Strawberry Diesel with Golden Goat Bubble Hash - DADiRRi

Top Shelf Strawberry Diesel flower, infused with potent 90% distillate, and coated in flavorful Golden Goat bubble hash. This Caviar SunRock joint has the perfect sweet, fruity, and spicy flavor combination. The balanced effect of the Strawberry Diesel strain mixed with the awakening effects of the Golden Goat Sativa offer a perfect euphoria. Both a head and body high!

BioChem Bubble Hash - DADiRRi

BoChem is one of our favorite solventless Bubble Hash strains due to its potent, citrusy, and fuel-like aromas. It is an Indica dominant strain, perfect for an end of the day smoke session. BioChem offers a gentle head high and perfect body relaxation.

Skunk Island OG SunRock Caviar - DADiRRi

Top shelf flower, soaked in potent distillate, and rolled in flavorful and solventless bubble hash.  The tropical citrus, skunky smell of the Skunk Island OG strain takes over the room! At 65.29% THC, this SunRock hits hard and encourages a good mood and a perky, upbeat high.

Cosmic Railway Bubble Hash - DADiRRi

This solventless bubble hash strain has an invigorating and fruity scent with a slight peppery note. Taste the rainbow/citrus flavor that keeps you wanting more. At 159-45u’s and 58.81% THC, this hash works as a great bowl topper or pressed into Rosin. Cosmic Railway offers a steady buzz that will take you to space!

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