UK Cheese Sauce - Contraband Concentrates

The UK aka Exodus Cheese clone and Live Resin Sauce methods are a match made in heaven. The post-extraction curing that comes with diamond tech fit perfectly for this terpene profile. Naturally low wax and lipids on the plant seal the deal, making the dab experience just about perfect.

Tropicanna FSE - Concentrate Supply Co. - CSC

Forum GSC x Tangie - Strong tangerine & citrus notes, with a smooth GSC finish. Tropicanna has become a staple for producing some of the most flavorful & potent concentrates.

Tahoe OG - Double Bear Concentrates

A heavy-hitting Indica dominant strain with an overwhelmingly bright terpene profile. The light and candied flavor of this couch-locking Indica strain leaves a taste similar to sugar and oranges. Don't let the light flavors fool you, this one is sure to leave you feeling heavy!

Strawberry Nightmare - NUHI Distribution

The ever popular Strawberry Nightmare, of which the flower consistently clocks in at 32+% THC, happens to make some stunning terp diamonds as well! The sour strawberry notes really take the stage in this concentrate. Fresh, clean, and fruity.

Strawberry Banana Sherbet Nomad - Lama Brand/Bgood

Strawberry Banana Sherbet bred by Crockett Family Farms.  Extracted from Fresh Frozen Whole Plant by the team at Nomad Extracts, this saucey live resin has an amazing fruity flavor with smooth strawberry and banana smoothie flavors.  Iceberg size diamonds flowing in a delicous terp layer!

Raspberry Kush Sauce - Ascend Cannabis Co.

Jammy berries with a strong but sweet citrus overtone flavor this Sauce. It‘ll make your brain take a deep breath in and beg your eyes to relax, while reminding you of grandma‘s homemade dessert after a fresh summer berry harvest.

POG - Passion Orange Guava - High Level Health

POG is a genetic cross between Tangie and Guava D. This in-house breeding project was created in order to pay homage to the drink flavor popular in the Hawaiian Islands, Passion Orange Guava. The flavor profile has very strong upfront passion orange notes with layers of guava that follow the exhale. In concentrate form, POG creates an intense and layered flavor experience.

Mangosteen - OLIO

(Lemonge + Super Sour Lemon + Sueno) This blend of strains create a strong citrus forward profile. The Lemonge and Super Sour Lemon provide a sweet and hazy lemon note while the Sueno bridges them with a creamy sweetness.

Lilac Diesel - The Lab

THCA crystals covered in an equal amount of Lilac Diesel High Terpene Extract. The Lilac Diesel terpene fraction provides an aroma heavy in gassy qualities with floral accents. This hybrid strain provides the classic Sativa energy and focus with Indica-like pain relieving qualities.

Lemon Fruit Loops OG FSE - Boulder Built

We take our extracts seriously. Sub-zero, clean, Live-Resin production. This Super Lemon Lights x Fruit Loops OG full spectrum extract will have your mouth watering, nose dripping, and taste buds tantalizing. Let your mouth bathe in the rich fruity berry lemony chemmy terpene signature, while the crystalline THCa envelopes your head and body for the ultimate extract experience.

Honey Banana FSE - Nomad Extracts

Strawberry Banana x Honey Boo Boo - Strong banana & honey notes make this flavor profile one that leaves you always wanting more. Heavy hitting!! Don't let the "Boo Boo" fool ya!

Hells Cookies - West Edison

A sinfully creamy citrus paradise, Hells Cookies has a sweet earthy flavor that leaves a lemon drop after taste. Translucent crystals offer something pleasant for the eye. While the OG ancestry of this strain come through with a psychedelic punch.

Guptilla - Ballpark Holistic Dispensary

Guptilla is a potent indica-dominant cross bred by marrying Gupta Kush and GG#4. Anticipate pungent floral and earthy overtones with pronounced cerebral headiness. This saucy creation has mountains of diamonds playing Marco Polo in terps. All Sauce fans would love to have this gem in their hash stash.

East Coast Sour Diesel - Kush Masters

The classic ECSD strain that we all know and love makes some incredible sauce for easy dabbing. A perfect sativa strain with a bright yellow color and just a splash of tiny THC rocks floating around. Start your morning off right with this head ringer!

Clementine Live Diamonds - CRx

Grown by their cultivation partners at Natty Rems, Clementine shines in the form of Live Diamonds. Potency and flavor meet in this outrageously mouthwatering, citrus packed concentrate.

Blueberry Lemonade VVS Melee Crystal - Double Black Concentrates

With one of the most unique flavor profiles in our repertoire, the Blueberry Lemonade tastes much like the name suggests.  Initial earthy and berry flavors  overwhelm the palate upon inhale, but quickly give way to the sweet citrus and pine flavor terpenes that stay in the mouth after exhale providing a smooth, creative, and relaxing high!!

Mob Boss - denver dab co

Mob Boss is a sativa-dominant hybrid crossed from Chemdawg D and Tang Tang. It has an intoxicating potent effect with a sweet floral and citrus aroma with mild herb undertones. The cerebral effect can also cause feelings of euphoria, happiness and heightens the user’s senses while creating a memorable exhale.

Extracts Sourband ‘09 Black Diamonds incredible Extracts - incredibles

Our award-winning line of cannabis concentrates are widely known for purity, potency and consistency. Our newest Black Label Extract product, Black Diamonds in Sourband ‘09, is a full-spectrum sauce crafted from incredibly selected genetics grown to optimize their elite terpene profiles. Our award-winning line of cannabis concentrates are widely known for purity, potency and consistency. Demand a better experience, demand incredible extracts.

White Widow - Nomad

A dutch coffee shop classic! Nomad’s White Widow sauce is derived from a resin-heavy hybrid by Green House Seeds. The ratio of high terpene fraction & pure THCA makes for one heck of an extract. Get lost in the sauce.

Sour Kush - Concentrate Supply Co. - CSC

Often a fan favorite due to it’s lineage, Sour OG boasts amazing potency & flavors in both flower and concentrate form. Genetics: Sour Diesel x OG Kush.

OGKB StarDawg - NUHI

This Live Resin is a perfect blend of Chem Dawg and OG flavors. It tastes sweet and hits hard. Blonde color terps with evenly distributed and chunky THC crystals this is connoisseur favorite.

Golden Goat - Summit Concentrates

Made from one of the industry’s most classic strains, this powerful extract contains pure crystals of THCA and the terpenes that give it unique flavors and aromas. Made by—and for—the most discerning connoisseur.

Banana Kush - Evolab

While Sauce is among the top extract trends in 2018, Evolab first paired FreshTerps™ with pure cannabinoids nearly ten years ago when it introduced Alchemy™. Banana Kush is the pinnacle of Evolab’s advanced CO2 terpene extraction process, and one of the lab team’s favorites due to its delicious flavor and strong effects.

Merovingian OG - Binske

Merovingian OG is named after the Merovingian Kings. Merovingian OG is a combination of SFV OG, Larry OG, Ghost OG and Vader OG. The terpene profile is rich with pinene, spice, and hash. The effects are euphoric while remaining indica-dominant. Its effects are ideal for curbing pain and stress, but may also be used as a sleep aid in the proper dosage. Suggested Musical Pairing: “Cisco Kid” by WAR.

Herijuana OG Live Nectar - Harmony Extracts

This is a connoisseurs dream, while being a great evening smoke to wind down and relax. Our Live Nectar consistency ensures you’re getting the most refined form of hydrocarbon extract on the planet. The terpene rich sauce maintains the subtleties of a complex OG profile, mixed with the herbaceous qualities that define Herijuana.

Gunslinger Black Label Full Spectrum Extract - Green Dot Labs

Gunslinger Black Label Full Spectrum Extract (Starfighter x Stardawg) is one of our most coveted live resins. Grown and extracted in-house by Green Dot Labs, Gunslinger tastes like a watermelon gummy slice and fresh juicy watermelon all at once, with a potent but balanced, mellow euphoria.

Lemon G - OLIO

“The Lemon G is a brassy Au Pair who slaps you in the face on your first meeting. A surprisingly sour flavor reminiscent of bitting into a lemon rind greets you and stays with you for several moments after the exhale. The high is exuberant, playful and focused. In all forms, Lemon G is an institution.” -Samuel McDuffee

Guava live nectar - Den-Rec

Pungent chem/diesel, terpene profile. Requires 40+ days to completely separate and forms extremely pure crystals. Guava is an ideal strain for concentrates, and creates elite nectar.

Afghan Hells OG - BGood

Afghan Hells OG processed by Concentrate Supply Co. Enormous THC boulders surrounded by a sweet candy terp sauce I This strain is a heavy hitting indica that will put you down for the count! Extremely sweet tasting terp profile.

Wavy Gravy Live Diamonds - Natural Remedies

As the name suggests, our Wavy Gravy Live Diamonds are known for a deliciously complex, hashy and peppery aroma. A unique Chemdog D and Casey Jones (Orient Express x ECSD v.3) cross, this well-balanced hybrid strain is suitable for daytime or nighttime use.

Banana Kush - Higher Grade

Processed by Green Dot.

Banana Kush is an indica dominant strain with unknown parent genetics. A personal favorite of the Higher Grade staff, Banana Kush Live Resin has a sweet and fruity ripe banana flavor and offers body relaxation as well as feelings of euphoria.

True Berry - Ballpark Holistic Dispensary

Joint venture between Ballpark Holistic Dispensary Trueberry flower and Harmony Extracts processing it into live sugar made up of thousands of tiny crystals. During the extraction process, THC-A forms into crystals surrounded by a layer of terpenes, creating an aromatic scent of fresh jam and a pine forest entangled in blackberry brambles. This strain has a strong buzz that thumps the consumer between the eyes with clean, uplifting euphoria.

Ocean Dream - the Green Room

Cross of Blue Dream and Ocean Mist. The terepene profile of this strain gives off a pungent chemical diesel smell. The taste is said to come off the same way it smells right away, but has a fruity after taste. This strain is extremely energetic and has been described as speedy. Perfect for social situations. Product was processed by West Edison Concentrates.

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