Bear Brew - Double Bear Concentrates

Terrapin’s Purple Punch and Do-Si-Do make up this amazing batch of Indica Bear Brew Wax. Every day feels like your birthday after grabbing any Bear Brew since every batch is a new innovative blend of top Terrapin strains. You can find fresh Bear Brew from the Double Bear Lab at all Terrapin Care Station locations.

Clementine - Concentrate Supply Co. - CSC

Clementine (Tangie x Lemon Skunk) is an energizing sativa-dominant strain known for its sweet taste and citrus smell. Clementine is continually a fan favorite that overwhelms even large rooms with its unique aroma. Think bathing in a vat of exotic oranges!

Guava Gelato - Den-Rec

A combination of the exceptionally pungent Guava and beautiful Gelato 33, offers you a very unique sweet diesel terpene profile. Provides a euphoric affect that excites and uplifts the mind.

Holy Macrol - Den-Rec

Grown by Den-Rec, processed by Nomad Extracts. Holy Macrol is a combination of our highly decorated Holy Grail Kush and Granola Funk, along with the infamous Miracle Alien Cookies; aka MAC. This stellar blend gives you an impressive and well-balanced terpene profile and affect.

Lemonge Sugar-Wax - HRVST Labs x Natural Alternatives

Processed with HRVST Lab’s Sugar-Wax Tech, this cured Lemonge (Agent Orange x Super Lemon Haze) cultivated by Natural Alternatives crashed into a beautiful, chunky sugar-wax, dripping with spicy citrus terpenes.

Platinum Valley Cured Budder - High Level Health

Platinum Valley Cured Budder is an excellent uplifting concentrate. It has a very strong upfront flavor of citrus lemon with hazy undertones. It is a great concentrate to stay motivated through out the day while keeping you coming back for more.

Primus Sugar Wax - Green Treets

A flavorful strain, exclusive to Green Treets. This perfectly balanced hybrid strain boasts a high as funky as it smells.

Purple Punch - Nomad Extracts

Purple Punch is made up of two indica-dominant classics, Larry OG & Granddaddy Purple. Smells of grape candy, blueberry muffins, and tart Kool-Aid. Produces an amazing high suited to replace your traditional sleep-aid.

Toxic Lime Cookies - Chronic Creations

Hand picked material extracted with care to preserve cannabinoids and terpenes.

Sapsquatch - Dabble

Sapsquatch is a sativa dominant hybrid that has a beautiful orange hue.  The initial smell and taste is very cheesy, however, the exhale and aftertaste is full of citrus flavor that will whisk you away to a tropical paradise. 

Wedding Cake - Dabble

Wedding Cake #1 is a terpy budder with a sweet, earthy aroma.  It’s a hybrid leaning indica that packs a helluva wallop.

Holy Grail Kush - Den-Rec

Grown by Den-Rec, processed by Harmony Extracts. Holy Grial Kush is an amazingly strong combination of award winning lineage. This indica dominant strain packs a punch, and is one of the strongest OG-18 offspring. Coupled with Kosher, this plant is pure, kush with an aroma of spicy citrus.

Durban Poison Terp Badder - Harmony Extracts

Durban Poison is a very unique land race strain that has garnered attention for many years. It’s unique terpene profile of lemon-limeade is a favorite among novice and connoisseur smokers alike. Durban creates a uplifting, yet heavy buzz that is sure to last. Terp badder is a CRC wax with terpenes infused back in to give the visual appeal with the true terpene profile of the strain.

Passion Orange Guava Budder - High Level Health

Passion Orange Guava is an excellent strain that was created from our in-house breeding program. It has a deep citrus tropical funk aroma that produces a mouth watering extract. Its flavors will remain on your tongue after exhale allowing you to savor all its glory.

Blue Skunk Budder - High Level Health

Blue Skunk is one of our all time favorite strains that has won multiple awards in both flower and concentrate form. It has a sweet blueberry cream flavor mixed hints of earth and a very pungent aroma to match.

Purple Durango OG - Good Chemistry

Good Chemistry’s Purple Durango OG wax is processed with the same, premium flower you know and love. This light colored wax delivers balanced notes of floral and fruit. Concentrates are subject to availability and vary by processor.

Silver Summit Wax - Nectar Bee

Light, blonde hue and beautiful whip on the batch. Great distinct silver summit smell. Reminiscent of Durban Poison.

Bio Chem - Options

Stony & creamy flavor with a stony and myrcene dominant high.

Grapefruit Sour Diesel - Options

Uplifting, mind-warping high with a pungent, fruity flavor.

LA Kush - Concentrate Supply Co. - CSC

LA Kush is a serious crowd pleaser, originating in Los Angeles, California.

Sour Quattro - Chronic Creations

Light PHO wax with a gassy sour aroma.

Chem Brulee - Kush Masters

Chem Brulee is one of our favorites that has flowed through the pipeline. It is a beautiful looking concentrate that has a gassy chem flavor through and through.

Whoody Melon-Wax-Hybrid-Indica Dominant-Whoody x Watermelon Pakistani - magnus concentrates

Expect traditional indica effects providing a mellow and relaxed body high accompanied with heady psychedelic tingles. This strain has a creamy, buttery consistency with a deliciously fruity watermelon flavor profile, reminiscent of grape candy with hashy undertones. Available exclusively at Green Dragon

White Tange - Nomad Extracts

Tangerine Haze x White OG - This strain is citrus cream through & through! The perfect cured wax consistency makes this extract ideal for use in "load-your-own" vape pens & dabbing alike.

Sour OG - West Edison

Sour OG's golden hue gives a radiant glow under light, and a budder consistency. Smooth on the lungs, with a strong citrus vanilla smell that traps itself into your senses.

Queen Mother Gogi Live Wax - Summit

Nurtured every step of the way from clone through concentrate, this buttery, golden indica wax is as heavy hitting as it is tasty. Fruity aromas of berry, black cherries, lemon and Hawaiian punch combine with earthy undertones, spice and licorice, producing a high that begins as euphoric and quickly settles into a sedating full body experience, great for relaxation and insomnia.

Mr. Good Chem - Good Chemistry

Good Chemistry’s Mr. Good Chem wax is processed with the same premium flower you know and love. This light colored wax delivers strong notes of lemon and pine. Concentrates are subject to availability and vary by processor.


A superb mixture of our award winning Cookie Dough, and Miracle Alien Cookies. Sweet cookie terpene, dominate this blend, giving you a rich flavor profile.

Honey Hiker - Nectar Bee

Honey Hiker is a large calyxed golden beauty with a surplus of resin, unique “candied” smell and hefty sized buds. The NectarBee team of skilled extractions artists made this Wax in house with extreme attention to detail. Check out this hybrid and learn what the buzz is all about!

GMO - Kush Masters

The GMO wax from Kush Masters offers the user a delicious flavor profile reminiscent of it's parents Chemdawg and GSC. Ideally to be used in the evening as it provides a relaxing and stimulating high.

Clementine Wax - Karmaceuticals

Clementine is a very aromatic sativa-hybrid composed of Tangie x Lemon Skunk. This Clementine wax is a delicous concentrate blend of tangy and citrusy flavors.

Chem Dawg x Sour Diesel Sugar Wax - Ascend Cannabis Co.

On the plant spectrum, Chem Dawg x Sour Diesel is the savory classic. The rich, deep terpenes make this a straight up sour-funk, classic fuel diesel. When you enjoy a dab of this chemmy wax, your physical senses are all heightened - music is felt in your soul, you’ll want to savor every bite and your mind goes to it’s happy place.

Bruce Banner - Chronic Creations

Bruce Banner is a cross between the classic OG Kush and sweet Strawberry Diesel. Extracted with propane by the experts at Chronic Creations to bring out its unique terpene profile. Gassy and Blue Spruce Pine with a back hint of berries. This light yellow smooth wax will surely please any dabber from novice to expert.

Black Jack - Ballpark Holistic Dispensary

Black Jack is a marijuana strain who's parents are Black Domina and Jack Herer. Her taste is heavy and flavorful with strong floral notes. The Color of this run of Black Jack is Nuclear Glowing. The floral notes really shine at lower temps around 400-450. A real treat for any wax connoisseur.

Blue Skunk - High Level Health

A genetic cross between Blueberry x Skunk. Its flavor profile is of a blueberry muffin with earthy, cheesy tones on the exhale. This indica hybrid has a heavy high without being sedative. The flower is extremely flavorful and makes for very tasty concentrates that bring out the fresh blueberry muffin notes quite a bit.

Melonball - denver dab co

Melonball is a delicious genetic mix of Watermelon and Super Lemon Haze. The unique flavor profile is fruity, fresh and funky.  This intense sativa will put your head in a cerebral haze that will leave you smiling all day! Great for creating an uplifting mood and happy euphoria.


In Colorado, Ed Rosenthal’s Durban Poison remains one of the most requested strains. It has swollen, sticky and dense colas that emanate a signature clean, lemon and pine aroma. This aroma translates well into this sugar wax with mouth watering consistency.

GMO Wax - Kush Masters

The GMO Dry Crumble Wax, processed by the KUSHMASTERS in Boulder and grown by OG Medicinals in Denver, is a potent combination of ChemDawg and GSC that any dabber familiar with those classic strains will thoroughly enjoy. A true hybrid, the GMO will accommodate any activity imaginable!

Super Silver Sour Diesel - Harmony Extracts

Grown in house with love, our super silver kush is uplifting without being racy. It’s good for day or night and its unique flavor profile is sure to please even the most discerning connoisseur. It is the perfect combination of a sweet haze and gassy diesel.

Lemon G PHO Wax - craft

Panacea Lemon G has all the ingredients for crafting beautiful concentrates, but the buttery-blonde wax excels, being exceptionally fruit forward - bursting with lemon zest, Pine- Sol and Tang. The flavors persist in your mouth long after the smoke clears, as the clear, euphoric high sets in. Testing at 80.98%.

Citrus Sap Nug run - OLIO

“Orange zest and tart beginning define the citrus sap at first glance. As its expansive and powerful high climbs behind your eyes, a sweet smooth flavor reminisant of fine dark sipping chocolate coats the exhale. Creative and uplifting, sweet and delicious, the experience is pure pleasure.” -Samuel McDuffee

PHO Wax - OG Kush - Infinite Wellness

Made from clone to concentrate in house, this saucy sugar wax glistens with the quality that comes from our two heaviest hitting indicas, testing at 91% THC. Look for earthy, cherry and citrus flavors in this specific batch, and check for the latest batches in Fort Collins!

OGB - Seed and Smith

Our OGB wax is a soft canary yellow in color and a drier crumble consistency but with a surprisingly pungent smell and flavor. Seed and Smith’s OGB wax always tests for 0% residual solvents, and this batch of OGB wax tested at 82% THC.

Super Lemon Haze - BGood

Super Lemon Haze Sugar Wax processed by Concentrate Supply CO. Sweet lemon flavors dominate the flavor profile of the Super Lemon Wax. Strong, sativa influence on the effect.

Super Lemon Haze -

Super Lemon Haze Sugar Wax processed by Concentrate Supply CO. Sweet lemon flavors dominate the flavor profile of the Super Lemon Wax. Strong, sativa influence on the effect.

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