Nokhu Labs

Glueball: Live Rosin, Solventless Hash Oil Cartridge - Nokhu Labs

Glueball (GG4xSnowball), Live Rosin cartridge.  100% Cannabis oil, single strain, no additives, no re-introduced terpenes.

Glueball Live Rosin - Nokhu Labs

Cold Cured, Full Spectrum Live Rosin (45-120 micron), single press.  Glueball is a cross between GG#4 and Snowball.

Glueball x Memberberry - Fire & Ice - Hash Infused Palm Mini Blunt - Nokhu Labs

4:1 Ratio of flower (glueball) to water hash (memberberry) in a cordia palm leaf mini blunt.  Uses a corn husk filter.  Allow to sit out/dry if difficult to light.

Glueball: Hand Pressed Hash - Nokhu Labs

“Old School” hand pressed hash. Not to be dabbed, use in hash pipe or as bowl topper. Glueball = GG#4 x Snowball

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