Rebel Edibles

Apple Pie Caramels - Rebel Edibles

Rebel Apple Pie Caramels are the go-to comfort food edible. Sweet and tart, buttery and smooth, this soft caramel will melt in your mouth. Made from apple cider blended with cream, butter, Saigon cinnamon and hint of sea salt, this caramel tastes just like the gooey part of an apple pie.

Blasts Assorted Fruit Chews - Rebel Edibles

Our Blasts are bright, refreshing fruit chews made from real fruit that pack a punch of flavor and feeling. The Assorted Pack includes a triple-threat flavor combo of Pink Lemonade, Cherry and Orange flavors infused with distillate. These little gems are vegan and individually wrapped making them perfect for discreetly tucking into a pocket when you’re on the go.

1:1 Relief Cream - Rebel Edibles

Rebel Relief 1:1 Transdermal Cream is a fast-acting formula that alleviates inflammation and pain. This transdermal cream is formulated with a proprietary blend of full spectrum cannabis, terpenes and essential oils that penetrates deep and targets joints and muscles. Featuring 400mg of both THC and CBD, this transdermal cream is one of the strongest and fastest-acting formulas on the market.

Vanilla Bean Caramels - Rebel Edibles

Soft caramels made with distillate-infused butter, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans and a hint of sea salt.

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