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Honestly Herbals THC Pain Stick - The Pat Pen

Honestly Herbal’s THC Pain Stick combines 100% all-natural ingredients and our Co2 extracted cannabis oil to create a powerful topical pain reliever. Peppermint and eucalyptus oils make for a relaxing, aromatic experience. This product is non-psychoactive and rich in vitamins and omega acids that are great for your skin. The deodorant-style container makes it easy to open and apply. This product is a must-try! 

600mg Sativa Cartridge - The Pat Pen

Our 600mg distillate cartridge is our flagship product here at Pat Pen. We offer a purity pledge to all our customers, which means our cartridges contain no fillers or flavor oils, just 100% pure CO2 extracted cannabis oil. Many strain-specific offerings are on deck and are distributed all over Colorado. Like we say, "A Dab'll Do Ya!"

Honestly Herbals 3X Pain Stick - The Pat Pen

Honestly Herbals 3x THC Painstick has three times the strength and effectiveness of the original THC Painstick. Each pain stick still contains 100MG of THC, to help provide relief fast.  All-natural ingredients like Beeswax, Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils are combined with our CO2 extracted cannabis oil to craft these effective and rejuvenating topicals.

Pats Tincture 60:1 CBD:THC -

These aren't your typical tinctures! Pat's Tincture makes for a tasty addition to your wellness routine. Leaving harsh aftertastes in the past, these tinctures are made with our pure cannabis oil, food-grade flavors, and non-GMO coconut oil. They are available in three delicious flavors, Lemon Drop, French Vanilla, and Cherry. Each bottle contains 10mg of THC and 600mg of CBD and the dosage dropper makes this product very easy to use.

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