Double Bear Concentrates

Bear Brew - Double Bear Concentrates

Terrapin’s Purple Punch and Do-Si-Do make up this amazing batch of Indica Bear Brew Wax. Every day feels like your birthday after grabbing any Bear Brew since every batch is a new innovative blend of top Terrapin strains. You can find fresh Bear Brew from the Double Bear Lab at all Terrapin Care Station locations.

Lemon G 1/1 Cannaterp - Double Bear Concentrates

If you love the nostalgic feeling of fresh-squeezed lemonade, then give Double Bear’s Lemon G Cannaterp cartridge a try! These Terrapin exclusive cartridges offer a well-balanced 1/1 sativa effect with robust citrus flavor waves for the tongue! These delicious cartridges are ideal for anytime of day since they can provide both uplifting and relaxing effects.

Tahoe OG - Double Bear Concentrates

A heavy-hitting Indica dominant strain with an overwhelmingly bright terpene profile. The light and candied flavor of this couch-locking Indica strain leaves a taste similar to sugar and oranges. Don't let the light flavors fool you, this one is sure to leave you feeling heavy!

White 99 - Sugar - Double Bear Concentrates

A blend between Cinderella 99 x The White, this classic Sativa Strain opens up with powerfully overtaking earthy notes, combined with deep undertone flavors of pine and lemon zest. The high is sure to leave your head in the clouds, and your body feeling exuberant!

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