Past THC Classic Entries

Past THC Classic Entries

2021 Entries | Past Entries
Gold Care’s Full Spectrum Cinnamon 700mg+ - Gold Care CBD

Gold Care’s Full Spectrum Cinnamon 700mg+ tincture has been proven to work for thousands of satisfied customers. Our loyal customer base has used our products for many reasons ranging from anxiety, pain relief, to cancer reduction. We only use Grade A Colorado hemp flower buds to produce our oil, making sure that quality is always priority. With our full spectrum hemp oil, the perfect amount of cinnamon oil, and a certified organic coconut oil we make a powerful and great tasting tincture. What makes our tincture stand out, is our method of producing our oil. Unlike most manufacturers, we take the extra time to extract our oil through a process that uses and exact low heat and pressure. This process results in more nutrients, as well as a terpene rich oil resulting in a true full spectrum CBD oil. Resulting in a tincture that tastes great and works great!

Jilly the Kid™ - Shift

An uplifting strain that holds a nose reminiscent of a floral bouquet served atop fresh tropical fruit. Notes of sweet melon, grapes, and citrus complement the rosy, floral undertones that round out an incredibly pleasant smelling cultivar. An energetic, but not racy high is accompanied by an overall feeling of well being, a genetic perfect for day time sessions.

1:1 Lavender Cream - Escape Artists

Escape Artists topical creams are formulated to enhance the delivery of CBD and THC.Unlike your standard topical, The Escape Artists 1:1 topical formula promotes rapid absorption of cannabinoids at the application site for quick and effective relief, without the oily, staining residue of a salve. Leaflink List Winner 2018 & 2019 for the fastest growing and best selling topical in the cannabis industry!

Honestly Herbals THC Pain Stick - The Pat Pen

Honestly Herbal’s THC Pain Stick combines 100% all-natural ingredients and our Co2 extracted cannabis oil to create a powerful topical pain reliever. Peppermint and eucalyptus oils make for a relaxing, aromatic experience. This product is non-psychoactive and rich in vitamins and omega acids that are great for your skin. The deodorant-style container makes it easy to open and apply. This product is a must-try! 

Nerve Salve - Nectar Bee

Nerve Salve combines a 5:1 ratio of THC to CBD with St. John’s Wort, herbs, and essential oils that may help alleviate headaches and certain types of migraines.

Muscle Balm - Nectar Bee

A stimulating combination of cayenne pepper and menthol, this 1:1 Muscle Balm provides a simultaneous warming and cooling effect.

Oh Hi CBD Sparkling Seltzer: Pomegranate - Oh Hi Beverages Inc.

Switch up your relaxation routine with a splash of slightly tart antioxidant superfruit seltzer. Oh Hi Pomegranate CBD is low calorie, low sugar, and infused with 15mg of clean, fast-acting, water-soluble CBD. These CBD infused beverages can enhance your daily experience without discomfort or psychoactive effects. Get through your day with lighter feet, and a better mindset.

Oh Hi CBD Sparkling Seltzer: Grapefruit - Oh Hi Beverages Inc.

Add a dazzle of this Oh Hi CBD Grapefruit delight to your daily routine. Oh Hi CBD has a perfect dose of 15mg CBD, and the right amount of effervescence to lift your pinky a little. Our CBD-enhanced sparkling seltzers are low calorie and low sugar, providing a non-intoxicating, but a light euphoric experience you can enjoy throughout your day.

Fresh Ginger T-Free Hemp CBD Concentrate - Soqdet Farms

Grown by North Fork Agriculture in Paonia, CO 

Focusing on Organic Regenerative Agriculture 

Located for purchase on website

Varietal: Cat's Meow

Root Beer - Nectar Bee

That old-fashioned root beer taste with a 10mg single-dose surprise. Best enjoyed when chilled.

Strawberry Shortcake - Nectar Bee

A sweet cake treat with a fresh strawberry flavor.

Alchemy - GMO Cookies - Evolab

GMO Cookies (Chem Dog x GSC) is an Indica-dominant strain also know as “Garlic Cookies” known for it’s super pungent aroma and unique savory flavors.

Alchemy - Orange Cookies - Evolab

Orange Cookies (Orange Juice x Girl Scout Cookies) is a hybrid strain packed with sweet citrus flavor. It provides deep calming body effects with a euphoric cerebral buzz to leave you happy and relaxed.

Colors: Passionberry - Evolab

Passionberry Colors is a wonderfully fruity vape oil that combines notes of blueberry and passion fruit with Evolab’s award winning high-potency distillate.

Alchemy Balance: Strawberry Banana Bread - Evolab

Strawberry Banana Bread is a sweet Indica-dominant combination of Strawberry Banana and Wedding Cake. It has sweet and fruity flavors and is combined with a well balanced THC:CBD ratio in this vape oil, providing a relaxing and euphoric experience.

Pineapple 1:1 - TasteBudz

These gummies are a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC. Each bottle contains 100mg of CBD and 100mg active THC! There are 10 gummies per bottle, each gummy containing 10mg of CBD and 10mg of active THC. All TasteBudz gummies are made from scratch. They all have the ‘Universal Symbol’ easily legible on the front of the gummy. Pure CO2 oil is the only kind of cannabis oil used in all of our products. These were processed using our Headband strain.

Raspberry Lemonade: 50:1 - TasteBudz

50:1 ratio of CBD to THC gummies! Each bottle contains 500mg of CBD and 10mg active THC! There are 10 gummies per bottle, each gummy containing 50mg of CBD and 1mg of active THC. All TasteBudz gummies are made from scratch. They all have the ‘Universal Symbol’ easily legible on the front of the gummy. Pure CO2 oil is the only kind of cannabis oil used in all of our products. These were processed using our White Widow strain.

Ripple Relief - Ripple

Ripple Dissolvables are single-serve powder packets filled with perfectly precise portions of our odorless, flavorless, calorie-free dissolvable THC + CBD. From protein shakes to salad dressings, put Ripple in your water bottles, juices, soups, tacos, and more. With Ripple, there are no unpleasant oil slicks or unwelcome “grassy” flavors, just reliable, consistent, fast-acting effects. Ripple Relief offers 20mg CBD / .5mg THC. 

Ripple Green Tea Mango Gummy - Ripple

Ripple Gummies offer a healthy and natural way to get your daily dose of cannabinoids. Infused with all-natural fruit juices and colors, low in sugar and fat, and Made with Ripple for a fast-acting, functional experience, our gummy supplements are the perfect complement to your exciting/exhausting lifestyle.

Mile High Xtractions Tincture 1:1 - Mile High Xtractions

Mile High Xtractions 1:1 tincture delivers our high quality distillate and potent CBD isolate in a delicious form.  We use naturally-refined avocado oil for a heart healthy fat that does not leave any aftertaste and we add a hint of mint to wake your mouth up.  With 100mg of THC and 100mg of CBD, this tincture will take you as high as you want to go while delivering the relaxing effects of CBD.

No Bad Days - Lucky Turtle

No Bad days is our top lemon drop flavored tincture with subtle beta-caryophyllene and tumeric notes with functional purpose. Lucky Turtle selects strains that are Colorado grown using organic protocols. High amounts of CBD, low amounts of THC, with moderate amounts of CBG to formulate a 20:1 CBD:THC bioavailable sublingual oil. 1 dropper is 15mg CBD and 0.8mg THC. Did you know 15-30mg CBD per day is just right for most people. Cost-wise and quality-wise, this tincture cannot be beat. May you have No Bad Days!

Phyx: THC-Infused Sparkling Water (Dragonfruit Flavor) - Spherex

Phyx Sparkling Water has 0 calories, 0 sugar and 0 cannabis taste. Our proprietary formula allows you to feel the effects of the THC in minutes but lasts about an hour, unlike the lingering effects of other edibles. Available in dragonfruit, lime, grapefruit, and natural flavors as well as 2 dosage options: Microdose 2.5 mg CBD 1:1 and a single dose 10mg THC.

Rubicon - The Green Solution

Rubicon is a fantastic 2 to 1 cbd/thc flower.  It has a smell like nothing else that is almost hard to describe, but if one had to, would describe it as earthy with medicinal smelling properties.  This CBD hybrid offers about 9% on either cannabinoid, creating a pleasant smoke for consumers seeking a mild body buzz with anti-inflammatory qualities. Use this strain to temper nausea and physical discomfort, or as an addition to any bowl or joint for complimentary CBD goodness.

Up Tempo - Mezz

Up Tempo is a 7:3 THC:CBD blend that will fill your day with loads of energy and unfiltered happiness. It’s formulated using best in class CO2 extraction techniques and contains no additives or cutting agents — just clean botanical terpenes for a subtle mixed berry flavor. The 70% sativa to 30% CBD ratio brings an upbeat yet balanced high.

DŌSD Edibles Raspberry 1:1 NanoBites - DŌSD Edibles

Raspberry 1:1 NanoBites include both CBD & THC nanoparticles. Sounds cool, but what does it mean? Each piece contains equal parts of nano-CBD & nano-THC which provides a quicker, more synergistic effect than edibles with only THC. Experience a completely new high, with one of the best gummies in the game.

Papaya - Connoisseurs Genetics & Concentrates

This cross of the Afghan Landrace strain and papaya results in a smooth sweet taste of peach and melon. Its effect is indica and relaxing, with a cerebral high that fogs the mind, ideal after a hard day’s work.

Hazelnut Cream - Verde Natural

Rich velvety cheese flavors blended with brighter notes of watermelon.

Chem Star - Invicta

Our solventless live resin cartridges are made using pure cannabis oil from fresh frozen material and ice water extraction. We do not use any fillers or cutting agents in our oil for additional flavor or viscosity purposes. Chem Star is a blend of The White x Chemdog 4 and Dark Star strains grown by MiNDFUL. The flavor and aroma from this cartridge should be piney and earthy with notes of lemon and blackberry. Since the lineage on these strains are all mostly indica you can expect a calming, sedative high. This cart is perfect for your next end of the day relaxation session.

Trop Cookies Rosin Cart - Olio

Tropicanna Cookies is a simple cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie. You’ll immediately notice the smoothness of the cookies on the inhale. When exhaled, the perfect balance between sweet citrus and sour tangerine is achieved. Be ready because this one will wake you up with a sativa dominant high.

1.0mL VapeIT: Lieffa Super Lemon Sherbert - Canyon

If you are looking for a lively, euphoric high, Super Lemon Sherbert is the strain for you, giving a rush of energy followed by a mellow but strong focus. We use uncut, ethanol free, terpene rich CO2 oil extracted from trusted, high quality cannabis sources. This sativa dominant hybrid smells of lemon zest and berries, and has a strong profile of Limonene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Pinene terpenes. Super Lemon Sherbert will sweeten any situation!

Glueball: Live Rosin, Solventless Hash Oil Cartridge - Nokhu Labs

Glueball (GG4xSnowball), Live Rosin cartridge.  100% Cannabis oil, single strain, no additives, no re-introduced terpenes.

Pyramid Live Rosin Pax Pod: Faceoff OG - Pyramid

This powerhouse isn't for beginners. Dizzying euphoria goes straight to the head in an intensely psychoactive experience best reserved for veteran consumers. Thanks to our Live Rosin Tech, you experience each rich terpene as they permeate in your mouth.

Good Love CBD Tincture - Good Love CBD

We’re a Colorado-based CBD company. Our Love and Intention are in every bottle; the heart in our logo is no accident.  With your wellness as our highest priority, we blend naturally-refined avocado oil with a potent 1000mg of CBD isolate which exceeds market standards for strength and purity in each 1oz bottle.  Join us in creating a healthier, more loving community with good love.

Strawberry Shortcake - Mile High's Finest

Cheese strains are well-known for musky scents and mind-bending effects. True to form, Strawberry Shortcake delivers on the family name by interweaving that cheesy sharpness with a sweet berry ripening. This melding is a result of a crossbred heritage with Chronic and White Widow. As an Indica-dominant Hybrid, this blend is perfect for chilling out, winding down, or as a little booster during mellow activities.

CBG Slab - Steve's Goods

The Mother-of-all Cannabinoids! Terpene-free CBG isolate slab.

Girl Scout Cookie Shatter - Steve's Goods

CBD Shatter with Girl Scout Cookies Full Spectrum Terpenes.

By George! CBD Salve - By George! CBD

By George! CBD Salve is the product you’ve been searching for to soothe all of your aches and pains. Made with organically grown Colorado hemp-derived CBD, By George! CBD Salve is easy to use, relieves pain almost instantly, and smells great. Try it for arthritis, muscle pain, cramps, burns, cuts, eczema, psoriasis and more.

Canteloupte Haze Flavored Distillate 1 gram Cartridge - Mile High Xtractions

Delicious, juicy, mouthwatering flavor is added to our highly potent, clean distillate.  We use solvent free terpenes to recreate the experience of biting into a fresh melon and with a THC level of 90% you might think you are actually eating it too.  Enjoy!

Super Lemon Haze - CO2 Vape - Nectar Bee

Proprietary Super Lemon Haze Terpene Blend Spiked into Full Spectrum CO2 Oil.

Northern Standard Experimental Series: Sambuca - Northern Standard

Sambuca may be the most interesting and flavorful cannabis vape on the market today. The Experimental Series is an exploration of flavors and effects derived from non-cannabis terpenes. But unlike competing distillate vape products flavored with synthetic or off-the-shelf additives, Northern Standard has extracted terpenes from the most fragrant and flavorful herbs and spices here in house and reincorporated them into high potency cannabis distillate.

Blackberry Cheesecake - Fresh Baked Dispensary

Blackberry Cheesecake boasts the sweet and savory flavors of a fruit-laden baked confection. Stoney and relaxing, the defining characteristic of this flower is a spacey yet euphoric vibe. This strain is great for relieving stress and providing a positive, mellow kick.

Cream Puff - Whole Meds

Cream Puff is a Cookies & Cream phenotype hand selected for its bulbous structure. This phenotype produces a blanket of trichomes resulting in a sugar-coated appearance with a light creamy aroma and taste.

Crescendo #11 - Indico

Crescendo #11 is an Ethos Genetics cross of Chemdog, I-95, and Mandarin Cookies that creates a THC- dominant Hybrid. Its Terpene profile produces Sweet, Earthy, and Citrus Aromas with Gassy and sweet flavors.

Sour Strawberry - Indico

Sour Strawberry is a cross between Sour Bubble gum with Strawberry Cough, and east coast sour diesel. Has a sweet strawberry, diesel aroma and taste. Effects are uplifting and euphoric. Always a fan favorite.

Banana Punch - Verde Natural

A heavy hitting strain with pops of banana, pineapple and clementine.

Mandarin Cookies - Terrapin Care Station

Boasting deep, earthy undertones accompanied by a tangy, citrus profile, this gas-packed hybrid strain delivers a calming, clear high. The Woods Select Reserve Mandarin Cookies is the ideal strain after a long day, if what you’re looking for is something tasty, relaxing, and smooth - but not too sedative. The enticing smell of the GSC and Mandarin Sunset genetics complement the deep greens and violets buried underneath layers of trichomes, making this the perfect flower to add that element of luxury to your life.

Sunset Sherbert - Terrapin Care Station

If you’re looking for a new favorite hybrid, look to Sunset Sherbert, part of the Woods Select Reserve Flower line by Terrapin!  Sunset Sherbert is a strain crafted from a colorful lineage of classics like GSC, Cherry Pie, OG Kush, Durban Poison, Grandaddy Purple and Blackberry Kush. It’s blissful, aromatic, and pink and violet in hue amidst lime green trichome-layered buds…making it quite literally: one of the most desirable hybrids ever.

Bellini - Magnolia Road

Bellini is about a sweet-tasting high, with mouth-watering qualities. One can expect sweet, citrusy, hashy and peachy qualities. The characteristics enhance the overall high experience, which is very unique.

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