Bubble Hash

BioChem Bubble Hash - DADiRRi

BoChem is one of our favorite solventless Bubble Hash strains due to its potent, citrusy, and fuel-like aromas. It is an Indica dominant strain, perfect for an end of the day smoke session. BioChem offers a gentle head high and perfect body relaxation.

Concord Crush Beach Sand - Habana Extracts

The Combination of Sundae driver and Mai Tai #4 is sweet and creamy with Mouthwatering Tropical funk and heavy notes of grapes and berries .

Gas Tanker #4 - Olio

An Olio selection from one of our favorite breeders, this cross of motorbreath 15 and Sour Dubb will surely please the old school and new school gas lovers. This pungent cross will hit you with a flavorful sour, fuel, and earthy nose backed with a familiar notes of OG. It is definitely a potent strain for experienced smokers.

Lemon Zkittles Moroccan Hashish - The Greenery Hash Factory

Our Moroccan Hash starts with potent, dry-sieved kief, which we bake to decarboxylate the cannabinoids. Then we hand-roll the finished hashish into one-gram balls that have a dark, musky flavor profile enjoyed by true hashish connoisseurs state-wide since 2017.

Purple Sherb Lebanese Hashish - The Greenery Hash Factory

Our Lebanese starts with golden kief selected and cured specifically for this type of hashish. The kief is then pressed in a form with twelve tons of pressure, which melts the trichome heads together to darken the surface, but the interior of our traditional Lebanese is left blonde, just as it should be.

Tropaya - CGC Black Label

Tropaya combines the iconic Tropicana Cookies with the highly sought after Papaya strain to create an amazingly flavorful, fruit-forward profile that is easily enjoyable at any time of day. This full melt hash is solventless in its most pure form!

Terpwin Station: Bubble Hash -

Original Glue crossed with Mandarin Sunset. This strain offers a lot, from sour and citrus to chemy and earthy, with the heavy high that we have come to expect from Original Glue crosses.

Wedding Cake: Bubble Hash -

This high THC potency tastes of sweet & tangy with a touch of pepper. Can help with stress and anxiety, with a relaxed and happy high. Enjoy this in flower or concentrate.

Poon Tang Pie 90u Ice Water Hash - Single Source Colorado

Poon Tang Pie (Grape Pie X Tropicanna Cookies) X Papaya, from Oni Seed Co/Harrypalms is a terpene-rich, hash monster! High yields, amazing flavor and potency make the PTP a favorite in the Single Source Garden.

Cosmic Railway Bubble Hash - DADiRRi

This solventless bubble hash strain has an invigorating and fruity scent with a slight peppery note. Taste the rainbow/citrus flavor that keeps you wanting more. At 159-45u’s and 58.81% THC, this hash works as a great bowl topper or pressed into Rosin. Cosmic Railway offers a steady buzz that will take you to space!

Slurricane #1 - Olio

Slurricane packs a powerful, fruity punch that takes you back to a Saturday morning bowl of crunch berry cereal. In House Genetics comes strong with this indica dominant hybrid, sure to warm you up during Colorado’s snowy spring. Needless to say, Slurricane is welcomed with open arms here at Olio.

Glueball: Hand Pressed Hash - Nokhu Labs

“Old School” hand pressed hash. Not to be dabbed, use in hash pipe or as bowl topper. Glueball = GG#4 x Snowball

Sour Kosher 90U - Lama Brand/Bgood

A mixed wash of Sour Diesel and Kosher Kush was used for this run at the Kennnwall lab.  Beach Sand consistency of these isolated, mechanically separated trichome heads in each jar. Sweet and Sour OG Kush flavors come thru with a gassy finish.

Strawberry Guava Live Heads - Allgreens

Our Strawberry Guava Live Heads offer explosive flavor and intense effects. The Live Heads extracted from our Strawberry Guava exhibits a loud candy spearmint profile upon inhale maturing into a blend of strawberry smoothie and mango finish. Strawberry Guava will leave the user experiencing a wave of euphoria great for depression and anxiety that soon gives way to relaxing sedation soothing for nighttime/after work enjoyment.

Hat Trick #5 - OLIO

Hat trick #5 is a tangie forward pheno with a sweet candy tangerine punch. It has a subtle finish of gassyness from the triangle Kush.

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