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Fresh Ginger T-Free Hemp CBD Concentrate - Soqdet Farms

Grown by North Fork Agriculture in Paonia, CO 

Focusing on Organic Regenerative Agriculture 

Located for purchase on website

Varietal: Cat's Meow

OG Blue CBD Shatter - Extract Labs

Our OG Blue CBD Shatter is one of the most uniquely delicious dabs that you can find. A mix of the floral aspects of an OG Kush and sweet blueberry notes make for a truly tasty and one of a kind concentrate.

Extract Labs CBD Isolate - Extract Labs

Our award winning CBD isolate is of the highest quality and purity. This hemp derived isolate is as pure of a CBD product as you can possibly get.

Cherry Wine CBD Crumble - Extract Labs

Our Cherry Wine CBD Crumble is by far the favorite concentrate of the Extract Labs staff. This crumble is made with Cherry Wine hemp terpenes that we extracted in our Boulder lab. Cherry Wine has a delicious hempy and earthy aroma and taste, perfect for cannabis connoisseurs.

CBD Muscle Cream (1000mg) - Extract Labs

Our CBD Muscle Cream is an extremely effective topical product. It truly speaks for itself - This full spectrum product will take effect in just moments, and will have you up and at 'em in no time.

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