NectarBee by The Green Solution - NectarBee by The Green Solution

Whether you’re on the slope, a construction site, or the gym, it won’t take long to find someone heralding the impact this balm has on their life. Using a blend of CBD oil, coconut oils, cayenne, menthol, and essential oils, this balm is beyond comparison with typical, pharmacy balm.

Ultra Pure Sativa Cartridge - NectarBee by The Green Solution

Extracted utilizing a CO2 process, the Ultra-Pure Sativa cartridge is the preferred method of vaping for active concentrate users. The use of CO2 permits a much cleaner, smoother draw than propane, butane, or ethanol extraction methods, while providing a richer terpene experience for the realm of vape cartridges.

THCA Isolate - NectarBee by The Green Solution

Unlock the power of the crystals and embrace the future of cannabis! Isolate from NectarBee is no ordinary product. Consistently testing at 99.99%, devoid of terpenes, and boasting clear, glass-like crystals, our isolate boasts the pure, clean experience you expect from isolate, every time.

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