Nectar Bee

Nerve Salve - Nectar Bee

Nerve Salve combines a 5:1 ratio of THC to CBD with St. John’s Wort, herbs, and essential oils that may help alleviate headaches and certain types of migraines.

Muscle Balm - Nectar Bee

A stimulating combination of cayenne pepper and menthol, this 1:1 Muscle Balm provides a simultaneous warming and cooling effect.

Root Beer - Nectar Bee

That old-fashioned root beer taste with a 10mg single-dose surprise. Best enjoyed when chilled.

Strawberry Shortcake - Nectar Bee

A sweet cake treat with a fresh strawberry flavor.

Super Lemon Haze - CO2 Vape - Nectar Bee

Proprietary Super Lemon Haze Terpene Blend Spiked into Full Spectrum CO2 Oil.

Honey Hive Live Resin - Nectar Bee

Great crystallin live sugar. Pungent smell characteristic of the strain.

Sugar Cone - The Green Solution

Sunset Sherbet Live Resin Oil, Sunset Sherbet Trichomes from Fresh Frozen (Shook same day), Sunset Sherbet Preroll Flower.

Silver Summit Wax - Nectar Bee

Light, blonde hue and beautiful whip on the batch. Great distinct silver summit smell. Reminiscent of Durban Poison.

Honey Hiker - Nectar Bee

Honey Hiker is a large calyxed golden beauty with a surplus of resin, unique “candied” smell and hefty sized buds. The NectarBee team of skilled extractions artists made this Wax in house with extreme attention to detail. Check out this hybrid and learn what the buzz is all about!

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