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      2020 THC Classic Entries

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      Wedding Crasher Live Diamonds - Kush Masters

      This cross of Wedding Cake and Purple Punch is a unique mix of gas and fruity deliciousness. You will definitely feel comfortable proposing with these diamonds. Enjoy!

      Mai Tai Gelato - Kush Masters

      This combination of Mai Tai and Gelato creates one beautiful concentrate. The diamonds on this batch are second to none. The terpene profile brings it all together with a sweet sweet gassy aroma, like a slurpee from 711. Thank you, dab again!

      Tally mon - Chronic Creations

      Bred by Oniseedco, this mix of Banana OG, Papaya and Dosidos comes together perfectly into a rotten banana papaya smoothie aroma and a delicious dab!

      Purple Punch - Verde Natural

      A fruity full bodied flavor with complimentary hints of pine vanilla and cream.

      Banana Punch - Verde Natural

      A heavy hitting strain with pops of banana, pineapple and clementine.

      Trifecta w/ Silver Summit Flower - The Green Solution

      Made popular by the film Pineapple Express, this 1.75g joint is hand-rolled with Silver Summit flower, great for sharing with friends!

      Terpwin Station - Terrapin Care Station

      With feelings like euphoria and a slight cerebral buzz accompanying beautiful, terpene filled trichomes, Terpwin Station from the Woods Select Reserve is truly the perfect pre-happy hour strain!

      Terpwin Station: King Palm Roll - Connoisseurs Genetics & Concentrates

      Terpwin Station King Palm pre roll.  Sweet mandarin with a bit of Gas.  The King Palm ensures a smooth slow burn.

      Super Lemon Haze - Verde Natural

      A sweet citrusy aroma backed by a tart lemon skunk flavor.

      Quattro Kush - Høst Cannabis Co.

      Quattro Kush - A rare, super stank, heavy hitting indica. Quattro Kush lingers on the palate with a bold and unforgettable terpene profile that just won’t quit. Some might say QK has a slightly offensive aroma, while others can’t get enough. The perfect way to end your evening with a powerful night cap.

      Garlic Road: 3.5g Pre-Roll Pack - Seed and Smith

      The Seed & Smith Pre-Roll pack is the next level of convenience for the on-the-go smoker. These joints are a half gram of consistent and reliable highs every time because they are produced using 100% flower with no fillers. Packaged in a sturdy and discreet case that makes carrying your favorite strains easy and accessible.

      Guava - Den-Rec

      A super productive sativa with deep, pungent notes of diesel giving it an exceptionally strong terpene profile. Thick, dense flower with long, light orange pistils.

      Black Hole - Connoisseurs Genetics & Concentrates

      A CGC original, there is nothing else like it. Smells and tastes of Grape Pie with just enough gas to keep you coming back. This strain offers both high THC and CBD Potency. The high is a nice full body high, but uplifting. If you like the Flower you’re gonna love the concentrates.

      ABV Pre-Roll 7-Pack: Nina Limone (S) - ABV Cannabis Co.

      Our Nina Limone is known for its lanky Sativa structure, floral and fruity nose, and high levels of CBGA. This strain produces heavy cerebral effects with notedly less anxiety and raciness than other potent Sativa strains. This strain rolled up in the ABV half gram joints is the perfect addition to your active day. Grab a pack of ABV pre-rolls and enjoy responsibly!

      Super Lemon Haze - Options

      An uplifting, energetic high that is sure to be super.

      Bomb Pop - Options

      A blast of fruity flavor with hints of Cherry blowing up in your mouth.

      StarDawg - Eureka Vapor

      The Stardawg 500mg disposable encased in our all new carbon fiber hardware is one of the newest members of the Eureka Vapor family. As you inhale, you will notice the amazing piney aroma on this earthy hybrid. This oil is an amazing stress reliever, extremely uplifting, and remarkably flavorful.

      SFV OG - Eureka Vapor

      Our SFV OG 500mg disposable encased in our all new carbon fiber hardware is the newest member of the Eureka Vapor family. The rich terpene profile, combined with relaxed yet energetic effects of this strain, make this unit essential for anybody looking to take the edge off while remaining alert and productive.

      Good: Afternoon (Tangie - Hybrid) - Feather

      The perfect pen for any part of the day! Feather’s customer all-in-one hardware made of premium materials is paired with the best extracts from their partners at The Lab. This pen from the Good: Collection features a live resin from the Tangie strain and highlights a strong citrus taste and aroma. The effects are pleasant and uplifting with a mild body buzz.

      Good: Morning (Durban Poison - Sativa) - Feather

      It’s your discreet, dependable accessory for the everyday! Feather’s custom all-in-one hardware made of premium materials is paired with the best extracts from their partners at The Lab. This pen from the Good: Collection features a live resin from the Durban Poison strain. Keep your energy high and enjoy the rich, spicy caramel, licorice, citrus and minty undertones.

      Lilac Diesel Disposable 0.33 gram pen - Mile High Xtractions

      This sweet, floral and fruity hybrid strain is perfect to elevate the mind and relax the body.  With a clean, smooth hit and discrete profile, this 0.33g disposable pen is the perfect companion for on the go activities.  It is also rechargeable so it’s good to the last drop.

      Spectra Live Resin: Chem 4 OG - Westpine Selects

      Spectra Uncut Live Resin is produced using absolutely zero cutting agents. All Spectra Live Resin products are not flavored, so you accurately taste the true-to-flower flavor. For Chem #4 OG, this is an earthy flavor with citrus, pine, wood, and sweet orange notes that overlay a hickory taste, creating a euphoric, relaxing high.

      Harley’s Blackberry Pie - Dabble

      Harley’s Blackberry Pie is an indica dominant hybrid that made a beautiful and clear shatter. It’s very light yellow in color with hints of orange. The flavor has a smooth herbal taste with slight touches of pepper.

      Hazed & Confused - Dabble

      Hazed & Confused is a hybrid shatter that is translucent, colorful, and extremely clean with ppm, flavor, and effect. 

      Kush Mints Shatter - Seed and Smith

      A beautiful combination of clarity and color, Kush Mints shatter packs a punch with an easy smoke and a vibrant exhale. With plenty of mint, sweet and citrusy flavors to enjoy throughout, this shatter represents the flower perfectly.

      Mr. Good Chem - Good Chemistry

      Good Chemistry’s proprietary Mr. Good Chem creates a shatter that enhances the classic, smooth smoke Mr. Good Chem fans know so well. The sweet, floral flavor of this strain is intensified through processing and may deliver an energetic, amplifying lift. Concentrates are subject to availability and vary by processor.

      Diablo - Options

      Strong Indica with a robust gassy flavor.

      Cap Hill Kush - Options

      Uplifting creative Sativa Hybrid that leaves you craving for more.

      Jack Flash - Concentrate Supply Co. - CSC

      Jack Flash offers an earthy citrus aroma, impressive yields, and the active cerebral legacy of her Jack Herer parent. This hybrid gets its name from its lightning-fast onset which may prove useful to patients needing immediate symptom relief.

      Strawnana Tropicana Koolaid - Chronic Creations

      Beautiful golden shatter with a sweet fruity citrus aroma! Grown by our friends over at Canna Craft, give them a follow @cannacraftco!

      Crescendo Shatter - Kush Masters

      This cross of Chemdog, I-95 and Mandarin Cookies really brings a crazy combination of flavors together. It is a sweet, earthy terpene profile that packs a serious punch every time. A timeless smoke.

      Strawnana Badder - Verde Natural

      Bright notes of strawberry & sugar cane blended into a creamy flavor.

      Strawnana Sap - Verde Natural

      Bright notes of strawberry & sugar cane blended into a creamy flavor.

      Jamband Rosin - Apothecary Extracts

      Our delectable Jamband Rosin is a cross between T.R.U.T.H and Headband. This extra stinky, super strong, hard hitting strain is definitely for the gassy lovers out there! Jamband begins with an unbelievable aroma of stinky cheese and spices. Once inhaled, Jamband explodes with a combination of flavors, so potent, and so cheesey. Jamband will always remain a true favorite of many, for years to come.

      Wedding Cake - Connoisseurs Genetics & Concentrates

      This high THC potency tastes of sweet & tangy with a touch of pepper. Can help with street and anxiety, with a relaxed and happy high. Enjoy this in flower or concentrate.

      Afgahni Peach - Connoisseurs Genetics & Concentrates

      Afgahni Kush x Papaya.  This strain will have you coming back for more.  A smooth fruity strain with a strong head high.

      Poon Tang Pie Full Spectrum Live Rosin Batter - Single Source Colorado

      Poon Tang Pie (Grape Pie X Tropicanna Cookies) X Papaya, from Oni Seed Co/Harrypalms is a terpene-rich, hash monster!  High yields, amazing flavor and potency make the PTP a favorite in the Single Source Garden.

      Juice Man #6 -

      A true terpene explosion! A cross between Fabuloso and Papaya, our #6 pheno leans heavy on the Papaya notes. It’s floral, tropical, and sweet, with just a twang of funk to round it all out. Think Papaya candy, or a scented marker from the 90’s. This strain is just as great for its uplifting effects as it is for its terpenes!

      Strawberry Ice cream -

      This strain is no different from a great, creamy dessert... perfect after a long day. packed with fruity flavors - bananas and strawberries - that pair so well with a sweet cream finish.

      Strawberry Guava Private Reserve - Allgreens

      This rosin was made from our favorite pheno of Strawberry Guava bred by Oni Seed Co. We pressed only the juiciest heads (90u - 120u), which we refer to as our Private Reserve. It has a nice, sweet flavor profile - like a tropical smoothie with hints of strawberries, bananas, and papayas. It has become a staple in the Allgreens garden.

      Papaya - Options

      Take your taste buds on a tropical vacation.

      Glueball Live Rosin - Nokhu Labs

      Cold Cured, Full Spectrum Live Rosin (45-120 micron), single press.  Glueball is a cross between GG#4 and Snowball.

      Cookies n Cream Live Rosin - Kush Masters

      This rosin has a sweet creamy flavor profile that tastes like cereal milk on Saturday morning. The appearance of this rosin comes in a beautiful light budder consistency.

      Wedding Cake Live Rosin Jam - Kush Masters

      This consistency is super easy to dab and has that classic gassy wedding cake flavor profile. This rosin is sure to leave you wanting another dab.

      Fire 3 Ring Caviar Cone/Inferno Caviar - Peak

      Fire 3 Ring is made with premium flower, 3 raw oil and dry sift kief rings. Inferno has premium flower, raw oil and dry sift kief. Hand-crafted with over a hour burn time.

      Capn Kush Berries Hybrid Rosin Gem - Locol Love

      Starting with a half gram of premium flower, you paint your nug with solventless hash oil. It is then rolled in specifically reserved dry sift to form... The Rosin Gem.  A sweet citrus scent for your top notes, followed by a smooth, creamy heart note, ending on a light piney or mentholated aroma.

      Skunk Island OG SunRock Caviar - DADiRRi

      Top shelf flower, soaked in potent distillate, and rolled in flavorful and solventless bubble hash.  The tropical citrus, skunky smell of the Skunk Island OG strain takes over the room! At 65.29% THC, this SunRock hits hard and encourages a good mood and a perky, upbeat high.

      Bubba Kush Platinum Roll - XG Platinum

      Platinum rolls are made with 1 gram of premium cannabis, finely ground and infused with highly potent Co2 oil and kief.

      Sugar Cone - The Green Solution

      Sunset Sherbet Live Resin Oil, Sunset Sherbet Trichomes from Fresh Frozen (Shook same day), Sunset Sherbet Preroll Flower.

      Peanut Butter Breath Live Caviar - Newt Brothers Artisanal

      Our Golden Newt Caviar starts with our meticulously cultivated flower from our clean room facility. Hand selected nugs are perfectly cured and dressed with our finest micron dry-sift kief and then smothered in our in-house live concentrate. The result is a high potency concentrate with a huge flavor that captivates cannabis connoisseurs.

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