Sunshine Extracts

Peach Genome Rosin Batter - Sunshine Extracts

Consisting of Peach Oz and GMO the Peach Genome is a delicate dance of intertwining flavors. The sweet persistent notes of peaches underscored by the rich earthiness of the GMO create a flavor reminiscent of a sour mash of peaches just beginning to ferment. Soft and dripping in terpenes this batter is perfect for engaging in something creative or relaxing.

Wedding Cake Rosin Sap - Sunshine Extracts

The Wedding Cake greets you with a sour peppery diesel the moment you open the jar. The sap consistency features a sparkling clutch of micro crystals suspended in a pool of thick liquid terpene. The high tends to be creative, sedative, and potent. A complex symphony of flavors, the wedding cake has something for any discerning connoisseur.

Wedding Cake Live Diamonds - Sunshine Extracts

Wedding Cake is an instant classic with a flavor that is a marriage of velvety kush, sweetness, and a hint of gas. Good luck finding a ring that fits these rocks, these diamonds are any dabbers best friend.

Palisade Honey Solventless Pen - Sunshine Extracts

Named after Colorado’s Palisade peaches the Palisade honey combines Peach oz and Honey Banana for a mouth watering experience. Floral and sweet these two unique genetics combine to form a rich tapestry of flavors defined by their unique fruitiness. Made of 100% cold cured rosin this cartridge offers a peaceful wind down to your evening wrapped in the flavors of a summer day.

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