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92 OG Live Resin - Lama Brand Cannabis

One of our favorite OG Kush Strains, the 92 OG has roots traced back to Florida in the early 1990s.  Processed by our peeps at Nomad Extracts, the 92 is a potent, indica dominant concentrate, with beautiful diamond formations.

Bio Chem - Options

Myrcene flavored, full body high.

Tangerine Haze - Options

Clean, clear headed Sativa with a smooth citrus punch.

Motorbreath FSE - Nomad Extracts

They call it Motorbreath for good reason! This strain has quickly become a staple for cannabis connoisseurs. One dab and you’ll know why they seek this one out.

Diablo - Options

Strong Indica with a robust gassy flavor.

Cap Hill Kush - Options

Uplifting creative Sativa Hybrid that leaves you craving for more.

Bio Chem - Options

Stony & creamy flavor with a stony and myrcene dominant high.

Grapefruit Sour Diesel - Options

Uplifting, mind-warping high with a pungent, fruity flavor.

Honey Banana FSE - Nomad Extracts

Strawberry Banana x Honey Boo Boo - Strong banana & honey notes make this flavor profile one that leaves you always wanting more. Heavy hitting!! Don't let the "Boo Boo" fool ya!

White Tange - Nomad Extracts

Tangerine Haze x White OG - This strain is citrus cream through & through! The perfect cured wax consistency makes this extract ideal for use in "load-your-own" vape pens & dabbing alike.

Mandarin Cookies - Nomad Extracts

Forum GSC x Mandarin Sunset - This award winning strain by ETHOS has become a fan favorite, for good reason! Sweet citrus and diesel flavors combine forces that lead to an extremely tasty & potent specimen.

Clementine FSE Vape - Nomad Extracts

Tangie x Lemon Skunk - The famous Clementine boasts extreme citrus flavors with a dank garlic/onion on the backend. Match that with superior hardware - you've got yourself true-to-strain dabs on the go.

1g Distillate Dispenser - 1:1 Refined Cannabinoids - Nomad Extracts

The perfect combination of refined cannabinoids. Our 1:1 distillate is fully activated & refined at a molecular level to ensure both purity and consistency. With average total cannabinoids ranging from 95-99%, this isn't your run of the mill distillate. Always free of plant by-products & cutting agents. The universal application makes our borosilicate dispenser an extremely efficient method for consuming cannabinoids, whether vaping or consuming orally.

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