Forbidden Cookies Live Rosin - Äkta

A blend of GMO, Frozen Grapes and Forbidos. This Live Rosin reminds one of a fine honey, wet and sugary with a glossy sheen. THC heavy and carrying a robust terpene profile bringing earthy and garlic notes to the forefront, followed by a wave of sweet grapes and sour fruit. The effects are soothing and ideal for relaxation and pain-relief.

GMO Cold Cure Live Rosin - Äkta

This creamy Cold-Cured Badder is high in THC and CBGa with a funky aroma and complex taste carrying earthy and savory notes that bring garlic, coffee and a tinge of sweet gas to mind. The effects are relaxing, euphoric and border on psychedelic at higher doses, making it a great tool to relax and unwind the mind and body.

Forbidden Cookies Live Rosin Vape Cartridge - Äkta

A trio of heavy-hitters in GMO, Frozen Grapes and Forbidos. The flavor carries over excellently making this a prime Live Rosin Vaping experience, with the unmistakable garlic and earthy profile of GMO dominating the front end followed by notes of sweet grapes and sour fruit on the backend. Accompanied by relaxing and pain-relieving effects, this is the perfect nighttime vape.

Papaya Cake Live Rosin Vape Cartridge - Äkta

The name speaks for itself. Tropical notes of sour papaya blend seamlessly with hints of creamy cake and sour lemons. The effects lean towards a more sedated, couch-locking experience, though at smaller doses it can be quite uplifting and focused. A memorable Live Rosin vaping experience that will bring the tropics to you.

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