Sour Kosher 90u - Lama Brand/Bgood

A mixed wash of Sour Diesel and Kosher Kush was used for this run at the Kennnwall lab.  Beach Sand consistency of these isolated, mechanically separated trichome heads in each jar. Sweet and Sour OG Kush flavors come thru with a gassy finish.

THCa Crystalline - West Edison

Although by itself this product has no distinct smell or taste, the THCa crystalline can be described as a clean, enjoyable high that leaves you feeling euphoric and energized.

Mandarin Cookies - The Lab

Large THCA crystals with a light coating of Mandarin Cookies High Terpene Extract. These crystals pack a very strong potency punch while maintaining the flavor and effects of the Mandarin Cookies terpene profile, which provides a citrusy flavor profile with earthy undertones.

Jilly B Cookies - Kush Masters

This will absolutely blow you away. With THC% numbers in the high 80s you will be energized after smoking this product. Come party with the Kush Masters and Ms. Jilly Bean! Just don't forget the cookies...

Flo OG THCa - Ascend Cannabis Co.

Fresh and ripe, Flo OG provides a subtle burst of sweet citrus to this THCa. Our THCa is single solvent and aged to naturally grow the crystals. This natural aging process leaves strain specific qualities in place and forgoes the need for any secondary processing. The impressive tetrahydrocannabinolic acid diamonds produce a clean, clear, energetic high.

Double Bear Glaciers - Double Bear Glaciers

A refined product where the THCA has undergone a re-crystallization process as to isolate the individual molecule to top levels of purity, capable of reaching 99%+. A very fast and quick head rush, noted similar to being like that of an intense sativa.

Cookie Wreck - Karmaceuticals

An excellent hybrid composed of GSC x Trainwreck. This strain is very mind stimulating with very heavy full-body effects.

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