, you’ll be sure to indulge in a sweet tartness with finishing notes of pine. As Warrant describes, “She’s my cherry pie; cool drink of water, such a sweet surprise; tastes so good, makes a grown man cry; Sweet Cherry Pie!”

      Ghost Train Haze/Spherex Select - Spherex

      Experience Spherex Select, pure CO2 distillate with 100% cannabis-derived terpenes from Rare Dankness’ strain: Ghost Train Haze. Potent and pure, this flavorful sativa is sour and smooth, with hints of citrus, pine, and spice. It was voted one of the most potent strains in the world by High Times Magazine.

      Lemon G 1/1 Cannaterp - Double Bear Concentrates

      If you love the nostalgic feeling of fresh-squeezed lemonade, then give Double Bear’s Lemon G Cannaterp cartridge a try! These Terrapin exclusive cartridges offer a well-balanced 1/1 sativa effect with robust citrus flavor waves for the tongue! These delicious cartridges are ideal for anytime of day since they can provide both uplifting and relaxing effects.

      Lemon Jilly Distillate Cartridge - Dalwhinnie Farms

      Jillybean dominates the senses with fruit, citrus and pine. One of our favorite cultivars in the grow because the terpene profile is so potent and unique. A sativa leaning hybrid that elevates without the jitters.

      Native Elite - Guicy G - Northern Standard

      Native Elite oils are engineered to provide the cleanest connoisseur-grade concentration of active cannabinoids and native terpenes available on the market. Potent, with lasting effect. Extracted only from the highest quality, organically grown, award-winning cannabis strains. Northern Standard oils contain only cannabinoids and terpenes found in the source cannabis plant, giving you an all-natural experience with flavor and effect like no other.

      Native Elite - Orange Acai - Northern Standard

      Native Elite oils are engineered to provide the cleanest connoisseur-grade concentration of active cannabinoids and native terpenes available on the market. Potent, with lasting effect. Extracted only from the highest quality, organically grown, award-winning cannabis strains. As with all Northern Standard cannabis oils, the Native Elite line is extracted from single-strain, single-batch cannabis, and contains only native cannabis terpenes.

      O.pen Cured Resin: Banana Kush - O.pen

      Cured Resin- O.pen Cured Resin brings out the nuances of cannabis-derived terpenes from the best local strains. This 6x award-winning cartridge offers cannabis-derived terpenes and potency at a value. Banana Kush is a slightly indica dominant hybrid (60% indica / 40% sativa) created by crossing OG Kush x Skunk Haze. It has a rich sweet/fruity candied banana flavor profile with smooth diesel undertones. Its euphoric effects are perfect for loosening up and melting away tension.

      Orange Soda + Sourband ‘09 DUO Pod - Clear Creek Extracts

      The Clear Creek DUO features two 500mg cartridges built into one pod. One side is Orange Soda, a zesty, complex strain that packs a serious cerebral punch and taste of fresh, sparkling oranges. Flip it and rip it to experience Sourband ‘09, the ultimate gas profile which provides an instant, stimulating head high that develops into a grounded body high.

      Platinum Valley Cured Cartridge - High Level Health

      The Platinum Valley Cured Cartridge is an excellent product that can be enjoyed throughout the day. The upfront lemon citrus flavor is complemented with hazy undertones. Its uplifting effects are great to help you focus on your task at hand.

      Select Elite Indica - Bordello - Select

      Bordello is an Indica strain with touches of fruity and herbal flavors and a sweet aroma which delivers a feeling of relaxation through-out the body allowing for a creative yet calm experience. Select tests to the highest standards for potency and pesticides in every state we’re in. In fact, our internal standards are more stringent than state compliance requirements.

      Sunset Sherbet - Modern Flower

      Make the sun going down a sweet part of your day. With a complex flavor and aroma, experience the layers of cotton candy, citrus, and earthy berries sure to last into the smooth night.

      Terpene Infused Distillate Cartridge -

      We fill this cartridge with a blend of premium distillate oil and distinct, cannabis-derived terpenes extracted from select batches of Clementine Live Resin. The bright citrus notes playfully awaken taste buds while delivering a smooth, uplifting high designed to lighten any mood. This potent cartridge packs an incomparable punch of terpene-rich flavor that won’t soon be forgotten. 

      Terpene Infused Distillate Cartridge - Lusso

      We fill this cartridge with a blend of premium distillate oil and distinct, cannabis-derived terpenes extracted from select batches of Clementine Live Resin. The bright citrus notes playfully awaken taste buds while delivering a smooth, uplifting high designed to lighten any mood. This potent cartridge packs an incomparable punch of terpene-rich flavor that won’t soon be forgotten. 

      Trop Cookies - Concentrate Supply Co. - CSC

      Trop Cookies is a sativa marijuana strain that provides a cerebral and focused high. Bred by Oni Seed Co, Trop Cookies crosses GSC and Tangie. The result is an infusion of citrus notes backed up by a smooth cookies flavor. We combine this high-terpene fraction will the cleanest distillate in Colorado, then precisely fill into state-of-the-art hardware for an unmatched experience.

      Candy Man Rosin Pen - Olio

      The Candy Man rosin pen is a mix of our Juice Man#6 and Pudding Pop strains. The combo of the two makes for a strong papaya type flavor on the front end leaving you with earthy kush tones on the exhale. The Girl Scout Cookies in the Pudding Pop provides a relaxing calming experience.

      Forbidden Cookies Live Rosin Vape Cartridge - Äkta

      A trio of heavy-hitters in GMO, Frozen Grapes and Forbidos. The flavor carries over excellently making this a prime Live Rosin Vaping experience, with the unmistakable garlic and earthy profile of GMO dominating the front end followed by notes of sweet grapes and sour fruit on the backend. Accompanied by relaxing and pain-relieving effects, this is the perfect nighttime vape.

      Key Lime Cookies Solventelss Cartridge - Dablogic

      A tropical sensation captured in our patented solventless vape cart process, with Verde Natural living-soil flowers for the highest of trichome offerings. Key Lime Cookies is a limited mixed batch of Tropicanna Cookies and Key Lime Pie, offering a burst of citrus but finishes with a sultry yet smooth lime profile.

      Palisade Honey Solventless Pen - Sunshine Extracts

      Named after Colorado’s Palisade peaches the Palisade honey combines Peach oz and Honey Banana for a mouth watering experience. Floral and sweet these two unique genetics combine to form a rich tapestry of flavors defined by their unique fruitiness. Made of 100% cold cured rosin this cartridge offers a peaceful wind down to your evening wrapped in the flavors of a summer day.

      Papaya Cake Live Rosin Vape Cartridge - Äkta

      The name speaks for itself. Tropical notes of sour papaya blend seamlessly with hints of creamy cake and sour lemons. The effects lean towards a more sedated, couch-locking experience, though at smaller doses it can be quite uplifting and focused. A memorable Live Rosin vaping experience that will bring the tropics to you.

      Strawpaya Solventless Cartridge - Dablogic

      Our patented solventless vape cart process provides a top-notch experience for this batch of Strawpaya. By sourcing quality flowers from our Verde Natural living-soil garden, this combination of Strawnana and Papaya is exactly what we are looking for from these cultivars; fruit overload for the fruit-heads.

      Cannaloupe Haze - Modern Flower

      Ripe at your fingertips wherever you go. Sticky without the seeds, sweet with the juiciest of vibes. Cannaloupe Haze is known for its resin production, making it perfect for concentrates.

      Experimental Series - Ginger Peppermint - Northern Standard

      Northern Standard’s extraction artists broke their own rules by using non-cannabis terpenes in the new Experimental Series line of CO2 extracted distillates. The Experimental Series is an exploration of flavors and effects derived from non-cannabis terpenes. But unlike competing distillate vape products flavored with synthetic or off-the-shelf additives, Northern Standard extracted terpenes from the most fragrant and flavorful herbs and spices using the same technology we use to extract native cannabis terpenes. 

      Lime Sherbet - Concentrate Supply Co. - CSC

      Lime Sherbet is part of the CSC ‘ARTISAN’ Vape line. We blend ideal amounts of sativa-dominant terpenes to create a consistent experience batch after batch. Users can expect the exact same flavor and effects, regardless of when or where they buy the product. Signature Terpenes: Terpinolene, Alpha-Pinene, Geraniol. Flavor Description: A rindy lime top end with sour and creamy undertones.

      Pleasure Distillate Vape - Green Treets

      The Green Treets Pleasure vape is a combination of our ultra refined distillate made from our Award winning flower & our proprietary terpene blend that is sure to give you some pleasure in your life!

      Relax Distillate Vape - Green Treets

      Green Treets Relax Vape is a combination of distillate made from our award winning flower & our proprietary terpene blend. It is sure to help you relax after a long day.

      Strawberry Banana - Concentrate Supply Co. - CSC

      The Strawberry Banana is a fan favorite among our ‘FRUIT’ line of CSC vapes. Combining natural flavors of strawberries & banana, this vape screams smoothie! Always filled into state-of-the-art hardware and certified free of heavy-metals.

      Strawnana CBD Distillate Cartridge - Lusso

      After a long day, this 1:1 cartridge is uniquely designed to help you wind down and ease your nerves. Formulated with a scrumptious blend of premiere distillate oil and select, naturally derived terpenes, this concoction could be your newest source of Zen.

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