Ascend Cannabis Co.

Raspberry Kush Sauce - Ascend Cannabis Co.

Jammy berries with a strong but sweet citrus overtone flavor this Sauce. It‘ll make your brain take a deep breath in and beg your eyes to relax, while reminding you of grandma‘s homemade dessert after a fresh summer berry harvest.

Goji OG Live Resin - Ascend Cannabis Co.

Tart, sweet and subtly floral, this Live Resin takes you to the freshness of summer in the tropics, walking past hibiscus bushes, breathing in the sunshine and bursts of aromatic blooming flowers. The bright notes remind you of a fruity island tonic and relaxes the pressure behind your eyes while providing perfect clarity of mind.

Chem Dawg x Sour Diesel Sugar Wax - Ascend Cannabis Co.

On the plant spectrum, Chem Dawg x Sour Diesel is the savory classic. The rich, deep terpenes make this a straight up sour-funk, classic fuel diesel. When you enjoy a dab of this chemmy wax, your physical senses are all heightened - music is felt in your soul, you’ll want to savor every bite and your mind goes to it’s happy place.

Ghost of Lee Roy Live Resin Cartridge - Ascend Cannabis Co.

The KING of OG’s is in this Live Resin Cartridge. Ghost of Lee Roy is the classic Ghost OG crossed with Lee Roy making a dominating and dynamite SOUR heavy hitter from the best of the best OGs. It’s an immediate, gassy rush to the brain taking you to new heights. It’s not for the faint of heart, but every smooth hit will take you flying.

Flo OG THCa - Ascend Cannabis Co.

Fresh and ripe, Flo OG provides a subtle burst of sweet citrus to this THCa. Our THCa is single solvent and aged to naturally grow the crystals. This natural aging process leaves strain specific qualities in place and forgoes the need for any secondary processing. The impressive tetrahydrocannabinolic acid diamonds produce a clean, clear, energetic high.

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