Body Care Infused Essential Oil Roller - Relieve - L’eagle

Crafted in house at L’Eagle by a certified herbalist, the 1:1 Infused Essential Oiler Roller contains 100mg THC and 100 mg CBD. The “Relieve” blend is formulated using L’Eagle’s clean cannabis and therapeutic grade essential oils including black pepper, birch and turmeric, intended for localized pain relief and soothing sore muscles.

Bruce Banner #3 - L’eagle

Pungent and potent, Bruce Banner #3 rosin is made in house at L’Eagle and pressed with Clean Green Certified kief. Bruce Banner #3 has some of the highest THC content that L’Eagle has ever produced and brings an incredibly clear high, making it a fan favorite.

Completly Clean Caviar - L’eagle

Made in-house at L’Eagle and free of any additives. Completely Clean Caviar in strain specific GSC, features L’Eagle’s clean cannabis and solventless rosin - that’s it! Perfectly dense GSC buds, hand dipped in freshly pressed GSC rosin, dusted with GSC kief. These nugs pack a punch and are full of flavor.

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