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Chocolate Turtles
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      2021 THC Classic Entries

      2021 Entries | Past Entries
      Wedding Cake - Modern Flower

      Lose yourself in this sweet & sugary flavor, without the guilt. You’ll be left with hints of vanilla dancing on your taste buds. Enjoy the honeymoon!

      White Chocolate Boysenberry Botanical cartridge - High Level Health

      The White Chocolate Boysenberry Botanical Cartridge is a great product to curl up by the fire with on a cold night. It has an excellent creamy chocolate flavor followed with subtle notes of berries. Its flavor and aroma can be enjoyed in every hit and will become one of your favorite cartridges.

      Feather GO Move (Cantaloupe Flavored) Distillate Disposable - The Lab

      Feather GO Move disposables are filled with distilled Delta-9-THC and botanically derived cantaloupe terpenes. Each disposable is discreet, long lasting and can be used as a mood-enhancer for any time of day or night.

      Magnitude Indica All-in-one 1000mg Banana Kush - MAGNITUDE by Infusiasm

      Designed for life on-the-go, the MAGNITUDE All-in-One vaporizer is a unique blend of small-batch distillate and select terpenes. MAGNITUDE’s low inlet-hole technology is designed to ensure that every drop of its 1g distillate reaches the user, and none is left in the tank. Rechargeable with a USB-C charger (not included). Strain options include: Super Lemon Haze (Sativa) and Banana Kush (Indica).

      Summertime Disposable Simpod - High Level Health

      The Summertime Disposable Simpod is a great option to enjoy while exploring beautiful Colorado. It is a sativa based product with uplifting effects that can be enjoyed through out the day. It has an excellent mix of terpenes that provides a full flavored experience.

      Apple Pie Caramels - Rebel Edibles

      Rebel Apple Pie Caramels are the go-to comfort food edible. Sweet and tart, buttery and smooth, this soft caramel will melt in your mouth. Made from apple cider blended with cream, butter, Saigon cinnamon and hint of sea salt, this caramel tastes just like the gooey part of an apple pie.

      Blasts Assorted Fruit Chews - Rebel Edibles

      Our Blasts are bright, refreshing fruit chews made from real fruit that pack a punch of flavor and feeling. The Assorted Pack includes a triple-threat flavor combo of Pink Lemonade, Cherry and Orange flavors infused with distillate. These little gems are vegan and individually wrapped making them perfect for discreetly tucking into a pocket when you’re on the go.

      O.pen MICRO - Watermelon - O.pen

      The O.pen Micro single use device is perfect for exploring, traveling or trying something new. Preloaded and precharged with 300mg of oil it’s ready to go anywhere. Flavors formulations: Vanilla Cake, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry.

      Passion Fruit 1 Gram Disposable - Mile High Xtractions

      This 1 Gram disposable device from Mile High Xtractions is the Cybertruck of pens. It rips. With sweet citrus notes offering a delicious invitation to the outdoors, we wanted to put this passion fruit into a device that truly packs a punch.

      Blue Kudu Durban Poison Milk Chocolate - Sativa - Blue Kudu

      Made with ingredients sourced from Rainforest Alliance certified fair trade farms, this milk chocolate bar delivers a rich and creamy taste with an experience elevated by the classic sativa strain, Durban Poison. This chocolate bar will provide an uplifting, creative, and lively high while satisfying your sweet-tooth cravings.

      Blue Raspberry NanoBites - DŌSD Edibles

      DŌSD Blue Raspberry NanoBites are a best seller for good reason. They’re your favorite slushy flavor from the nearby convenience store, packed in a small gummy bursting with flavor! Infused with water-soluble cannabinoid nanoparticles for quicker onset & increased bioavailability.

      Chocolate Peanut-Butter Truffle - NectarBee

      Feeling nutty? Then you’ll love NectarBee’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle. This bite-sized chocolate truffle shell is delicately filled with a creamy, distillate-infused peanut butter ganache and topped with crushed peanuts. Made with the highest quality extracts and ingredients, this irresistible treat is destined to be a palate pleaser.

      Coffee Bean Chocolate Truffle - Newt Brothers Artisanal

      Coffee-ground ganache wrapped in dark Belgian chocolate, infused with the finest full-spectrum cannabis oil.

      Escape Artists Dissolvable Speed Strips (Sour Lemon) - Escape Artists

      Escape Artists Dissolvable Speed Strips are perfect for customers who are looking for that fast acting, discreet, on the go fun, anytime, anywhere! 10 Mg of pure THC distillate per strip. Transmucosal for very fast acting effects. Perforated for easy microdosing. Place between cheek and gum, not on or under the tounge for best results. Minty mint & sour lemon.

      Exotic PÂtÉ de Fruit - Northern Standard

      A tropical blast with a little kick of THC. Exotic Fruit is a chewy, sumptuous treat that’s one of our newest takes on pâté de fruits.

      Hybrid - Sour Apple - Sour Gummies - District Edibles

      Pucker up with yummy sour apple gummies. At District Edibles we know that exceptional oil creates exceptional edibles so each delicious batch is made from scratch and infused with fully activated hybrid cannabis oil to help you Experience the Difference.

      Keef Classic Purple Passion - Keef Brands

      Keef Classic Purple Passion is an amazing grape flavor with the perfect amount of sweetness and fizz. A truly refreshing and handcrafted cannabis-infused soda that will not disappoint your taste buds! It’s everything you love about the timeless grape soda flavor with a burst of THC for added effect.

      Keef Energy FLO - Keef Brands

      With a unique and tasty blend of tropical flavors, FLO is not your typical cannabis-infused beverage. Each can contains one serving of 10 MG THC with approx 90 MG of caffeine, which is the equivalent to nearly 1 cup of coffee. Keef Energy FLO is your answer to an energy drink with both balance and lift.

      Honey Roasted Cashews - Koala Edibles

      Koala Edibles medicated roasted nuts deliver a healthy boost of energy with a delicious, deep, salt kissed finish that provides a wonderful alternative to the typical sugar rich edible. Best enjoyed outside or at a Rockies game!

      Pulled Taffy Burst - Dixie

      Dixie Bursts were created to celebrate everything we love about taffy! Bursting with flavor, our taffy is hand-made and hand-pulled to create a soft and airy experience! Available in assorted packs of three fruity flavors (mango, blue raspberry and strawberry), each individually wrapped taffy comes infused with 10mg of pure-extracted THC, sure to make any situation shine a little brighter!

      Ripple Pure Sour Variety Gummies - Ripple

      All-natural, true-to-fruit flavors with low sugar.

      Root Beer Soda - NectarBee

      NectarBee has created a twist on the old-fashioned root beer taste to deliver a satisfying 10mg single-dose, cannabis-infused soda. Handcrafted and carbonated with precision, this is definitely not your grandpa’s root beer!

      Sativa - Cherry Cola - Gummies - District Edibles

      Enjoy the sweet taste of cherry with a punch of cola. At District Edibles we know that exceptional oil creates exceptional edibles so each delicious batch is made from scratch and infused with fully activated sativa cannabis oil to help you Experience the Difference.

      Select Nano Gummy - Sour Blues - Select

      Select Nano is a new kind of edible that offers a new kind of high. Using nano emulsification technology, Select Nano works more quickly and delivers a more consistent, mellow high. Making night ending highs a thing of the past. Sour Blues features flavors combination of Lemon and Blueberry.

      Strawberry Lemonade Suck IT - Canyon

      Porch swing. Summer breeze. The feel of sunshine on your toes. You can get that sensation any time with our Strawberry Lemonade flavor SuckIt candies. A bit sweet, a bit tart and just the thing to get your afternoon going. Recreational: 40 pieces, 2.5mg THC ea, 100mg THC total

      Strawberry Summit Cheesecake - Northern Standard

      A rich white chocolate bar made with cream cheese, strawberry crisps, and graham cracker crumbles. Takes the edge off after a day on the edge.

      Super Sour Green Apple Gummy - NectarBee

      They’re the NectarBee gummies you know and love, now with a super sour twist. We infuse our ingredients with natural flavors and high-quality distillate oil, then dip them into a super sour powder that packs a flavorful punch. Pucker up!

      Sweet Grass Cannabutter 100mg - Sweet Grass by Infusiasm

      Sweet Grass has mastered the most natural cannabis infusion for the human body: full-flower cannabutter. Not only have humans been ingesting butter for thousands of years, but when infused with cannabis, the plant naturally binds with the fat - in the butter and in our bodies - resulting in a clean mind and body high that truly lasts. Cannabutter is better!

      Telluride Tiramisu - Northern Standard

      Delectable white chocolate with the classic taste of everyone’s favorite Italian dessert. An uplifting dessert for when the lifts are deserted.

      THC Caramel Chews - Kush Masters

      These caramel chews are the perfect consistency. The sea salt finish really brings all of the flavors together, making it tough to just have one piece! Enjoy responsibly!

      Wana Quick Fast-Acting Gummies: Peach Bellini Sativa - Wana Brands

      These fast-acting peach gummies will add zip to your day with a terpene-enhanced sativa blend. They harness Azuca’s Thermodynamic individual Molecular Encapsulation technology (TiME) to deliver a 5-15 minute onset and a lighter, shorter “smoker’s high” unlike anything you’ll get from traditional edibles. Plus, they’re vegan, gluten-free, and made with organic ingredients!

      Wana Quick Fast-Acting Gummies: Pina Colada Indica - Wana Brands

      These terpene-enhanced indica gummies deliver relaxation in just 5-15 minutes - along with a lighter, shorter “smoker’s high” that sets them apart from classic edibles - by harnessing Azuca’s new Thermodynamic individual Molecular Encapsulation technology (TiME). And their vegan, gluten-free, organic ingredients make these decadent pineapple-and-coconut flavored treats all the sweeter.

      1:1 Relief Cream - Rebel Edibles

      Rebel Relief 1:1 Transdermal Cream is a fast-acting formula that alleviates inflammation and pain. This transdermal cream is formulated with a proprietary blend of full spectrum cannabis, terpenes and essential oils that penetrates deep and targets joints and muscles. Featuring 400mg of both THC and CBD, this transdermal cream is one of the strongest and fastest-acting formulas on the market.

      Escape Artists 1:1 Lavender Relief Cream - Escape Artists

      Escape Artists 1:1 Lavender Relief Cream is formulated to deliver an effective blend of pure cannabinoids directly and quickly to areas needing relief. Our formula captures the most potent synergy of CBD and THC to provide the relief you need. EACH CONTAINER INFUSED WITH 300MG CBD ISOLATE, 300MG THC DISTILLATE (1:1 RATIO) Net Wt. 2.0oz. | 57g | 59mL.

      Escape Artists 20:1 Lavender Relief Cream - Escape Artists

      Escape Artists 20:1 Lavender Relief Cream is a concentrated, highly bioavailable formula designed to deliver our blend of pure cannabinoids quickly to areas needing relief. Fast penetration for deep muscle tissue discomfort. Water based cream, not greasy, non staining. Each container infused with 800mg CBD isolate, 40mg THC distillate (20:1 ratio) net wt. 2.0oz. | 57g | 59ml.

      Formula Compound 1:1:1 THC:CBD:CBG - Mary's Medicinals

      Greater Strength. Greater Balance. Greater Relief.  Our FORMULA Compound combines a curated ratio of cannabinoids and terpenes purposely chosen for their ability to offer superior and long-lasting wellness benefits.  When absorbed through the skin for localized relief, FORMULA Compound offers support to your Endocannabinoid System by helping balance some of your body’s most important functions.

      Muscle Balm - NectarBee

      Formulated with a stimulating combination of cayenne pepper and menthol, NectarBee’s 1:1 Muscle Balm provides a simultaneous warming and cooling effect. It is reported to ease inflammation, assist circulation, and help to relax tense, overworked muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

      Super Strength Nano Salve - Mary Jane's Medicinals

      Super Strength Nano Salve combines Mary Jane’s proprietary whole plant infusion process with the benefits of Nano Technology. It has a 1:1 potency of 500mg THC and 500mg CBD. This salve is comprised of precious plant oils, healing herbs, and therapeutic grade essential oils to boost the efficacy of the cannabinoids. There is abundant THCA and CBDA in this product for better bioavailability and it smells absolutely divine!

      GMO Live Rosin - Kush Masters

      A cross of Chemdawg & Girl Scout Cookies. Offensive smell of Garlic, gas and FUNK! This batch has an amazing blonde color and a soft budder consistency to match. This Rosin will sit someone down, most likely horizontal on their couch!

      Guava Lemonade - Hybrid Rosin Gummy - Nokhu Labs

      The Nokhu Labs Guava Lemonade Rosin Gummies represent the evolution of Cannabis edibles for the true connoisseur. Using solventless extraction techniques, these full spectrum gummies provide a more complete cannabinoid and terpene profile, providing an unmatched edible experience.

      HRVST x Metta Hemp CBN Sleep Vape Cart - HRVST Labs

      Our high CBN Sleep Cartridges contain a proprietary blend of Cannabinoids and Terpenes to promote restful sleep. Our team went through many formulations to ensure that these will not only taste great (a majority of the cartridge is live sauce), but will assist in a deeper sleep.

      PURE Dispenser - Refined Cannabinoids - Concentrate Supply Co. - CSC

      5x refined cannabinoids. Nothing added. Whether it’s for refilling vape cartridges, directly dabbing from the syringe or making edibles at home, these borosilicate dispensers are the perfect universal method for utilizing refined cannabinoids. Includes blunt tip needle.

      Pure Oil Cartridge- Gorilla Glue - Focused Labs

      FLO Pure Oil cartridges contain winterized CO2 oil that has more cannabinoids and a smoother taste than distillate. While distillate seeks to maximize THC at the expense of other cannabinoids, Pure Oil embraces the need for a variety of cannabinoids and provides a synergistic effect that closely resembles smoking bud. We call it flower in a cart! This variety was infused with Gorilla Glue cannabis derived terpenes. A great tasting and smooth hybrid cartridge unlike anything on the market and only made with the highest quality trim and hardware. Enjoy!

      Sour Strawberry Nano Tonic - Green Treets

      Fast acting, water based nano encapsulated THC that is intended as an alternative to smoking, but delivers a comparable effect.

      Strain: Clementine- Sativa Product: Bumble Blunt - NectarBee

      This hemp-wood tip blunt is filled with a blend of premium Clementine Flower, Maui Wowie Bubble Hash, and Clementine Live Resin before being strategically painted with distillate and rolled in the same Maui Wowie Bubble Hash. The unique design of this citrusy blunt provides consumers with a beautiful, potent, and flavorful experience unlike any other.

      Stratos DabTabs Live Resin/Spookies strain - Stratos

      Stratos DabTabsTM are a new vapeable tablet concentrate created with cannabis oil (distillate via CO2 extraction) and naturally derived terpenes. The ceramic tablets are made in the United States. DabTabs can be used in a vaporizer, dab rig or a variety of other devices.

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