Jilly the Kid™ - Shift

An uplifting strain that holds a nose reminiscent of a floral bouquet served atop fresh tropical fruit. Notes of sweet melon, grapes, and citrus complement the rosy, floral undertones that round out an incredibly pleasant smelling cultivar. An energetic, but not racy high is accompanied by an overall feeling of well being, a genetic perfect for day time sessions.

Cosmic Cake™ - Shift

Think forbidden fruit and gas cans. Cosmic Cake™ combines the wonderful worlds of cannabis fruit flavors with a chemmy, fuely, OG stank that will jump right out of the jar! Fruit notes intensify during breakdown and the fuel comes through on the smoke. Bud structure is dense with solid trichome coverage, a hybrid cultivar offering a euphoric and stony high.

Space Ape™ - Shift

A proprietary, complex cultivar offering notes of grapes, stinky cheese, and fuel. It has a funk that will leave your mouth watering and have you questioning how something could stink so good! An indica leaning hybrid that hits hard with a serious head high, followed by the indica body melting sensation we all know and love.

Cosmic Cake™ Badder -

This slice of celestial heaven has an aromatic yet subtle, fresh baked shortcake and oatmeal cookie aroma with a taste profile featuring old school Chem91 funk. The bold bouquet of sweet bread and fuel aftertaste leaves a wet tongue coated in badder delight. A familiar nose raising dessert smell and full, gas rich cloud exhale compliments the perfect holistic high.

Space Ape™ Sugar -

Earthy, sour, peppery, pungent, and rubbery only begin to describe this supple sugar. Heavy notes of sappy pine and mildly sweet grape balance beautifully across the palate. The mouthfeel is very bold and wholesome, opening up taste buds to a hearty blend of flavors. Its full body effect is delightfully smile-inducing and lifts your head towards the stars.

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