Harmony Extracts

Guava Gelato - Den-Rec

A combination of the exceptionally pungent Guava and beautiful Gelato 33, offers you a very unique sweet diesel terpene profile. Provides a euphoric affect that excites and uplifts the mind.

Banana Kush Ice Nectar - Harmony Extracts

Ice Nectar is the most refined Live Resin product on the planet. We isolate out the terpenes and the cannabinoids and combine them back together in specific ratios giving you the truest expression, cleanest form of extract possible! Banana Kush is a Harmony classic grown to perfection. Taste like a sweet banana with hints of kush. The buzz is euphoric and heavy.

Holy Grail Kush - Den-Rec

Grown by Den-Rec, processed by Harmony Extracts. Holy Grial Kush is an amazingly strong combination of award winning lineage. This indica dominant strain packs a punch, and is one of the strongest OG-18 offspring. Coupled with Kosher, this plant is pure, kush with an aroma of spicy citrus.

Durban Poison Terp Badder - Harmony Extracts

Durban Poison is a very unique land race strain that has garnered attention for many years. It’s unique terpene profile of lemon-limeade is a favorite among novice and connoisseur smokers alike. Durban creates a uplifting, yet heavy buzz that is sure to last. Terp badder is a CRC wax with terpenes infused back in to give the visual appeal with the true terpene profile of the strain.

THCa Isolate - Harmony Extracts

Crystalline THCa is the purest form that this active part of cannabis takes. It has been extracted from plant matter, then further isolated from terpenes and even other cannabinoids. The result is colorless, odorless, and when vaporized has just a slight sweetness. The effects are intense, yet surprisingly clean and clear headed.

Nectar Cartridges - Harmony Extracts

Our cartridges are made only with the finest live resin on the planet! They are completely uncut, with no emulsifiers, fillers or additives like PG, VG, or MCT. You can enjoy these 100% cannabis derived oils on the go discreetly and conveniently, backed up by Harmony’s dedication to flavor and quality. Now you can enjoy live resin anywhere, anytime

Bubble Gum Live Wax - Harmony Extracts

This extract is made from freshly frozen whole plants, harvested at the peak of ripeness. The result is a uniquely memorable bubblegum flavor. It yields an uplifting buzz that’s a great daytime smoke. The wax consistency is similar to cake batter and very easy to dab.

Herijuana OG Live Nectar - Harmony Extracts

This is a connoisseurs dream, while being a great evening smoke to wind down and relax. Our Live Nectar consistency ensures you’re getting the most refined form of hydrocarbon extract on the planet. The terpene rich sauce maintains the subtleties of a complex OG profile, mixed with the herbaceous qualities that define Herijuana.

Super Silver Sour Diesel - Harmony Extracts

Grown in house with love, our super silver kush is uplifting without being racy. It’s good for day or night and its unique flavor profile is sure to please even the most discerning connoisseur. It is the perfect combination of a sweet haze and gassy diesel.

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