Jilly Sunrise - Kush Masters

Perfectly distilled Jilly Sunrise will provide the user with a high THC experience with a great flavor and smoke. Provides an excellent base for adding terpenes in for our carts!

Archangel Live Alchemy - Evolab

A strain whose genetics are a bit of a mystery, but according to our flavor experts at Evolab it carries wonderful notes of pineapple, lemon, grapefruit fresh flowers, with a robust slightly earthy finish. Evolab Live Alchemy is made using the finest full spectrum CO2 distillate plus strain specific live-extracted terpenes to create a profile that is identical to the original flower

1g Distillate Dispenser - 1:1 Refined Cannabinoids - Nomad Extracts

The perfect combination of refined cannabinoids. Our 1:1 distillate is fully activated & refined at a molecular level to ensure both purity and consistency. With average total cannabinoids ranging from 95-99%, this isn't your run of the mill distillate. Always free of plant by-products & cutting agents. The universal application makes our borosilicate dispenser an extremely efficient method for consuming cannabinoids, whether vaping or consuming orally.

Sunset SHerbert - Seed and Smith

Our expert extract artist have managed to distill 95+ % pure THC from our popular and flavorful strain Sunset Sherbert, and reintroduce the terpenes from this popular strain back into the distillate for concentrated potency and flavor! With it’s bright yellow hue and clean glass finish, our Sunset Sherbert distillate is an all time favorite.

Platinum Distillate - Allgreens

We took some of our completely tasteless Unicorn Tears™, an almost pure delta9 THC distillate. Then added some Original Cheese terpenes at natural full spectrum ratios.  The result is an exceptionally clean, smooth, tasteful and heavily medicated dab.

Dabaratus - Bakked

Sativa Banner AFC: The Dabaratus is loaded with terpene-rich distillate and provides a clean 1-click solution for dabbing. Dab directly on your nail, dress a joint, line a blunt, top a bowl. Ooze it almost anywhere.

Grandaddy Purple -

Grandaddy Purple is a heavy-hitting cross between Purple Urkle & Big Bud. GDP is known for its sweet grape and berry aromas as well as its cerebral and physical relaxation. This strain is sure to relieve the stresses of everyday life.

Headband -

Full spectrum is the name of the game. The CSC Headband Distillate boasts multiple activated & unactivated cannabinoids, along with a high-terpene infusion for the perfect, synergistic effect.

THCa Isolate - Harmony Extracts

Crystalline THCa is the purest form that this active part of cannabis takes. It has been extracted from plant matter, then further isolated from terpenes and even other cannabinoids. The result is colorless, odorless, and when vaporized has just a slight sweetness. The effects are intense, yet surprisingly clean and clear headed.

Honey Bucket Blue Raz - The Clear

The Clear™ is the first and original concentrate company to bring quality extraction to the cannabis industry.  Offering the best tasting all natural product in the world this cannabis extract is ultra-distilled to the most refined level of purity. The Clear™ provides a wide variety of terpene profiles available in cannabis, fruit and citrus flavors. With so many amazing options you’re bound to find one to call your own!

Jilly Bean - Pyramid

Pyramid produces some of the only 100% cannabis distillate on the market and Jillybean is their pride and joy. Jillybean has become a staple in Pyramids line up from the first time they tasted her. With hints of citrus, bubblegum, and pine Jillybean produces some of the most potent and saliva-inducing terps on the planet. 100% cannabis, 100% of the time.

Banana Kush Distillate - Olio

The Banana Kush begins its journey with a sweet tropical inhale. An immediate relaxing buzz floats your troubles away. A unique indica dominant distillate blend with a deep muscle relaxation begins to take hold as the high unfolds. These elements combined leave mouths watering, muscles melting, and minds untroubled.” -Samuel McDuffee

Cosmo Q - Colorado cannabis company

Our distillate is produced in small batches to create pure, clean, strain specific effects that express the taste and essence of the plant. Cosmo Q has a sweet aroma and flavors of pine and lemon. We extract 100% of the precious terpenes, then extract the cannabinoids, and re-infuse these 100% cannabis-derived flavors and aromas back into the clearest distillate on the market.

Pure Distillate - NectarBee by The Green Solution

Dab or bake with care…this distillate is not meek, nor mild-mannered! To craft a quality distillate, NectarBee starts with the cleanest possible source materials. This allows our distillate to have its pale yellow, almost colorless hue, a consistently potent product, with a truly unique flavor profile.

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