GuavZ #5 - Olio

The GuavZ #5 flavor starts with a tropical melon spice note and finishes with a sour candy funk. With a near instant effect, it leaves you smiling and wanting more.

Slurricane #1 - Olio

Our Slurricane pheno is an in house favorite. It coats your tastebuds with a delicious sweet berry cereal and milk flavor that lingers on the palate. It provides a tranquil high that lasts and is great for everyday activities.

White Grapefruit Cookies 14 - Olio

The White Grapefruit Cookies has a unique profile. Starting with sharp, bitter citrus notes on the inhale followed by a surprisingly smooth, sweet exhale reminiscent of berries. The White Grapefruit Cookies is new to our garden but it didn’t take long to become a team favorite.

Gas Tanker #4 - Olio

An Olio selection from one of our favorite breeders, this cross of motorbreath 15 and Sour Dubb will surely please the old school and new school gas lovers. This pungent cross will hit you with a flavorful sour, fuel, and earthy nose backed with a familiar notes of OG. It is definitely a potent strain for experienced smokers.

Forbidden Zkittles Melonaid #8 - Olio

The Forbidden Zkittles Melonaid #8 has an overwhelming fruity jolly rancher taste that lingers on the palate. The effects are just as intense leaving you with the munchies like no other. 

Candy Man Rosin Pen - Olio

The Candy Man rosin pen is a mix of our Juice Man#6 and Pudding Pop strains. The combo of the two makes for a strong papaya type flavor on the front end leaving you with earthy kush tones on the exhale. The Girl Scout Cookies in the Pudding Pop provides a relaxing calming experience.

Trop Cookies Rosin Cart - Olio

Tropicanna Cookies is a simple cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie. You’ll immediately notice the smoothness of the cookies on the inhale. When exhaled, the perfect balance between sweet citrus and sour tangerine is achieved. Be ready because this one will wake you up with a sativa dominant high.

Sour Papaya - Olio

Sour Papaya is a strong hybrid cross between Sour Banana and Papaya Punch. The combination of soft & sweet fruit profiles is reminiscent of fresh watermelon. The combination is just as smooth on the inhale as it is on the exhale and will leave you with a sweet floral taste once finished. The hybrid nature of the mixture will stand out afterwards as it offers a very balanced, operational high.

Animac Mints - Olio

A combination of Animal Mints and Miracle Alien Cookies. On inhale, you experience sweet fuel accents of the Animal Cookies. When exhaled, the MAC takes over with a thick gassy musk with just the right touch of citrus. Once exhaled, you’ll be left with a soft, earthy finish and an indica dominant high. 

Juice Man #6 - Olio

A true terpene explosion! A cross between Fabuloso and Papaya, our #6 pheno leans heavy on the Papaya notes. It’s floral, tropical, and sweet, with just a twang of funk to round it all out. Think Papaya candy, or a scented marker from the 90’s. This strain is just as great for its uplifting effects as it is for its terpenes!

Strawberry Ice cream - Olio

This strain is no different from a great, creamy dessert... perfect after a long day. packed with fruity flavors - bananas and strawberries - that pair so well with a sweet cream finish.

Slurricane #1 - Olio

Slurricane packs a powerful, fruity punch that takes you back to a Saturday morning bowl of crunch berry cereal. In House Genetics comes strong with this indica dominant hybrid, sure to warm you up during Colorado’s snowy spring. Needless to say, Slurricane is welcomed with open arms here at Olio.

Pineapple Blast - Olio

The Pineapple Blast is a sativa dominant cross between Tangie and Pineapple Thai. True to it’s name, the mix of sour citrus and sweet fruit tones definitely bring to mind freshly cut pineapple, a taste that carries through both inhale and exhale.  Enjoy the smoothness but be ready for the sativa dominant high that follows.

Banana Kush Distillate - Olio

The Banana Kush begins its journey with a sweet tropical inhale. An immediate relaxing buzz floats your troubles away. A unique indica dominant distillate blend with a deep muscle relaxation begins to take hold as the high unfolds. These elements combined leave mouths watering, muscles melting, and minds untroubled.” -Samuel McDuffee

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