Chemmy Jones Live Rosin Badder - Dablogic

Coming from the Verde Natura living-soil gardens, Chemmy Jones produced a delectable sour profile from the Thai/East Coast Sour Diesel background of the Casey Jones. Our award-winning, divine magical trichomes captured the lovely gassy notes alongside a heavenly high from the Chemdawg.

Hazelnut Cream Live Rosin Badder - Dablogic

Hazelnut Cream produces a nutty, creamy, mango, and cheese aroma.  It’s genetic background-Miami Haze x Cookies and Cream-produces a tolerable high but floors the room once the jar is open.  With flowers sourced from 100% Verde Natural living-soil gardens, we have honed in this profile over time and are proud to have it on a constant rotation in the lab.

Key Lime Cookies Solventelss Cartridge - Dablogic

A tropical sensation captured in our patented solventless vape cart process, with Verde Natural living-soil flowers for the highest of trichome offerings. Key Lime Cookies is a limited mixed batch of Tropicanna Cookies and Key Lime Pie, offering a burst of citrus but finishes with a sultry yet smooth lime profile.

Strawpaya Solventless Cartridge - Dablogic

Our patented solventless vape cart process provides a top-notch experience for this batch of Strawpaya. By sourcing quality flowers from our Verde Natural living-soil garden, this combination of Strawnana and Papaya is exactly what we are looking for from these cultivars; fruit overload for the fruit-heads.

Tropicanna Cookies - Live Solventless Hash Oil - Dablogic

DABLOGIC Live Solventless Hash Oil is processed using only reverse osmosis water, ice, heat and pressure. This batch utilized freshly-frozen, organically fed, living soil grown Tropicanna Cookies from Verde Natural. This Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie cross is dominated by the terpenes myrcene, caryophyllene and limonene.

Cereal Berries - Live, Solventless Hash Oil Cartridge - Dablogic

The world’s first LIVE solventless hash cartridge by DABLOGIC! Our hashish is exclusively made with Verde’s freshly-frozen, living soil grown cannabis and extracted using only ice, water, heat and pressure. Our cartridges are 100% cannabis--NO propylene glycol, MCT oil or synthetic ingredients. Cereal Berries, a sweet blend of Hazelnut Cream, Strawnana and Citrus Berry, calms the mind without heavy sedation.

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