Past THC Classic Entries

Past THC Classic Entries

2021 Entries | Past Entries
Skunk Island OG SunRock Caviar - DADiRRi

Top shelf flower, soaked in potent distillate, and rolled in flavorful and solventless bubble hash.  The tropical citrus, skunky smell of the Skunk Island OG strain takes over the room! At 65.29% THC, this SunRock hits hard and encourages a good mood and a perky, upbeat high.

Bubba Kush Platinum Roll - XG Platinum

Platinum rolls are made with 1 gram of premium cannabis, finely ground and infused with highly potent Co2 oil and kief.

Sugar Cone - The Green Solution

Sunset Sherbet Live Resin Oil, Sunset Sherbet Trichomes from Fresh Frozen (Shook same day), Sunset Sherbet Preroll Flower.

Peanut Butter Breath Live Caviar - Newt Brothers Artisanal

Our Golden Newt Caviar starts with our meticulously cultivated flower from our clean room facility. Hand selected nugs are perfectly cured and dressed with our finest micron dry-sift kief and then smothered in our in-house live concentrate. The result is a high potency concentrate with a huge flavor that captivates cannabis connoisseurs.

Kush Biscuits Infused Pre-Roll -

This infused pre-roll is really a treat. With each one being hand stuffed in house you are guaranteed a smooth and even smoke all the way through. The top-shelf cannabis in this joint, paired with our award winning oil is sure to leave you wanting more. Relax with this indica-dominant hybrid, leave all your worries behind, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Dazed and Confused - Mighty Tree

This Mighty Tree Freeze roll is a combination of Outlaw State of Mind flower combined with Blackberry Octane bubble hash and is made with 100% Mighty Tree product grown in house.

Glueball x Memberberry - Fire & Ice - Hash Infused Palm Mini Blunt - Nokhu Labs

4:1 Ratio of flower (glueball) to water hash (memberberry) in a cordia palm leaf mini blunt.  Uses a corn husk filter.  Allow to sit out/dry if difficult to light.

Chemmy Jones Infused Flower - The Greenery Hash Factory

The Infused Flower, commonly referred to as Caviar, is a trifecta of potency. The THC Classic Infused Flower starts with a bud of Chemmy Jones that’s then generously coated with heated distillate; we never thin our distillate with ethanol to make it viscus. The coated bud is then battered with high-testing kief to finish the final step on our infused flower.

Chemmy Jones Hash Joint - The Greenery Hash Factory

The Hash Joint is filled with a 50/50 blend of strain specific flower and solventless hash in a one-gram pre-roll. The THC Classic Hash Joint is rolled with Chemmy Jones, a potent sativa derived from a cross between Chemdawg D and Casey Jones, and the hash is decadent and dark for that perfect solventless infused-joint smoke and high.

Sapsquatch - Dabble

Sapsquatch is a sativa dominant hybrid that has a beautiful orange hue.  The initial smell and taste is very cheesy, however, the exhale and aftertaste is full of citrus flavor that will whisk you away to a tropical paradise. 

Wedding Cake - Dabble

Wedding Cake #1 is a terpy budder with a sweet, earthy aroma.  It’s a hybrid leaning indica that packs a helluva wallop.

Holy Grail Kush - Den-Rec

Grown by Den-Rec, processed by Harmony Extracts. Holy Grial Kush is an amazingly strong combination of award winning lineage. This indica dominant strain packs a punch, and is one of the strongest OG-18 offspring. Coupled with Kosher, this plant is pure, kush with an aroma of spicy citrus.

Durban Poison Terp Badder - Harmony Extracts

Durban Poison is a very unique land race strain that has garnered attention for many years. It’s unique terpene profile of lemon-limeade is a favorite among novice and connoisseur smokers alike. Durban creates a uplifting, yet heavy buzz that is sure to last. Terp badder is a CRC wax with terpenes infused back in to give the visual appeal with the true terpene profile of the strain.

Passion Orange Guava Budder - High Level Health

Passion Orange Guava is an excellent strain that was created from our in-house breeding program. It has a deep citrus tropical funk aroma that produces a mouth watering extract. Its flavors will remain on your tongue after exhale allowing you to savor all its glory.

Blue Skunk Budder - High Level Health

Blue Skunk is one of our all time favorite strains that has won multiple awards in both flower and concentrate form. It has a sweet blueberry cream flavor mixed hints of earth and a very pungent aroma to match.

Purple Durango OG - Good Chemistry

Good Chemistry’s Purple Durango OG wax is processed with the same, premium flower you know and love. This light colored wax delivers balanced notes of floral and fruit. Concentrates are subject to availability and vary by processor.

Silver Summit Wax - Nectar Bee

Light, blonde hue and beautiful whip on the batch. Great distinct silver summit smell. Reminiscent of Durban Poison.

Bio Chem - Options

Stony & creamy flavor with a stony and myrcene dominant high.

Grapefruit Sour Diesel - Options

Uplifting, mind-warping high with a pungent, fruity flavor.

LA Kush -

LA Kush is a serious crowd pleaser, originating in Los Angeles, California.

Sour Quattro - Chronic Creations

Light PHO wax with a gassy sour aroma.

Chem Brulee - Kush Masters

Chem Brulee is one of our favorites that has flowed through the pipeline. It is a beautiful looking concentrate that has a gassy chem flavor through and through.

Terpwin Station: Bubble Hash -

Original Glue crossed with Mandarin Sunset. This strain offers a lot, from sour and citrus to chemy and earthy, with the heavy high that we have come to expect from Original Glue crosses.

Wedding Cake: Bubble Hash -

This high THC potency tastes of sweet & tangy with a touch of pepper. Can help with stress and anxiety, with a relaxed and happy high. Enjoy this in flower or concentrate.

Poon Tang Pie 90u Ice Water Hash - Single Source Colorado

Poon Tang Pie (Grape Pie X Tropicanna Cookies) X Papaya, from Oni Seed Co/Harrypalms is a terpene-rich, hash monster! High yields, amazing flavor and potency make the PTP a favorite in the Single Source Garden.

Cosmic Railway Bubble Hash - DADiRRi

This solventless bubble hash strain has an invigorating and fruity scent with a slight peppery note. Taste the rainbow/citrus flavor that keeps you wanting more. At 159-45u’s and 58.81% THC, this hash works as a great bowl topper or pressed into Rosin. Cosmic Railway offers a steady buzz that will take you to space!

Slurricane #1 - Olio

Slurricane packs a powerful, fruity punch that takes you back to a Saturday morning bowl of crunch berry cereal. In House Genetics comes strong with this indica dominant hybrid, sure to warm you up during Colorado’s snowy spring. Needless to say, Slurricane is welcomed with open arms here at Olio.

Glueball: Hand Pressed Hash - Nokhu Labs

“Old School” hand pressed hash. Not to be dabbed, use in hash pipe or as bowl topper. Glueball = GG#4 x Snowball

Key Lime Pie -

Fresh and Ripe Citrus provide a smooth peppery terps.  There is a slight spiciness on the exhale.  The relaxing body effects are accompanied by mental clarity.

Clementine Ambrosia Cartridge - Apothecary Extracts

Our %100 Uncut Live Resin Clementine Ambrosia Cartridge is the absolute epitome of connesuir quality. This super sweet, citrus laden strain, was grown and processed all in house. The sharp initial blast of citrine terp gives way to an ever so sweet and enjoyable tangerine and lemon smoothness upon exahling. The overwhelming notes of orange and lemon lingers on the palate. A truly fantastic, mouth watering strain.

Guava - Den-Rec

Our award winning Guava has an extremely powerful terpene profile, making phenomenal concentrates. This uplifting, sativa is smooth with sour notes of diesel.

Electric Lemonade - Billo

Our Live resin vape cartridges are filled with 100% live resin from our extraction facility in Steamboat Springs. This Electric Lemonade has a sweet citrus flavor and smooth uplifting smoke.

Ghost Dawg - Invicta

Our BHO live resin cartridges are made using pure cannabis oil from fresh frozen material extracted with N-Butane. We do not use any fillers or cutting agents in our oil for additional flavor or viscosity purposes. Ghost Dawg is a cross of OG#3 and I-95 and is grown by MiNDFUL. The flavor and aroma from this cartridge should be sweet, piney and gassy. This strain is an indica dominant strain so you can expect a calming, sedative high. Grab a Ghost Dawg live resin cartridge next time you are looking to have a chill and relaxing time.

Mimosa Live Cartridge - High Level Health

Mimosa is a great strain with its dense frosty buds and excellent citrus aroma. The terpenes created from the fresh frozen material were so strong we knew the Live Cartridges would be a hit, and they did not disappoint. The deep orange flavor with earthy undertones lingers on the palette long after exhale, making it a favorite of many connoisseurs.

Platinum Valley Live Cartridge - High Level Health

Platinum Valley is an all time favorite strain of customers and employees. It has been a staple in our genetics pool for a long time and has now been crafted into a Live Cartridge. It has a wonderful earthy lemon haze flavor that is great for daytime enjoyment.

Black Jack Live Sauce - Seed and Smith

A combination of fruit and mint, Black Jack serves as a powerhouse in flavor and potency as flower. The live sauce for this strain is a perfect recreation of the whole experience. Retrieved from live resin runs, these pure sauce pods are an invitation into cannabis flavor you can enjoy discreetly and easily.

Pineapple Blast - Olio

The Pineapple Blast is a sativa dominant cross between Tangie and Pineapple Thai. True to it’s name, the mix of sour citrus and sweet fruit tones definitely bring to mind freshly cut pineapple, a taste that carries through both inhale and exhale.  Enjoy the smoothness but be ready for the sativa dominant high that follows.

Orange Herijuana Live Sauce Vape - Next1 Labs

The Herijuana lineage of Orange Herijuana would suggest a heavy-hitting couch lock experience, but the Orange Creamsicle cross genetics helps to lighten the effects of this strain. Great recreationally for hiking or outdoor relaxation, this strain makes an easy weekend afternoon so much better.

Chemmy Jones - Sauce Bros.

Chemmy Jones by Connoisseur Genetics is a hybrid strain that unites genetics from Chemdawg D and Casey Jones.

Lemon G FSE - Sauce Bros.

The pride of Ohio! The famous Lemon G is everyone’s favorite.

Cat Band Chem Cart - Kush Masters

If you like chemmy, gassy flavors then this cartridge is for you. Made with only 100% cannabis derived concentrates, this cartridge is sure to please the consumer with memorable flavor and a powerful high.

Mandarin Chem cart - Kush Masters

This flavor is orange citrus all the way. Made with only 100% cannabis derived concentrates this cartridge is sure to taste amazing and put you in another level.

Fire 3 Ring Caviar Cone/Inferno Caviar - Peak

Fire 3 Ring is made with premium flower, 3 raw oil and dry sift kief rings. Inferno has premium flower, raw oil and dry sift kief. Hand-crafted with over a hour burn time.

Freeze-Dried Ice Cream - Koala Edibles

Yeah, we went there !!!  This delectable Ice Cream treat is sweet and tart of Key Lime Pie.  Dipped in our very own Key Lime Pie Chocolate and finished with Cinnamon Graham Cracker Crumbles.

Pressies Functionally Enhanced Cannabis Pills: ENERGY - Pressies

Pressies Energy gives you the effects you need, with the cannabis you want. This tiny pill that packs a punch with an energizing formulation of caffeine, ginseng, B-vitamins and THC.

Indiewave IPA -

Dank, alcohol-free West Coast IPA that balances caramel malts with Citra, Cascade, and Amarillo hops for a smooth finish. The myrcene, humulene and caryophyllene hop terpenes provide citrus aromas, complementing the mild bitterness from the otherwise flavorless cannabis extracts. The hop aroma is reminiscent of tropical fruits and the addition of 10mg CBD to the 10mg of THC enhances the effects.

Pure Oil White Cookies - Focused Labs

Pure CO2 oil is like smoking flower in a cartridge! By not distilling the oil, we are able to preserve more terpenes and cannbinoids than distillate provides.  If you are looking for the flower experience in a cartridge, you have come to the right place.  This strain is a potent  sativa called White Cookies.  It is a high energy strain with great taste.  Enjoy and find us in select stores at

Alchemy Live: Electric Lemon G -

Electric Lemon G is a sativa dominant hybrid (80% sativa/20% indica) that is a cross of the powerful G13 (X Lemon G) X Northern Lights #5. Electric Lemon G contains citrus flavors with a burst of energy that is perfect for a wake-and-bake. Each inhale brings flavors of delicious tangy citrus accented by an earthy undertone. The smell is even more impressive, with rich notes of lemon. The Electric Lemon G high is just as eye-opening as the flavor, with a lifted high that will get you ready to go no matter what your day brings.

Supernova Cone - The Green Solution

A cannabis cigar painted with live resin, papered, painted with distillate and rolled in live Trichomes.

First Matter Alchemy Crystals - First Matter

First Matter Alchemy Crystals are the result of years of lab experiments and science. The ability to extract pure THCa from cannabis and create an environment conducive to the growth of THCa crystals is required to form pure Alchemy Crystals...And time,  the process cannot be rushed if beautiful, faceted, pure Crystals are the goal.  Our process structurally bonds THCa molecules together leaving no room for impurities or poor crystal structure. The end result is a perfect, power-packed dab!  First Matter Alchemy Crystals...the Crown Jewel of Potency.

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