Clementine Live Resin - Lusso

Distinct, flavorful, and crafted to perfection, the Clementine Live Resin is sure to delight the senses like nothing else. Extracted from fresh, flash-frozen cannabis, the tantalizing citrus profile of this concentrate may be reminiscent of sunny afternoons and exuberant summer days. Welcome to your new favorite experience.

Terpene Infused Distillate Cartridge - Lusso

We fill this cartridge with a blend of premium distillate oil and distinct, cannabis-derived terpenes extracted from select batches of Clementine Live Resin. The bright citrus notes playfully awaken taste buds while delivering a smooth, uplifting high designed to lighten any mood. This potent cartridge packs an incomparable punch of terpene-rich flavor that won’t soon be forgotten. 

Strawnana CBD Distillate Cartridge - Lusso

After a long day, this 1:1 cartridge is uniquely designed to help you wind down and ease your nerves. Formulated with a scrumptious blend of premiere distillate oil and select, naturally derived terpenes, this concoction could be your newest source of Zen.

Sunset Sherbet Live Sauce - Distillate - Lusso

Cannabis derived terpene vape— Sunset Sherbet Live Sauce cut into 99%THC CO2 distillate.

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