Cheese Papaya - Viola

This is a mixture of our Cheesy Hashplant and Papaya strains that are both staff favorites. This blend is heavy on the cheese on the first inhale and leaves you with an amazing indescribable fruity taste on the tongue on the exhale. This Indica dominant blend is great after a long day, packs a punch and will taste amazing. Another dab please.

Papaya - Viola

Grown in house by Viola Gardens, the Papaya is one of our signature strains. This resin came from hand selected plants flash frozen to preserve the true fruity terpenes of this plant. This Indica dominant strain will leave smokers with a nice uplifting high and a taste that will keep them coming back for more. 

Ghost Cookies - Viola

Ghost Cookies is a well balanced indica/sativa hybrid that is comprised of GSC and Ghost OG Kush. Ghost Cookies flowers smell heavily of fresh cookie dough, with undertones of fuel that you can taste on the exhale. Ghost Cookies is quite potent, with effects that start in the head, then slowly moves throughout the rest of your body.

Sex on the Peach - Viola

Our Sex on the Peach has become one of Viola’s most sought after strains. Started as a phenotype hunt in our facility. This strain is a cross between Orange Cookies and Peach. It’s got a great citrus terpene profile with a kush like exhale, It really packs a punch on the high as a Indica leaning Hybrid.

Wedding Cake - Viola

Wedding Cake is an indica comprised of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints. This variety is well-known for it’s extremely dense flowers that smell like vanilla cake frosting, with just a hint of gas lingering in the background. Wedding Cake is a powerful indica that can be felt throughout the body.

Purple Cake - Viola

PURPLE CAKE - A blend of our Wedding Cake and Purple Punch. Viola prides itself in genetics and hand selected certain phenotypes depending profiles to make the best possible Live Resin. The combination hits your palette leaving a flavorful cookie overtone and fills out with the exhale with the Purple goodness.  Enjoy.

Purple MAC - Viola

PURPLE MAC - this cup entry was picked from two of Viola’s top strains. We blended our favorite pick of our Purple Punch and equally matched it with our top producing Miracle Alien Cookies to really get a unique tasting terpene profile as well as pack a proper Viola punch.

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