Garlic Sherbert - Billo

Our Garlic Sherbert blends the gassy bite of GMO, with the sweet aroma of Blue Sherbert. This creates a cerebral high that clears your mind and sets the body free. This boutique phenotype makes for a fantastic all day smoke.

Platinum Kush Breath - Billo

Our in-house cut has a sweet, smooth and creamy flavor with a relaxing full body high. This unique phenotype grows tall and long with tight frost packed buds.

Tropicana Cookies F2 - Billo

Our house cut of Tropicana cookies F2 smells like a fresh bag of tangerines. A great invigorating strain that allows the creative juices to flow. A short bushy plant with dark purple buds and a indistinguishable sent.

Electric Lemonade - Billo

Our Live resin vape cartridges are filled with 100% live resin from our extraction facility in Steamboat Springs. This Electric Lemonade has a sweet citrus flavor and smooth uplifting smoke.

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