Kosher Witches - BGood

Kosher Witches Live Rosin processed by Kenn Wall from Nomad Extracts. Fresh frozen whole plant blend of Kosher Kush and Witches Weed, washed and pressed by Kenn Wall. These two flavors come together with a delicious OG sweetness!

Skunk berry - BGood

Skunkberry Live Resin processed by Concentrate Supply Co. The Skunkberry Is our loudest strain, and the smell and taste come thru very nicely on this Fresh Frozen whole plant extract.

Afghan Hells OG - BGood

Afghan Hells OG processed by Concentrate Supply Co. Enormous THC boulders surrounded by a sweet candy terp sauce I This strain is a heavy hitting indica that will put you down for the count! Extremely sweet tasting terp profile.

OG Medley -

OG Medley Shatter processed by Concentrate Supply Company. We combined several of our best OG Kush strains and had Concentrate Supply Co work their magic!

Super Lemon Haze - BGood

Super Lemon Haze Sugar Wax processed by Concentrate Supply CO. Sweet lemon flavors dominate the flavor profile of the Super Lemon Wax. Strong, sativa influence on the effect.

Pudding Pop -

Pudding Pop- Forum Cookies crossed with Dosidosl Amazing hybrid strain with a strong, grape and cookie dough flavor profile. The Pop grows like the forum cookies but with much bigger, full purple buds covered in trichomes.

Brain OG -

Heavy-hitting Indica dominant cross of OG Kush and Sour Diesel. Made popular by Snoop Dogg and the west coast hip hop scene, Brain OG has the bud structure and density of an OG Kush with a sweet lemon diesel aftertaste that lingers long after you exhale.

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