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      2018/2019 Entries (2020 Coming Very Soon!)

      Colin's OG - Colin's OG

      Bred by Ethos, Colin OG S1 is a cross of Grateful Dawg x The White x (Sour Diesel x Flo). A pungent diesel smell mixes with floral and citrus notes, creating a unique flavor profile. With strong parent genetics, Colin OG S1 offers a potent high that will brighten your day at the risk of forgetting what was on your to-do list.

      Black Fire OG - Buddy Boy Brands

      A cross between Fire OG and Blackberry Kush. Helpful for those who suffer with pain, spasms, and insomnia; this dark, frosty, dense flower provides the connoisseur with the ultimate long lasting body high.

      Bananas & Cherries - Veritas Fine Cannabis

      Bananas & Cherries | Indica-Dominant Hybrid (Banana Kush x Cherry Puff)   

      Benefits: Increased Appetite, Pain Relief, Promoted Sleep

      Terpenes: Myrcene, Limonene, B-Caryophyllene

      Take your mind and body into a euphoric state of tranquility and relaxation, granting a sedating feeling sure to alleviate built up stress. A strong banana and earthy aroma immediately greets your nose followed by notes of sweet cherries. This is the perfect strain to unwind with a movie and your favorite snacks.

      Ackbar OG - The Bank

      This high potency indica dominant hybrid has strong garlic and fuel notes, with a hint of earthiness. Extremely resinous flowers with a heavy sedative effect.

      91 Sister -

      91 Sister takes you back to the vintage roots of cannabis. With her smooth inhale and gassy exhale, this charmer is nostalgic of the classic and time-honored strains which structured the modern smoking experience.At first glance, you may see a typical, dense, indica bud. But upon closer inspection, she astounds you with her amber hairs and sparkling trichomes. The earthy scent is handsomely paired with a thick yet breathable smoke. The subtle pinewood flavor leaves you with a gradual, enduring euphoria that makes her the ultimate social ally- ideal for outings with friends or a smoke break from work.

      4 Kings - DEN-REC

      A perfect combination of ocean grown lineage, with an earthy, pine terpene profile. 4 Kings gives a euphoric sensation followed by a heavy sedated affect; the perfect late night indica.

      Tangerine Haze - Lama Brand/Bgood

      Legendary cross of Soma's Original NYCD and G-13/Haze.  The Tangerine Haze is a great day time strain, with a clear, focused effect and a nice head and body buzz.  Citrus and Tangerine Terps for days!!

      Super Blue Thai - Summit

      This potent and stimulating sativa is a product of the ever-popular Super Blue Dream strain crossed with the pure landrace sativa Thai.  Notes of citrus and blueberry paired with earthy, woody aromas will tantalize your taste buds and produce a euphoric head high, allowing for a focused, creative and outgoing experience.

      Sour OG #2 - NUHI Distribution

      Sour OG #2 is a sativa dominant cross of Sour Power x Biker Kush.  Expect dank, dark, dense, purple, sugar coated flowers that sparkle like diamonds.  This pheno is heavy on the gas with some OG on the back end.  A great all day smoke for the sour kush lovers!

      Silver Summit x The Solution - The Bonzai Collection

      Silver Summit x The Solution is a sativa-leaning hybrid that produces a bright and heavily citrus flavor and a mouth-watering, almost aggressively pungent aroma. On first encounter, its effect is a high that encourages productive and creative pursuits, but it becomes increasingly mellow and stony with continued consumption.

      Purple Champagne - LUCY SKY

      Purple Champagne is a sativa-dominant cannabis cultivar bred by Grand Daddy Purp, who crossed a rare sativa phenotype of Grandaddy Purple with Pink Champagne(AKA Phantom). Hints of grape, berry, and earth.

      Platinum Valley - High Level Health

      An in-house genetic only available at High Level Health. It is a cross of Silver Grapes x San Fernando Valley Headband. This strain has an upfront haze flavor followed by layers of earth and OG funk. Platinum Valley is our most prized sativa strain with a balanced yet powerful high. It’s received multiple awards and is a top selling strain at High Level Health.

      Platinum Punch White - Karmaceuticals

      Platinum Punch is an sativa-dominant cross of Larry OG and Grandaddy Purple. It is a sweet tasting strain packed full of trichomes with an undertone grape flavor.

      Nigerian Haze - top dawg genetics

      Nigerian Haze Sativa (Nigerian Silk X NL5/Haze) Grown and bred by Top Dawg Genetics  has a floral hazy smell that is very distinctive to the almost pure African sativa that has a clear and up high that is very motivational and creative .

      Mr. Good Chem - Good Chemistry

      Proprietary to Good Chemistry Nurseries, Mr. Good Chem is a sativa dominant strain with hints of lemon and pine. Good Chemistry’s pioneering Cannabis Effects Categories identify Mr. Good Chem as an “Amplify” and “Relax” strain that, based on historical experience, may provide a focused, creative high accompanied by possible stress relief.

      Moonshine Haze - natty rems

      Natty Rems grown Moonshine Haze is a mouthwatering Nevil's Wreck and Amnesia Haze cross. Boasting an incredible fruity aroma, anticipate an overwhelming tangy, sweet and tropical flavor from these full bodied flowers.

      Jilly Bean - Native Roots

      The aroma and flavor of this strain is nothing short of spectacular. Lip smacking sweet/tart candy with citrus flavors ranging from tangerine and grapefruit to occasional hints of creamy cherry-mango. A quick-hitting, cerebral punch to the brain is quickly enhanced with uplifting, serene body effects.  Cured for over 2 months, you can be sure that this will be a smooth, hard hitting smoke. This flower possesses an almost neon green leaf and is complimented by beautiful orange pistils.

      Island Sweet Skunk - Chronic Therapy

      A cross of Romulan and Golden Goat, the Island Sweet Skunk provides an energetic sativa high and possesses an intense citrus aroma.

      HiFi - Natural Leaf

      This Hifi from Seed Junky Genetics brings users an energetic and euphoric high, with a flavor profile that is piney diesel.

      Green Crush - Kind Care

      This strain, also known as Green Crack, comes from crossing Skunk #1 and Afghani.  This cross is sativa dominant and causes an enjoyable mental buzz along with an increased ability to focus.  The beautiful, bright orange pistols and tight bud structure are quite the site to behold.  It's dynamic flavors of citrus, sweet, and earthiness make it appealing to everyone's taste.

      Grapefruit Durban - Terrapin Care Station

      Known for its legendary pedigree and pleasant taste, Grapefruit Durban is a sativa-dominant hybrid with distinct flavors of pink grapefruit from a deep lineage, boasting genetics from Durban Poison and the mysterious Grapefruit.

      Glass Slipper - Ballpark Holistic Dispensary

      A cross between Cinderella 99 and Pineapple 99, our cut of Glass Slipper is a sativa described to have an intense cerebral effect with a sweet somewhat fruity terpene profiles.

      Ghost Train Haze -

      A staple of modern cannabis, Ghost Train Haze has a knack for derailing the hearts of even the pickiest stoners; the chronic effects, tenacious high, emerald buds, slight yellow hairs, and sugary trichomes of this multiple-award winning strain will all immediately prove why. The Sativa indication is inherent as your mood is immediately fast-tracked towards a type of exhilarating relaxation by the loud limonene flavor. The scent and sensibilities of this GTH only get more intoxicating as the smoke chugs on. This isn’t for casper the friendly, this flower is for us real ghosts.

      Durban Poison - The Herbal Cure

      One of the original "Landrace" strains left, Durban Poison is a powerful South African Sativa. Dense, grenade like colas produce wild aromas of black pepper & watermelon! Taste closely matches smell, both sharp & juicy. Effects are emotionally evocative, ranging from laughter to tears. A roller-coaster of flavor and feeling, from start to finish.

      Cookie Dough - DEN-REC

      A multi-award winning, connoisseur grade sativa with phenomenal, uplifting and energizing affects. Unique with its spicy/sweet flavor, and flower density similar to that of "cookie dough."

      Cherry Diesel - Veritas Fine Cannabis

      Cherry Diesel | Sativa-Dominant Hybrid (Cherry OG x Turbo Diesel)


      Benefits: Mood Enhancer, Stress Reliever, Enhanced Creativity.


      Terpenes: Terpinolene, Limonene, B-Caryophyllene.


      The aroma of the sweet cherry and diesel flavor greets the pallet upon inhaling followed by a smooth exhale. This strain offers a strong, clear-headed euphoric high stimulating creativity and concentration, followed by a mellow effect offering an aid to anxiety or stress. Perfect for blissful midday endeavors.

      Chemmy Jones - In the Flow

      Much like the fabled train conductor, you better watch your speed.  In The Flow's signature strain consistently tests between 30-40% THC and its complex aroma has been described as moth balls, ripe tropical fruit, and everything in between.  Let the inspiration and energy flow abundantly as Chemmy Jones lights a fire under your exhilaration train!  To find a retailer near you, visit intheflowco.com.

      Cake Dance - Golden Leaf

      Cake Dance - The high is its claim to fame, the onset reaches its ceiling after about 5 minutes. This sativa has an almost caffeinated like feeling,  but still euphoric. The flavor and aroma are smooth, creamy, and clean with undertones of cucumber and almond. Due to the potency this is not for the light smoker. This in house cross has been our highest tester yet.

      Blissful Wizard - Connoisseurs Genetics & Concentrates

      Calling all Connoisseurs....This Bud's for You.  Bred for pure potency.  Measuring in at 34%, A very powerful Sativa Dominant Hybrid that will take you to euphoric bliss quickly.  Sweet and Sour tastes of citrus, Granny Smith Apples and cream.

      SYNERGY Soak - Dixie

      A blend of premium sea salts and aromatic herbs including rosemary, lavender, and cedarwood that enhance the combined natural benefits of CBD and THC to ease stress, relieve anxiety and reduce inflammation.

      nanoserum - Evolve formulas

      NanoSerum™ is the first and only transdermal cannabis product that carries cannabinoids across the blood-brain barrier and into systemic circulation. Each 125MCL precision-metered dose relieves pain, inflammation and anxiety. NanoSerum’s™ formula nano-sizes active ingredients, wrapped in a protective lipid membrane, allowing the agents to cross cellular barriers for maximum bioavailability.

      Body Care Infused Essential Oil Roller - Relieve - L’eagle

      Crafted in house at L’Eagle by a certified herbalist, the 1:1 Infused Essential Oiler Roller contains 100mg THC and 100 mg CBD. The “Relieve” blend is formulated using L’Eagle’s clean cannabis and therapeutic grade essential oils including black pepper, birch and turmeric, intended for localized pain relief and soothing sore muscles.

      incredible Wellness A Better Bath Salt - incredibles

      Lavender: Kinder. Quieter. Better.  A Better Bath Soak: Lavender.  Achieve a higher state of happy with A Better Bath in Lavender. Start your day slow for once with a steamy soak in lavender essence, a tried-and-true natural calming agent. You’re just a few suds away from A Better Experience.

      Eucalyptus: A Better Bath Soak: Calmer. Earthier. Better. Start your day slow for once with a steamy soak in eucalyptus essence, a tried-and-true natural calming agent. You’re just a few suds away from A Better Experience.

      Infused Bath Bombs - Connoisseurs Genetics & Concentrates

      Settle in from a long day with our Infused Bath Bombs. Let the foaming bubbles take away the stress, while the THC infused essential oils takes relaxation to a whole new level.

      CBx Sciences Intensive Salve - CBx Sciences

      Intensive Salve takes everything customers love about Evolab’s original Angel Salve, and elevates it with Cannabigerol (CBG), a rare non-psychotropic cannabinoid. Combined with THCA, CBD, white willow bark, calendula and arnica, Intensive Salve is a potent formulation that penetrates deep into muscles and joints.

      www.seedandsmith.com - NectarBee by The Green Solution

      Whether you’re on the slope, a construction site, or the gym, it won’t take long to find someone heralding the impact this balm has on their life. Using a blend of CBD oil, coconut oils, cayenne, menthol, and essential oils, this balm is beyond comparison with typical, pharmacy balm.

      Sunset SHerbert - Seed and Smith

      Our expert extract artist have managed to distill 95+ % pure THC from our popular and flavorful strain Sunset Sherbert, and reintroduce the terpenes from this popular strain back into the distillate for concentrated potency and flavor! With it’s bright yellow hue and clean glass finish, our Sunset Sherbert distillate is an all time favorite.

      Platinum Distillate - Allgreens

      We took some of our completely tasteless Unicorn Tears™, an almost pure delta9 THC distillate. Then added some Original Cheese terpenes at natural full spectrum ratios.  The result is an exceptionally clean, smooth, tasteful and heavily medicated dab.

      Dabaratus - Bakked

      Sativa Banner AFC: The Dabaratus is loaded with terpene-rich distillate and provides a clean 1-click solution for dabbing. Dab directly on your nail, dress a joint, line a blunt, top a bowl. Ooze it almost anywhere.

      Grandaddy Purple - Eureka Vapor

      Grandaddy Purple is a heavy-hitting cross between Purple Urkle & Big Bud. GDP is known for its sweet grape and berry aromas as well as its cerebral and physical relaxation. This strain is sure to relieve the stresses of everyday life.

      Headband - Concentrate Supply Co.

      Full spectrum is the name of the game. The CSC Headband Distillate boasts multiple activated & unactivated cannabinoids, along with a high-terpene infusion for the perfect, synergistic effect.

      THCa Isolate - Harmony Extracts

      Crystalline THCa is the purest form that this active part of cannabis takes. It has been extracted from plant matter, then further isolated from terpenes and even other cannabinoids. The result is colorless, odorless, and when vaporized has just a slight sweetness. The effects are intense, yet surprisingly clean and clear headed.

      Honey Bucket Blue Raz - The Clear

      The Clear™ is the first and original concentrate company to bring quality extraction to the cannabis industry.  Offering the best tasting all natural product in the world this cannabis extract is ultra-distilled to the most refined level of purity. The Clear™ provides a wide variety of terpene profiles available in cannabis, fruit and citrus flavors. With so many amazing options you’re bound to find one to call your own!

      Jilly Bean - Pyramid

      Pyramid produces some of the only 100% cannabis distillate on the market and Jillybean is their pride and joy. Jillybean has become a staple in Pyramids line up from the first time they tasted her. With hints of citrus, bubblegum, and pine Jillybean produces some of the most potent and saliva-inducing terps on the planet. 100% cannabis, 100% of the time.

      Banana Kush Distillate - Olio

      The Banana Kush begins its journey with a sweet tropical inhale. An immediate relaxing buzz floats your troubles away. A unique indica dominant distillate blend with a deep muscle relaxation begins to take hold as the high unfolds. These elements combined leave mouths watering, muscles melting, and minds untroubled.” -Samuel McDuffee

      Cosmo Q - Colorado cannabis company

      Our distillate is produced in small batches to create pure, clean, strain specific effects that express the taste and essence of the plant. Cosmo Q has a sweet aroma and flavors of pine and lemon. We extract 100% of the precious terpenes, then extract the cannabinoids, and re-infuse these 100% cannabis-derived flavors and aromas back into the clearest distillate on the market.

      Pure Distillate - NectarBee by The Green Solution

      Dab or bake with care…this distillate is not meek, nor mild-mannered! To craft a quality distillate, NectarBee starts with the cleanest possible source materials. This allows our distillate to have its pale yellow, almost colorless hue, a consistently potent product, with a truly unique flavor profile.

      Cherry Fruit Tarts - Dixie

      Small size, big flavor! Mixing slightly sweet with a little tart, these Cherry Fruit Tarts offer a complete and effective high with the bonus of discreet convenience at 10 mg per tart.

      Citrus blast gummies - Dixie

      Blasting with juicy citrus flavors, our sativa dominant gummy will have you feeling great in no time! Share with your friends, enjoy before a concert, barbecue or anytime you need an extra kick!

      Pot Pie Edibles - Pot Pie Edibles

      These aren’t your Grandma’s Strawberry Rhubarb pies. Crafted by Pot Pie Edibles, these strawberry gummies will have you craving more. Be sure to try all 5 flavors to find your favorite! Follow us @Potpieedibles

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