West Edison

Hells Cookies - West Edison

A sinfully creamy citrus paradise, Hells Cookies has a sweet earthy flavor that leaves a lemon drop after taste. Translucent crystals offer something pleasant for the eye. While the OG ancestry of this strain come through with a psychedelic punch.

Sour OG - West Edison

Sour OG's golden hue gives a radiant glow under light, and a budder consistency. Smooth on the lungs, with a strong citrus vanilla smell that traps itself into your senses.

Strawberry Crack - West Edison

A beautiful golden shatter offers more to the consumers than just its looks. With a flavor profile that reminds you of a fruity breakfast cereal, the high leaves you feeling energized without jump starting your heart.

THCa Crystalline - West Edison

Although by itself this product has no distinct smell or taste, the THCa crystalline can be described as a clean, enjoyable high that leaves you feeling euphoric and energized.

CBD-THCa Crystalline - West Edison

The fast acting effects are supreme in this snowy wonderland. Being known for its many health benefits makes this product a perfect way to medicate after a long day. The CBD-THCa is virtually odorless, although there is a hint of unique earthy taste when smoked.

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