Seed and Smith

Apple Pie Caramels - Rebel Edibles

Rebel Apple Pie Caramels are the go-to comfort food edible. Sweet and tart, buttery and smooth, this soft caramel will melt in your mouth. Made from apple cider blended with cream, butter, Saigon cinnamon and hint of sea salt, this caramel tastes just like the gooey part of an apple pie.

Blasts Assorted Fruit Chews - Rebel Edibles

Our Blasts are bright, refreshing fruit chews made from real fruit that pack a punch of flavor and feeling. The Assorted Pack includes a triple-threat flavor combo of Pink Lemonade, Cherry and Orange flavors infused with distillate. These little gems are vegan and individually wrapped making them perfect for discreetly tucking into a pocket when you’re on the go.

Garlic Road - Seed and Smith

This strain certainly comes from the Garlic side of life. This cookies and chem cross offers a strong garlic flavor with a surprisingly sweet back. The profile creates a bright lively funk when the bud is cracked open and produces a thick and hearty smoke. The sweetness really pops with a froot loops flavor on the exhale.

Buddha Tahoe OG - Seed and Smith

An uplifting and unique scent with hints of pepper, roasted walnuts and green onion, Buddha Tahoe OG is a well-balanced smoke. Once cracked, the profile amplifies in the nostrils and is easy on the inhale. The buds are dense with deep greens and purple hues. The effects are surprisingly active in this house exclusive pheno of Tahoe OG that makes it a great pain reliever for the daytime.

Purple Trainwreck Live Distillate - Seed and Smith

With deep scents of citrus and tart with hints of pepper and lavender throughout, Purple Trainwreck is an exceptional tasting strain. Extracted from fresh frozen flower, these terpenes represent the strain perfectly. Then these cannabis derived terpenes are combined with distillate to create a potent and flavorful combination in our award-winning DART system.

Sour Garlic Cookies Live Resin - Seed and Smith

Grown specifically for the Seed & Smith Live Series, Sour Garlic Cookies sets the standard for flavor. Rich in pine, citrus and some deep-down nastiness provides only a small sense of the aromas surrounding this concentrate. Swimming in terpenes, these diamonds explore the profile differently with each hit, producing rich and hearty exhales.

Garlic Road: 3.5g Pre-Roll Pack - Seed and Smith

The Seed & Smith Pre-Roll pack is the next level of convenience for the on-the-go smoker. These joints are a half gram of consistent and reliable highs every time because they are produced using 100% flower with no fillers. Packaged in a sturdy and discreet case that makes carrying your favorite strains easy and accessible.

Kush Mints Shatter - Seed and Smith

A beautiful combination of clarity and color, Kush Mints shatter packs a punch with an easy smoke and a vibrant exhale. With plenty of mint, sweet and citrusy flavors to enjoy throughout, this shatter represents the flower perfectly.

Black Jack Live Sauce - Seed and Smith

A combination of fruit and mint, Black Jack serves as a powerhouse in flavor and potency as flower. The live sauce for this strain is a perfect recreation of the whole experience. Retrieved from live resin runs, these pure sauce pods are an invitation into cannabis flavor you can enjoy discreetly and easily.

Sunset SHerbert - Seed and Smith

Our expert extract artist have managed to distill 95+ % pure THC from our popular and flavorful strain Sunset Sherbert, and reintroduce the terpenes from this popular strain back into the distillate for concentrated potency and flavor! With it’s bright yellow hue and clean glass finish, our Sunset Sherbert distillate is an all time favorite.

Tango - Seed and Smith

Our cartridges are unique because embedded in the center of the cartridge, is a ceramic heating coil with 360˚ even heat distribution within the ceramic core to ensures the atomizer is fully and uniformly heating the Tango distillate we’ve carefully injected into the cartridge. The Tango distillate has it’s own re-introduced terpenes, giving the distillate a bright and citrusy flavor and aroma.

Critical Mass - Seed and Smith

Critical mass shatter is made using a hydrocarbon extraction machine, and purged in our state of the art vacuum purge oven for 48+ hours to remove all residual solvents. Our in house extract artists created a critical mass shatter that is a flawless transparent glassy amber color, with a firm consistency that dabs with perfection. The strain itself is a heavy indica with notes of berry and . This shatter tested at 89% THC and 0% residual solvents.

OGB - Seed and Smith

Our OGB wax is a soft canary yellow in color and a drier crumble consistency but with a surprisingly pungent smell and flavor. Seed and Smith’s OGB wax always tests for 0% residual solvents, and this batch of OGB wax tested at 82% THC.

Mandarin Cookies - Seed and Smith

Mandarin Cookies is a rare strain that has medium to large dense buds. These buds are light green with small amount of orange hairs, and are covered in milky white trichomes that give them a very icy/frosty look. It’s got a tropical smell that finishes with a very heavy citrus flavor, hence the name. When smoked, Mandarin Cookies will provide a nice relaxing experience, but not so heavy that it couch locks the user.

Sunset Sherbert - Seed and Smith

Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties (Pink Panties is a cross between Florida Kush and Bermese Kush) Sunset Sherbert is a true Cannasuer’s strain! These dense buds have hues of dark purple, bright green, and bright orange, shrouded in a fog of frosty trichomes. The sweet and earthy terpene profile, the beautiful color, and dense structure make this flower a 10/10!

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