The Green Solution

Nerve Salve - Nectar Bee

Nerve Salve combines a 5:1 ratio of THC to CBD with St. John’s Wort, herbs, and essential oils that may help alleviate headaches and certain types of migraines.

Muscle Balm - Nectar Bee

A stimulating combination of cayenne pepper and menthol, this 1:1 Muscle Balm provides a simultaneous warming and cooling effect.

Root Beer - Nectar Bee

That old-fashioned root beer taste with a 10mg single-dose surprise. Best enjoyed when chilled.

Strawberry Shortcake - Nectar Bee

A sweet cake treat with a fresh strawberry flavor.

Rubicon - The Green Solution

Rubicon is a fantastic 2 to 1 cbd/thc flower.  It has a smell like nothing else that is almost hard to describe, but if one had to, would describe it as earthy with medicinal smelling properties.  This CBD hybrid offers about 9% on either cannabinoid, creating a pleasant smoke for consumers seeking a mild body buzz with anti-inflammatory qualities. Use this strain to temper nausea and physical discomfort, or as an addition to any bowl or joint for complimentary CBD goodness.

Super Lemon Haze - CO2 Vape - Nectar Bee

Proprietary Super Lemon Haze Terpene Blend Spiked into Full Spectrum CO2 Oil.

Snow Squall - The Green Solution

Snow Squall offers a good balance between a strong, clear-headed high and relaxation.  She provides great motivation and energy, along with creativity and balanced mind while doing so.  Bright in color, and absolutely covered in resin glands, causing a heavy aroma of Kief with slight fruity under tones. Getting her name from the densely packed resin glans giving the appearance she was snowed on.

Blue Burnout X Boo Berry - The Green Solution

Boo Berry x Blue Burnout is a heavy hitting Indica with earthy undertones, and a fruity taste.  Testing in the low to mid 20 percentile, This strains high will draw you into a happy lift, minus the anxious energy, voiding your thoughts and replacing them with lazy, welcomed Joy and relaxation.

BlueBird OG - The Green Solution

This sativa dominant strain has somewhat of an earthy smell, with a pungent finish.  She has a beautiful light green color and comes packed with resin testing in the mid 20 percentile. The energizing effects are usually second to the race with this strain, preceded by heavy feelings of euphoria and bliss.

Sunset Sherbet Live Sauce - Distillate - Lusso

Cannabis derived terpene vape— Sunset Sherbet Live Sauce cut into 99%THC CO2 distillate.

Honey Hive Live Resin - Nectar Bee

Great crystallin live sugar. Pungent smell characteristic of the strain.

Trifecta w/ Silver Summit Flower - The Green Solution

Made popular by the film Pineapple Express, this 1.75g joint is hand-rolled with Silver Summit flower, great for sharing with friends!

Sugar Cone - The Green Solution

Sunset Sherbet Live Resin Oil, Sunset Sherbet Trichomes from Fresh Frozen (Shook same day), Sunset Sherbet Preroll Flower.

Supernova Cone - The Green Solution

A cannabis cigar painted with live resin, papered, painted with distillate and rolled in live Trichomes.

Trifecta - The Green Solution

The perfect pre-roll for impressing the masses, this cross-shaped joint is packed with 2.5 grams of premium, strain-specific flower.

Big Indigo Sky - The Green Solution

Clear skies, clear head, clean terpenes! This hybrid strain looks as good as it tastes, boasting large calyxes, and bold bud hues. Featuring a unique blend of fruity, citrus, and hoppy terpenes, its flavor profile is reminiscent of certain beers, while the THC content packs a cerebral, yet manageable punch.

Phaser - The Green Solution

Sometimes, you need some grounding to relax. For Phaser’s earthy, woody terpenes are a match made in heaven with the meditative effects of this indica-dominant strain. A subtle hint of skunk lingers long after you’ve finished your last puff, ensuring this strain will not be ignored.

Honey Hive - The Green Solution

Bees are always hard at work, but this time it’s in the cannabis industry! Honey Hive is a flavorful sativa strain with a major floral/citrus influence, paired with the potent THC content provided by the loving care of expert TGS cultivators. This sweet treat is a favorite among our growers!

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