Colorado Seed Inc.

Brookie’s Cookies Gold Mine Pre-Roll - Colorado Seed Inc.

Introducing the new “Gold Mine” pre-roll, the first release of a new solventless line! Featuring a new Colorado Seed Inc. bred cultivar, Brookie’s Cookies, alongside a Cherry Lime Haze bubble hash! The flower brings the wholesome body high and the hash packs a punch of potency. This combo has some serious haze terpenes for the concentrate lovers and is exactly what you need on your next adventure. Gold Mine pre-rolls are available at Helping Hands in Boulder or the Bud Depot in Lyons!

Mandarin Cookies - Colorado Seed Inc.

Mandarin Cookies packs a unique balance of tangy citrus and rich earthy tones. The experience is energizing and euphoric, with equal parts of mind and body effects. As always at Colorado Seed Inc., it was grown in soil without chemical pesticides, hand-trimmed, and slow glass-cured before delivery to the shelves at Helping Hands Cannabis on Pearl St. in Boulder or Bud Depot in Lyons.

Gelato Cake - Colorado Seed Inc.

Gelato Cake is one of the hottest trending strains in the market for good reason! The aroma is a berry-filled mosaic of campfire desserts and potent gases, and it brings an uplifting stress-relieving effect. Colorado Seed Inc. grows stunning cannabis as shown without chemical pesticides. Find CSI flower and seeds at Helping Hands Cannabis on Pearl St. in Boulder or Bud Depot in Lyons!

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