THC Classic

Not All Cannabis Products Are Created Equal


“Whether you are a new cannabis brand or have been in the Colorado market since the beginning, the Finest Buds Book is a great value and an opportunity to be associated with some of the largest brands in the world.”

- Blaise Theimer - Product Integration Specialist at LivWell Enlightened Health


“The Rooster THC Classic is one of the only competitions we'll participate in for a variety of reasons. The truly blind judging process eliminates the possibility of bias or picking favorites based on factors beyond the quality of the product. The entry prices aren't absurdly high, and the trophies/medals are of higher quality than many of the other local competitions. The product categories are fair and easy to understand compared to a variety of competitions that lump several product categories into one main category, therefore watering down the specific differences within product types. The THC Classic continues to be our #1 choice when choosing which competitions to participate in.”

- Kyle, Partner, Concentrate Brands