NUHI Distribution

Strawberry Nightmare - NUHI Distribution

The ever popular Strawberry Nightmare, of which the flower consistently clocks in at 32+% THC, happens to make some stunning terp diamonds as well! The sour strawberry notes really take the stage in this concentrate. Fresh, clean, and fruity.

Head Banger #4 - NUHI Distribution

Head Banger #4 Live Resin hits all the right notes in this beautiful, blonde live resin.  A powerful blend of Sour Diesel & Biker Kush, one dab leaves you with lingering flavors of sweet and sour diesel, pine, and fresh lime on the finish. Not for the faint of heart, this strain is a true head-knocker.

Mystery 98 - NUHI Distribution

This offspring from our classic Afghan Kush is truly a medicinal strain containing a ratio of about 20:1 CBD:THC. The large, sticky buds are sweet and pungent with an unmistakable cherry cough drop flavor found in many high CBD varieties. The hint of THC combined with the smooth, analgesic effects of CBD provides a truly enjoyable experience!

Purple Punch - NUHI Distribution

Purple Punch is an Indica dominant strain made up of Grandaddy Purp x Larry Og. This pheno of the Punch  produces dense, resinous, purple and lime green nuggets with an aroma leaning more towards a creamy, rubbery, OG funk rather than the grape candy terps most are expecting.  A nice, relaxing Indica great for anxiety and insomnia.

Sour OG #2 - NUHI Distribution

Sour OG #2 is a sativa dominant cross of Sour Power x Biker Kush.  Expect dank, dark, dense, purple, sugar coated flowers that sparkle like diamonds.  This pheno is heavy on the gas with some OG on the back end.  A great all day smoke for the sour kush lovers!

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