Citrus Blossom - Summit

A perfectly balanced blend of citrus fruits paired with delicate floral undertones make this flavored cartridge a favorite among consumers who want a cannabis high without the terpene taste. Hints of lemon, bergamont, pink grapefruit, mandarin and sweet orange accompany herbaceous floral accents for a truly incomparable taste.

Jack Flash - Summit

Grown and extracted in-house, this saucy, full-spectrum, live plant extract has a delicious and robust flavor profile consisting of citrus, floral, pine and skunk. With a genetic makeup of Jack Herer bred with Haze and Super Skunk, it’s a favorite among consumers looking for a more focused, uplifting and creative high with a speedy onset for quick effect and/or relief.

Queen Mother Gogi Live Wax - Summit

Nurtured every step of the way from clone through concentrate, this buttery, golden indica wax is as heavy hitting as it is tasty. Fruity aromas of berry, black cherries, lemon and Hawaiian punch combine with earthy undertones, spice and licorice, producing a high that begins as euphoric and quickly settles into a sedating full body experience, great for relaxation and insomnia.

Lemon OG Haze - Summit

Made with cannabis harvested at its prime, then immediately fresh frozen to preserve the most full-spectrum cannabinoid and terpene content possible, this 100% live sauce Lemon OG Haze vape is for those who truly want to taste the strain. Bold aromas of limonene and pinene take center stage while delivering a euphoric and motivating yet tranquil experience. You’ll wonder where this pen has been all your life.

Lemon G13 - Summit

This uplifting sativa will leave you wondering where it’s been all your life.  Summit’s Lemon G13 Live Sauce CCELL cartridge offers a profoundly aromatic, true-to-strain experience that stays with you long after exhale. This small batch, FSHT (full-spectrum high-terpene) vape cart is made from 100% live sauce and carries one of the most limonene-heavy terpene profiles found in any cartridge on the market. For best results, pair with a CCELL or 3.7 volt battery.

Sweet Sweet - Summit

Sweet Sweet is like island music to the ears nose… and taste buds!  Characterized by tropical aromas with added hints of grapefruit, this hybrid cross of Jack Herer and Skunk #1 creates a relaxed, euphoric body sensation paired with an uplifting head high.  This strain’s uniquely sweet and robust flavor is sure to leave you drooling for more.

Mandarin Sunset - Summit

Mandarin Sunset delivers a bold citrus aroma that will have you thinking about strolling through an orange orchard, surrounded by trees bursting with sweet, juicy fresh fruit. This strain tastes as full-bodied as it smells while producing a heavy indica smoke that allows for a tranquil yet euphoric sensation, sure to help with relaxation and insomnia.

Super Blue Thai - Summit

This potent and stimulating sativa is a product of the ever-popular Super Blue Dream strain crossed with the pure landrace sativa Thai.  Notes of citrus and blueberry paired with earthy, woody aromas will tantalize your taste buds and produce a euphoric head high, allowing for a focused, creative and outgoing experience.

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