Crescendo #11 - Indico

Crescendo #11 is an Ethos Genetics cross of Chemdog, I-95, and Mandarin Cookies that creates a THC- dominant Hybrid. Its Terpene profile produces Sweet, Earthy, and Citrus Aromas with Gassy and sweet flavors.

Sour Strawberry - Indico

Sour Strawberry is a cross between Sour Bubble gum with Strawberry Cough, and east coast sour diesel. Has a sweet strawberry, diesel aroma and taste. Effects are uplifting and euphoric. Always a fan favorite.

9D4 #2 - Indico

9D4 is 1994 super skunk x GG4. Has large dense nugs that have a gas and rose smell. This unique flavor profile is reminiscent of the skunk of yesteryear.

Madarin Sunset -

Mandarin Sunset is an Indica bred by Ethos Genetics. It crosses Herijuana with orange skunk. This cross creates the most citrus skunk smelling buds imaginable. Produces large dense nugs and has won several cups for its flavor and aroma.

Lost Cause - Indico

Lost Cause crosses Do-Si-Dos with Amnesia Haze. Smells of sweet fruit and earth. Has large dense flower with major trichome production. The high is heavy and body relaxing.

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