Alchemy Balance: Strawberry Banana Bread - Evolab

Strawberry Banana Bread is a sweet Indica-dominant combination of Strawberry Banana and Wedding Cake. It has sweet and fruity flavors and is combined with a well balanced THC:CBD ratio in this vape oil, providing a relaxing and euphoric experience.

Pineapple 1:1 - TasteBudz

These gummies are a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC. Each bottle contains 100mg of CBD and 100mg active THC! There are 10 gummies per bottle, each gummy containing 10mg of CBD and 10mg of active THC. All TasteBudz gummies are made from scratch. They all have the ‘Universal Symbol’ easily legible on the front of the gummy. Pure CO2 oil is the only kind of cannabis oil used in all of our products. These were processed using our Headband strain.

Raspberry Lemonade: 50:1 - TasteBudz

50:1 ratio of CBD to THC gummies! Each bottle contains 500mg of CBD and 10mg active THC! There are 10 gummies per bottle, each gummy containing 50mg of CBD and 1mg of active THC. All TasteBudz gummies are made from scratch. They all have the ‘Universal Symbol’ easily legible on the front of the gummy. Pure CO2 oil is the only kind of cannabis oil used in all of our products. These were processed using our White Widow strain.

Ripple Relief - Ripple

Ripple Dissolvables are single-serve powder packets filled with perfectly precise portions of our odorless, flavorless, calorie-free dissolvable THC + CBD. From protein shakes to salad dressings, put Ripple in your water bottles, juices, soups, tacos, and more. With Ripple, there are no unpleasant oil slicks or unwelcome “grassy” flavors, just reliable, consistent, fast-acting effects. Ripple Relief offers 20mg CBD / .5mg THC. 

Ripple Green Tea Mango Gummy - Ripple

Ripple Gummies offer a healthy and natural way to get your daily dose of cannabinoids. Infused with all-natural fruit juices and colors, low in sugar and fat, and Made with Ripple for a fast-acting, functional experience, our gummy supplements are the perfect complement to your exciting/exhausting lifestyle.

Mile High Xtractions Tincture 1:1 - Mile High Xtractions

Mile High Xtractions 1:1 tincture delivers our high quality distillate and potent CBD isolate in a delicious form.  We use naturally-refined avocado oil for a heart healthy fat that does not leave any aftertaste and we add a hint of mint to wake your mouth up.  With 100mg of THC and 100mg of CBD, this tincture will take you as high as you want to go while delivering the relaxing effects of CBD.

No Bad Days - Lucky Turtle

No Bad days is our top lemon drop flavored tincture with subtle beta-caryophyllene and tumeric notes with functional purpose. Lucky Turtle selects strains that are Colorado grown using organic protocols. High amounts of CBD, low amounts of THC, with moderate amounts of CBG to formulate a 20:1 CBD:THC bioavailable sublingual oil. 1 dropper is 15mg CBD and 0.8mg THC. Did you know 15-30mg CBD per day is just right for most people. Cost-wise and quality-wise, this tincture cannot be beat. May you have No Bad Days!

Phyx: THC-Infused Sparkling Water (Dragonfruit Flavor) -

Phyx Sparkling Water has 0 calories, 0 sugar and 0 cannabis taste. Our proprietary formula allows you to feel the effects of the THC in minutes but lasts about an hour, unlike the lingering effects of other edibles. Available in dragonfruit, lime, grapefruit, and natural flavors as well as 2 dosage options: Microdose 2.5 mg CBD 1:1 and a single dose 10mg THC.

Rubicon - The Green Solution

Rubicon is a fantastic 2 to 1 cbd/thc flower.  It has a smell like nothing else that is almost hard to describe, but if one had to, would describe it as earthy with medicinal smelling properties.  This CBD hybrid offers about 9% on either cannabinoid, creating a pleasant smoke for consumers seeking a mild body buzz with anti-inflammatory qualities. Use this strain to temper nausea and physical discomfort, or as an addition to any bowl or joint for complimentary CBD goodness.

Up Tempo - Mezz

Up Tempo is a 7:3 THC:CBD blend that will fill your day with loads of energy and unfiltered happiness. It’s formulated using best in class CO2 extraction techniques and contains no additives or cutting agents — just clean botanical terpenes for a subtle mixed berry flavor. The 70% sativa to 30% CBD ratio brings an upbeat yet balanced high.

DŌSD Edibles Raspberry 1:1 NanoBites - DŌSD Edibles

Raspberry 1:1 NanoBites include both CBD & THC nanoparticles. Sounds cool, but what does it mean? Each piece contains equal parts of nano-CBD & nano-THC which provides a quicker, more synergistic effect than edibles with only THC. Experience a completely new high, with one of the best gummies in the game.

OG Blue CBD Shatter -

Our OG Blue CBD Shatter is one of the most uniquely delicious dabs that you can find. A mix of the floral aspects of an OG Kush and sweet blueberry notes make for a truly tasty and one of a kind concentrate.

Isolate Slab - Fully Activated

This is pure 99.6%+ CBD Isolate, the same excellent quality as our powder but in a more manageable slab form. Slab CBD Isolate is easier to handle for consumers who vape or dab and is non-psychoactive. This pure cannabidiol is safely derived from organically grown CBD rich Colorado hemp plants.

High CBG distillate wax from hemp - Steve's Goods

Our high CBG distillate wax is the perfect concentrate for enhancing your dabs.

Grapevine - The Clear CBD

Juicy, rich and reminiscent of our favorite purple drinks from our past, like grape soda. Its grape top-note is highly expressive and its finish is long and juicy.

Good Vibe CBD Terp Slabs -

The Good Vibe CBD Terp Slabs are an amazing way to ingest CBD. We've infused all natural fruit terpines in the purest CBD isolate to create the Terp Slab.

Full Spectrum Salve - Fully Activated

Our salve is handmade using a combination of carefully selected organic herbs and oils. These herbs soak directly in the oils at low temperatures for 2-3 weeks to extract the maximum healing potential of each herb. The synergistic relationship of each element may promote health and balance and effectively mitigate symptoms related to arthritis, muscle soreness, inflammation, psoriasis, eczema, joint pain, headaches, etc.

Extract Labs CBD Isolate -

Our award winning CBD isolate is of the highest quality and purity. This hemp derived isolate is as pure of a CBD product as you can possibly get.

Complete Concentrated - Bluebird Botanicals

A mixture of both raw and decarbed extracts from propitiatory hemp strains grown outdoors with additional terpenes from steam-distilled hemp all based in organic olive oil.

Cherry Wine CBD Crumble -

Our Cherry Wine CBD Crumble is by far the favorite concentrate of the Extract Labs staff. This crumble is made with Cherry Wine hemp terpenes that we extracted in our Boulder lab. Cherry Wine has a delicious hempy and earthy aroma and taste, perfect for cannabis connoisseurs.

CBD Tablets -

Created using Colorado-grown hemp oil and pharmaceutical ingredients and technology, Stratos CBD tablets offer a precise and reliable CBD option that is sugar-free, smoke-free, gluten-free and vegan. Tablets come in 10mg and 25mg doses in bottles of 30 and can be halved or quartered for smaller dosing. Both Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and CBD Isolate tablets are available for purchase at StratosCBD.com

CBD Muscle Cream (1000mg) -

Our CBD Muscle Cream is an extremely effective topical product. It truly speaks for itself - This full spectrum product will take effect in just moments, and will have you up and at 'em in no time.

CBD Spirit Mint -

Pleasing to the palate, our Spirit Mint blend offers all the benefits of full spectrum CBD actions plus the flavorful, refreshing and synergistic therapeutic support of Spearmint and Cacao essential oils. Just a whiff of Spirit Mint can uplift the mood and bring a sense of centered rejuvenation, much like a walk in the forest after a rain. Enjoy this effective ingestible treat, your body will thank you later.

CBD Deflame -

Deflame your pain away! Our CBD Deflame blend is great for inflamed joints and muscles, providing your body with the natural support it needs to function effortlessly. Ginger, Turmeric, Black Cumin, and Lavender harmonize perfectly with CBD to provide dynamic and effective relief.

Black Cherry CBD Bar -

An incredibles classic, now THC-free: the Black Cherry CBD Bar, crafted with decadent milk and dark chocolate infused with organic, tart cherry pieces and 100mg CBD.  Having certifications from the Colorado Dept. of Agriculture and Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment, plus triple third-party Lab Testing, incredible CBD products are 100% quality-driven and medically-focused.

1,200mg Full Spectrum CBD Tincture 's - Fully Activated

Our Full Spectrum CBD tincture provides a full range of cannabinoids and terpenes. This formula includes a trace amount of THC--under 0.3%--as well as a variety of other beneficial cannabinoids, like CBN, CBG, CBC, CBDV & CBD. When used together, these natural compounds act more effectively on the body. This product is non-psychoactive and the dropper bottle allows for precision dosing.

The Wife's Lemonade -

What happens when you cross 2 of Terrapin Care Station's favorite CBD strains The Wife and Lemon G? The Wife's Lemonade! This strain is for those looking for a true CBD experience, taking after its father "The Wife", it tests less than 1% THC and over 20% CBD!  Its mother, Lemon G, usually a 1:1 THC:CBD strain, shows itself in the aroma creating a unique and enticing smell of Lemon and Pine. Try this strain on its own or mix it with one of your favorite high THC strains for a more balanced effect.

The A-Line Tincture - Sweet Mary Jane

THC-A is the un-activated form of THC. This cannabinoid carries many of the same benefits as THC without releasing psychoactive properties making it a safe alternative medicine for anyone who does not want a head high, but is seeking the medical benefits of cannabis. Organic MCT oil infused with 350mg CBD : 150mg THC-A.

SYNERGY Heat Balm - Dixie

Melt away muscle fatigue, swelling, and discomfort with SYNERGY Heat’s deep, penetrating warmth. SYNERGY Heat combines CBD and THC in a revitalizing blend of over 20 essential oils, including cinnamon leaf, fennel, black pepper, and ginger root to boost healing as well as aromatherapy benefits. Makes a great “spot treatment,” targeting affected areas where and when you need it most.

Strawberry Sueno Alchemy Balance -

A perfect blend of CBD, Delta 9 THC and Delta 8 THC, complemented by carefully extracted and refined strain-specific terpenes, resulting in a surprisingly lucid and clear-headed experience. Strawberry Sueno is a unique combination created by the experts at Evolab using Strawberry Cough and Sueno (Blue Dream x Ghost Moonshine OG).

Stillwater Gummy Supplements: HONEY LAVENDER - Stillwater Brands

Stillwater Gummy Supplements offer a healthy and natural way to get your (delicious) daily dose of cannabinoids. Infused with all-natural fruit juices, low in sugar and fat, and Made with Ripple for a fast-acting, functional experience. Each individual Honey Lavender-flavored piece contains 5mg of CBD isolate and 0.25mg THC distillate, perfect for enjoying the therapeutic benefits of CBD without getting high.

RIPPLE Relief 20:1 - Stillwater Brands

Ripple Dissolvables are single-serve powder packets filled with perfectly precise portions of odorless, flavorless, calorie-free, water-soluble THC + CBD. From morning coffee to protein shakes, make ANY food or beverage an edible without altering taste or texture. Each individual packet contains a blend of 10mg CBD isolate and 0.5mg THC distillate, perfect as a wellness supplement and anxiety killer.

Pats Tincture 60:1 CBD:THC -

These aren't your typical tinctures! Pat's Tincture makes for a tasty addition to your wellness routine. Leaving harsh aftertastes in the past, these tinctures are made with our pure cannabis oil, food-grade flavors, and non-GMO coconut oil. They are available in three delicious flavors, Lemon Drop, French Vanilla, and Cherry. Each bottle contains 10mg of THC and 600mg of CBD and the dosage dropper makes this product very easy to use.

Mystery 98 Distillate Vape - THe Health center

If you are looking for a high CBD Distillate vape pen look no further!  Our Mystery ‘98 flower contains a ratio of about 20:1 CBD:THC and has a delicious cherry flavor. This vape pen is available in the new C-Cell Ceramic core cartridge technology by O.Pen for a great hit every time.

Mystery 98 - NUHI Distribution

This offspring from our classic Afghan Kush is truly a medicinal strain containing a ratio of about 20:1 CBD:THC. The large, sticky buds are sweet and pungent with an unmistakable cherry cough drop flavor found in many high CBD varieties. The hint of THC combined with the smooth, analgesic effects of CBD provides a truly enjoyable experience!

Mr. Moxey's Balanced Peppermint - Native Roots

Mr. Moxey's Mints are crafted in small batches to promote well-being.  Each mint is formulated with herbal synergists tailored to elevate the cannabis experience.  These soothing mints include Indian Gooseberry to support rejuvenation and Echinacea to boost immunity.  Microdosed to suit your needs, these mints allow you to restore and maintain balance in mind and body.  5mg THC/5mg CBD each.

Harlesin - Chronic Therapy

Harlesin is a phenotype of Harlequin from Sin City Seeds, containing a higher ratio of CBD:THC than most buds, meaning it lends itself to a different array of beneficial health applications.  This strain is less about the psychoactive component of the high- the CBD content is what really makes it stand out.

Granola Funk / CBD Diamonds - Ascend

The modern cannabis lifestyle is a perfect fit for CBD dominant extracts and Ascend CBD Diamonds are Colorado's leading CBD concentrate. Cannabidiol is best known for its non-psychoactive benefits, with the potential to deliver relief without intoxication. Our diamonds combine single strain cannabis terpenes and a 100:1 ratio of CBD:THC. This is a revolutionary approach to wellness.

Grand Daddy Purple CBD 1:1 -

Grand Daddy Purple is an Indica dominant strain that will take any edge off and is ideal for sleep. With a 1:1 blend of CBD included, it creates a functional and euphoric high, which is usually described as a more mellow relative to consuming high levels of THC.

Flying Monkey Hashbergs (Diamond Series) - Rocky Mountain Green

Hashbergs are an RMG exclusive, born from our desire to advance the therapeutic qualities of cannabis extracts. Inspired aesthetically by majestic polar icebergs, the Gorilla Glue THCa Diamonds swim in a sea of activated Witch’s Weed CBD oil providing the user with a smooth-vaping powerful combination. This delivers the entourage effect of full spectrum cannabinoids, yielding potent and long-lasting relief.


BlueKudu's 1:1 infused FRUITJUICED Gummies deliver perfect berry-filled dosing with 30% juice in every bite. Our naturally-flavored, vegan and gluten-free gummy is big on taste and texture for the ultimate uplifting experience. A delicious way to unwind and mellow out.

Dr. Ruby Shatter - NectarBee

Colorado can't get enough of this award-winning CBD concentrate! Our team of skilled extractions artists make our NectarBee Shatter in house with extreme attention to detail. NectarBee Shatter is well known for its transparent consistency and high potency.

CBD/THC 1:1 Disposable Vape - Wana Brands

Many customers want to incorporate the advantages of CBD as well as THC into their everyday lives. We created the Balanced CBD 1:1 vape to provide the benefits and synergy of THC and CBD. This earthy, yet subtly sweet Vape offers a clean, clear and balanced experience.

CBD-THCa Crystalline - West Edison

The fast acting effects are supreme in this snowy wonderland. Being known for its many health benefits makes this product a perfect way to medicate after a long day. The CBD-THCa is virtually odorless, although there is a hint of unique earthy taste when smoked.

Canna tsu - Ajoya

Canna-Tsu from Ajoya delivers it’s mellow effects with high mental clarity due to it’s high-CBD, low-THC cannabinoid profile. Strains high in CBD like Canna-Tsu are highly demanded by patients treating pain, inflammation, anxiety, and seizures. They are also great for the recreational user who is looking to take the edge off and remain clear headed. The scent is earthy and there are notes of citrus in the taste.

Black Cherry 300mg CBD:10mg THC - BlueKudu

Meet BlueKudu's 300mg CBD:10mg THC dark chocolate bar with sweet black cherry. This high CBD/low THC form is separated into 15mg pieces for precise dosing. It makes it simple to spread doses out to meet a person's needs, whether they’re managing sleeplessness, anxiety or pain. And at a price that can't be beat, there's even less to get stressed about.

4:20 Strawberry Banana Gummies - Green rooster edibles

Our signature 4:20 blend is good any time. Our house favorite, this flavorful gummy infusion is the perfect blend of THC-CBD that will have you relaxed and ready for the day.

Cherry Pie CBD Isolate -

Testing at over 90% CBD, this CBD-heavy dab is a great way to cap off a long day. The full-body relaxation combined with the floral aroma from this concentrate is truly something remarkable.

CBD Sunrise - denver dab co

Processed for Terrapin Care Station: CBD Sunrise combines The Wife, Lemon G and Grapefruit Durban. The Wife, our highest-testing CBD flower, provides pain relief without psycho-activity. Lemon G offers a comfortable high with equal parts CBD/THC. Grapefruit Durban is perfect for daytime use. Together, these strains ensure effective pain management.

Mystery Bordello - NUHI

The Mystery Bubba Kush cut provides relaxing CBD effects while the Bordello delivers the intense flavors and aromas of it’s Blackberry crosses. A great addition of CBD without having to give up flavor or potency.  This perfect pair provides a tantalizing blend of cannabinoid & terpene content.

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