Green Treets

Energize Distillate Infused Preroll - Green Treets

Premium bud from our award winning garden laced with our signature Energize infused distillate. The perfect amount of smoke for getting through the day!

Comsic Kush Shatter - Green Treets

A unique cross between LSD OG & Green Crack that has the body & flavor of a kush, but offers plenty of a euphoric head high without the couch lock effect!

Primus Sugar Wax - Green Treets

A flavorful strain, exclusive to Green Treets. This perfectly balanced hybrid strain boasts a high as funky as it smells.

Slazerbeam - Green Treets

A cross between Super Lemon Haze & Gupta Kush. This energizing strain creates a happy go lucky, euphoric high. A real Treet!

Pleasure Distillate Vape - Green Treets

The Green Treets Pleasure vape is a combination of our ultra refined distillate made from our Award winning flower & our proprietary terpene blend that is sure to give you some pleasure in your life!

Relax Distillate Vape - Green Treets

Green Treets Relax Vape is a combination of distillate made from our award winning flower & our proprietary terpene blend. It is sure to help you relax after a long day.

Sour Strawberry Nano Tonic - Green Treets

Fast acting, water based nano encapsulated THC that is intended as an alternative to smoking, but delivers a comparable effect.

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