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Gold Care’s Full Spectrum Cinnamon 700mg+

Gold Care’s Full Spectrum Cinnamon 700mg+ tincture has been proven to work for thousands of satisfied customers. Our loyal customer base has used our products for many reasons ranging from anxiety, pain relief, to cancer reduction. We only use Grade A Colorado hemp flower buds to produce our oil, making sure that quality is always priority. With our full spectrum hemp oil, the perfect amount of cinnamon oil, and a certified organic coconut oil we make a powerful and great tasting tincture. What makes our tincture stand out, is our method of producing our oil. Unlike most manufacturers, we take the extra time to extract our oil through a process that uses and exact low heat and pressure. This process results in more nutrients, as well as a terpene rich oil resulting in a true full spectrum CBD oil. Resulting in a tincture that tastes great and works great!

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