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Clementine - Concentrate Supply Co. - CSC

Clementine (Tangie x Lemon Skunk) is an energizing sativa-dominant strain known for its sweet taste and citrus smell. Clementine is continually a fan favorite that overwhelms even large rooms with its unique aroma. Think bathing in a vat of exotic oranges!

Trop Cookies - Concentrate Supply Co. - CSC

Trop Cookies is a sativa marijuana strain that provides a cerebral and focused high. Bred by Oni Seed Co, Trop Cookies crosses GSC and Tangie. The result is an infusion of citrus notes backed up by a smooth cookies flavor. We combine this high-terpene fraction will the cleanest distillate in Colorado, then precisely fill into state-of-the-art hardware for an unmatched experience.

Lime Sherbet - Concentrate Supply Co. - CSC

Lime Sherbet is part of the CSC ‘ARTISAN’ Vape line. We blend ideal amounts of sativa-dominant terpenes to create a consistent experience batch after batch. Users can expect the exact same flavor and effects, regardless of when or where they buy the product. Signature Terpenes: Terpinolene, Alpha-Pinene, Geraniol. Flavor Description: A rindy lime top end with sour and creamy undertones.

Strawberry Banana - Concentrate Supply Co. - CSC

The Strawberry Banana is a fan favorite among our ‘FRUIT’ line of CSC vapes. Combining natural flavors of strawberries & banana, this vape screams smoothie! Always filled into state-of-the-art hardware and certified free of heavy-metals.

PURE Dispenser - Refined Cannabinoids -

5x refined cannabinoids. Nothing added. Whether it’s for refilling vape cartridges, directly dabbing from the syringe or making edibles at home, these borosilicate dispensers are the perfect universal method for utilizing refined cannabinoids. Includes blunt tip needle.

Strawnana - Concentrate Supply Co. - CSC

Strawnana is an indica developed by DNA Genetics in collaboration with Serious Seeds. A genetic cross of Crockett’s Banana Kush and the “Strawberry” phenotype of Bubble Gum, Strawnana inherited a sweet, fruity flavor, hence the name. 

Jack Flash - Concentrate Supply Co. - CSC

Jack Flash offers an earthy citrus aroma, impressive yields, and the active cerebral legacy of her Jack Herer parent. This hybrid gets its name from its lightning-fast onset which may prove useful to patients needing immediate symptom relief.

LA Kush - Concentrate Supply Co. - CSC

LA Kush is a serious crowd pleaser, originating in Los Angeles, California.

Tropicanna FSE - Concentrate Supply Co. - CSC

Forum GSC x Tangie - Strong tangerine & citrus notes, with a smooth GSC finish. Tropicanna has become a staple for producing some of the most flavorful & potent concentrates.

Ghost Train Haze -

One of many proper strains from the fine folks at High West Cannabis. The Ghost Train Haze(Ghost OG x Neville's Wreck) shatter is the perfect extract for daytime activities, whether work or play! Sparking creativity & enhanced euphoria without the paranoia, GTH is an all-around winner.

Headband - Concentrate Supply Co. - CSC

Full spectrum is the name of the game. The CSC Headband Distillate boasts multiple activated & unactivated cannabinoids, along with a high-terpene infusion for the perfect, synergistic effect.

Golden Pineapple - Concentrate Supply Co. - CSC

Finally, a vape cartridge that’s potent! The Golden Pineapple distillate is fully activated & refined at a molecular level to ensure purity & consistency. With average cannabinoids ranging from 90-95%, this isn’t your run of the mill vape cartridge. Find yourself on a beach with CSC’s Golden Pineapple!

Headband - Concentrate Supply Co. - CSC

The CSC sauce cartridge starts with molecularly distilled, fully activated cannabinoids. A high-terpene fraction from select, small batches of live resin is then introduced to create a true-to-strain experience. In the end, you get a highly flavorful & potent combination that’s perfect for life on the go.

Honey Banana -

A potent, flavorful cross between Strawberry Banana x Honey Boo Boo. The Honey Banana terpene profile is one that keeps you coming back for more. Banana up front, with a sweet creme finish!

Sour Kush - Concentrate Supply Co. - CSC

Often a fan favorite due to it’s lineage, Sour OG boasts amazing potency & flavors in both flower and concentrate form. Genetics: Sour Diesel x OG Kush.

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