Oh Hi Beverages Inc.

Oh Hi CBD Sparkling Seltzer: Pomegranate - Oh Hi Beverages Inc.

Switch up your relaxation routine with a splash of slightly tart antioxidant superfruit seltzer. Oh Hi Pomegranate CBD is low calorie, low sugar, and infused with 15mg of clean, fast-acting, water-soluble CBD. These CBD infused beverages can enhance your daily experience without discomfort or psychoactive effects. Get through your day with lighter feet, and a better mindset.

Oh Hi CBD Sparkling Seltzer: Grapefruit - Oh Hi Beverages Inc.

Add a dazzle of this Oh Hi CBD Grapefruit delight to your daily routine. Oh Hi CBD has a perfect dose of 15mg CBD, and the right amount of effervescence to lift your pinky a little. Our CBD-enhanced sparkling seltzers are low calorie and low sugar, providing a non-intoxicating, but a light euphoric experience you can enjoy throughout your day.

Oh Hi THC Sparkling Seltzer: Pomegranate - Oh Hi Beverages Inc.

Enjoy with your friends an Oh Hi Pomegranate that is low in calories and sugar while being the perfect bubbly complement to any adventure or day of chores. Infused with 10mg of clean, fast-acting THC and the essence of a natural antioxidant super-food, our water-soluble beverages are consistent and can be absorbed and take effect as quickly as 15 minutes.

Oh Hi THC Sparkling Seltzer: Lemon Lime - Oh Hi Beverages Inc.

Oh Hi Lemon Lime is a side-kick you’ll want to enjoy anywhere. Our Seltzers are low in sugar and calories while containing naturally occurring terpenes. Infused with 10mg fast-acting, water-soluble THC, this bubbly friend can be micro-dosed or enjoyed throughout the day.  Our seltzers are a healthy alternative to your traditional high calorie and sugary drinks.

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