Eureka Vapor

StarDawg - Eureka Vapor

The Stardawg 500mg disposable encased in our all new carbon fiber hardware is one of the newest members of the Eureka Vapor family. As you inhale, you will notice the amazing piney aroma on this earthy hybrid. This oil is an amazing stress reliever, extremely uplifting, and remarkably flavorful.

SFV OG - Eureka Vapor

Our SFV OG 500mg disposable encased in our all new carbon fiber hardware is the newest member of the Eureka Vapor family. The rich terpene profile, combined with relaxed yet energetic effects of this strain, make this unit essential for anybody looking to take the edge off while remaining alert and productive.

Kush Biscuits Infused Pre-Roll - Eureka Vapor

This infused pre-roll is really a treat. With each one being hand stuffed in house you are guaranteed a smooth and even smoke all the way through. The top-shelf cannabis in this joint, paired with our award winning oil is sure to leave you wanting more. Relax with this indica-dominant hybrid, leave all your worries behind, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Eureka Cure Concord Lime Infused Pre-Roll - Eureka Vapor

The Eureka Cure Infused Pre-Roll is a product brimming with flavor. The one-gram cone, flush with a combination top-shelf buds & Eureka's signature high potency distillate is sure to leave you delighted. To take it a step further the product is saturated by a familiar grape flavor and a hint of lime. Need we say more?

Grandaddy Purple - Eureka Vapor

Grandaddy Purple is a heavy-hitting cross between Purple Urkle & Big Bud. GDP is known for its sweet grape and berry aromas as well as its cerebral and physical relaxation. This strain is sure to relieve the stresses of everyday life.

Strawberry Lemon - Eureka Vapor

Who doesn’t love the combo? This is the perfect flavor for your first time smoker, party-goer, and summertime grill specialist. Enjoy a flavor you’re familiar with whilst experiencing an unparalleled high.

Trainwreck - Eureka Vapor

Train Wreck is a savory Sativa-Dominant Hybrid. The vivid lemon-lime sweetness is invigorating to the taste buds with a piney, slightly peppery, floral finish. With several cannabinoids present including THC, CBD, CBC, CBG, and CBN, the entourage effect provides an amazing one-of-a-kind high.

Cherry Pie CBD Isolate -

Testing at over 90% CBD, this CBD-heavy dab is a great way to cap off a long day. The full-body relaxation combined with the floral aroma from this concentrate is truly something remarkable.

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