Kush Masters

Papaya Mon Live Rosin - Kush Masters

A cross of Papaya Cake & Tally Mon. Many different fruity notes on this batch, including Banana, Papaya, and sweet pastries. The color is blonde, and like the others and packs a serious punch. Something you can smoke all day, everyday!

Papaya Santo Live Rosin - Kush Masters

A cross of Papaya Cake & Trop Santo. Very fruity smell with a beautiful blonde color. This one will be an uplifting high that might leave you wanting to try it again.

Crescendo Live Diamonds - Kush Masters

A cross of ChemD I95 & Mandarin Cookies. Sweet, Fruity, & Floral scent that packs a punch. The diamonds are beautiful, some might say they belong on someones finger.

Straight Fire Live Diamonds - Kush Masters

A cross of Mint Chocolate Chip & Mothertongue- A sweet, minty, vanilla, peppery flavor with earthy undertones. Diamonds that will glisten every-time the jar is opened!

THC Caramel Chews - Kush Masters

These caramel chews are the perfect consistency. The sea salt finish really brings all of the flavors together, making it tough to just have one piece! Enjoy responsibly!

GMO Live Rosin - Kush Masters

A cross of Chemdawg & Girl Scout Cookies. Offensive smell of Garlic, gas and FUNK! This batch has an amazing blonde color and a soft budder consistency to match. This Rosin will sit someone down, most likely horizontal on their couch!

Hawaiian Octane HT Cartridge - Kush Masters

This cartridge is like a warm Hawaiian breeze flowing through your body. It will leave you feeling as if you caught the biggest wave on the island.

West side Diesel Cart - Kush Masters

This cartridge is made with only 100% cannabis derived concentrates and packs a serious punch. The SFV OG twerps shine through on this one and will leave you satisfied time and time again.

Wedding Crasher Live Diamonds - Kush Masters

This cross of Wedding Cake and Purple Punch is a unique mix of gas and fruity deliciousness. You will definitely feel comfortable proposing with these diamonds. Enjoy!

Mai Tai Gelato - Kush Masters

This combination of Mai Tai and Gelato creates one beautiful concentrate. The diamonds on this batch are second to none. The terpene profile brings it all together with a sweet sweet gassy aroma, like a slurpee from 711. Thank you, dab again!

Crescendo Shatter - Kush Masters

This cross of Chemdog, I-95 and Mandarin Cookies really brings a crazy combination of flavors together. It is a sweet, earthy terpene profile that packs a serious punch every time. A timeless smoke.

Cookies n Cream Live Rosin - Kush Masters

This rosin has a sweet creamy flavor profile that tastes like cereal milk on Saturday morning. The appearance of this rosin comes in a beautiful light budder consistency.

Wedding Cake Live Rosin Jam - Kush Masters

This consistency is super easy to dab and has that classic gassy wedding cake flavor profile. This rosin is sure to leave you wanting another dab.

Chem Brulee - Kush Masters

Chem Brulee is one of our favorites that has flowed through the pipeline. It is a beautiful looking concentrate that has a gassy chem flavor through and through.

Cat Band Chem Cart - Kush Masters

If you like chemmy, gassy flavors then this cartridge is for you. Made with only 100% cannabis derived concentrates, this cartridge is sure to please the consumer with memorable flavor and a powerful high.

Mandarin Chem cart - Kush Masters

This flavor is orange citrus all the way. Made with only 100% cannabis derived concentrates this cartridge is sure to taste amazing and put you in another level.

Abomination OG - Kush Masters

This cross of Bruce Banner and Venom OG is one of our favorite flavors to date. If you ever wanted to feel like the Abominable Snowman and the Hulk this one is definitely for you. Enjoy this super clean gassy flavor!

Clementine Limone Live Diamonds - Kush Masters

This cross of Clementine and Flo Limone is an extremely powerful, fruit forward dab. It is a citrusy punch that will climb up your face and out of your nose! A picture perfect concentrate!

Jilly B Cookies - Kush Masters

The Jilly B Cookies Live Resin comes from a beautiful cross of Jilly 13 and GSC from the Lazercat grow. With giant diamonds and perfect terps the Jilly B Cookies should hit the user with a perfect hybrid high, good for any activity!

East Coast Sour Diesel - Kush Masters

The classic ECSD strain that we all know and love makes some incredible sauce for easy dabbing. A perfect sativa strain with a bright yellow color and just a splash of tiny THC rocks floating around. Start your morning off right with this head ringer!

Jilly Sunrise - Kush Masters

The Jilly Sunrise vape cart provides the user with a great combination of Jilly Sunrise distillate and Jilly Sunrise terpenes. Great to puff on throughout your day for that added boost!

GMO - Kush Masters

The GMO wax from Kush Masters offers the user a delicious flavor profile reminiscent of it's parents Chemdawg and GSC. Ideally to be used in the evening as it provides a relaxing and stimulating high.

GMO - Kush Masters

Our GMO shatter is golden and breaks apart like a  brittle glass. Perfect purging techniques and great starting material are how you get the desired consistency. Meant to be enjoyed in the evening as a lovely indica-dominant hybrid!

Butterscotch - Kush Masters

The Butterscotch Rosin made from fresh frozen product and meticulously extracted by our rosin master using classic bubble hashing techniques and a Longs Peak Press from Pure Pressure will provide on of the best smokes in the Colorado market. We guarantee it!

Jilly Sunrise - Kush Masters

Perfectly distilled Jilly Sunrise will provide the user with a high THC experience with a great flavor and smoke. Provides an excellent base for adding terpenes in for our carts!

Jilly B Cookies - Kush Masters

This will absolutely blow you away. With THC% numbers in the high 80s you will be energized after smoking this product. Come party with the Kush Masters and Ms. Jilly Bean! Just don't forget the cookies...

Ghost OG - Kush Masters

The Ghost OG HTFSE Live Resin, processed by the KUSHMASTERS in Boulder and grown by PURE in Fort Collins, smells like someone dumped gasoline on a forrest of pine trees and lit it on fire. It is perfect for a long couch session and will lull you into a comfortable indica high that is great for movie watching, gaming, or simply falling asleep!

GMO Wax - Kush Masters

The GMO Dry Crumble Wax, processed by the KUSHMASTERS in Boulder and grown by OG Medicinals in Denver, is a potent combination of ChemDawg and GSC that any dabber familiar with those classic strains will thoroughly enjoy. A true hybrid, the GMO will accommodate any activity imaginable!

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