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Chocolate Turtles
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      2018/2019 Entries (2020 Coming Very Soon!)

      Tropicanna Cookies - Live Solventless Hash Oil - Dablogic

      DABLOGIC Live Solventless Hash Oil is processed using only reverse osmosis water, ice, heat and pressure. This batch utilized freshly-frozen, organically fed, living soil grown Tropicanna Cookies from Verde Natural. This Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie cross is dominated by the terpenes myrcene, caryophyllene and limonene.

      Strawberry Guava Private Reserve SHO (Strawberry Banana x Papaya) -

      Our Strawberry Guava Private Reserve SHO is a smooth smoking, flavonoid powerhouse providing sharp notes of spearmint candy upon inhale blossoming into a tart strawberry-yogurt and guava finish. Strawberry Guava will leave the user experiencing a wave of euphoria great for depression and anxiety that soon gives way to relaxing sedation.

      Sour Banana Cake- Rosin Sauce - Sundance Gardens

      Wedding Cake x Dosidos x Sour Banana Kush Think Banana "Now or Later". Sweet creamy banana and sour cherries will take your senses to a new level. The sub 90% potency will hit hard and fast, soon putting you in a full body high.

      Papaya Cake - Connoisseurs Genetics & Concentrates

      (Papaya OG x Afghani Kush) x Wedding Cake. Powerful aromas of Sweet Cream and Peaches. Your palate will find the blend of peach, papaya and melon irresistible. While the high relaxes away the day.

      Lyon Fruit - OLIO

      A blend of two of our in house favorites, Hat trick 5 is a tangerine heavy, sweet, yet subtly gassy pheno. Juiuceman 6 is a burst of tropical flavors; papaya and peach candy. These two terp profiles combine in perfect harmony with a scent that reminds you of an island paradise. The peach tropical up front flavors seamlessly ease into the tangie citrus.

      Chem De La 91 Live Headstash Rosin - Lama Brand/Bgood

      Chem De La 91 is a cross of two Chem legends, the Chem de la Chem and the Chem 91 by Top Dawg Genetics, Top Dawg Seeds.  This pheno was selected by Lama Brand and washed and squished by the solventless master Kennnwall.  The best of the best trichome heads were selected for the squish.  This pheno leans towards the 91, with a gassy, rubber flave!

      Butterscotch - Kush Masters

      The Butterscotch Rosin made from fresh frozen product and meticulously extracted by our rosin master using classic bubble hashing techniques and a Longs Peak Press from Pure Pressure will provide on of the best smokes in the Colorado market. We guarantee it!

      Trifecta - The Green Solution

      The perfect pre-roll for impressing the masses, this cross-shaped joint is packed with 2.5 grams of premium, strain-specific flower.

      Rook - Native Roots

      Native Roots' pre-rolled hemp blunt, the Rook, features a tobacco-free and nicotine-free hemp blunt cone. The Rook delivers a classic smooth, slow-burning blunt experience with flavorful hints of Cacao, Vanilla, and Maté Tea. Find The Rook exclusively at Native Roots.

      Moroccan Hash - The Greenery Hash Factory

      We decarb our refined Kief to maximize potency and create subtle changes to the plant's terpene profile for a modern take on this classic favorite.

      Lebanese Hash - The Greenery Hash Factory

      Lebanese Hash begins with dry-aged Kief that’s pure and potent. Our proprietary manufacturing process crafts our authentic Lebanese hash that’s just waiting for a flame to release its potency.

      IgadI Fusion - Cherry Cookies - igadi

      The ultimate vaporizable form of cannabis concentrate, combining 0.5g of Distilled THC and 0.5g of our most Premium Live Resins. The end result is a concentrate that embodies all of the natural flavor components of the original cannabis plant contained in our Live Resin with the smooth potency of Distilled THC.

      Gelatto #33 / 1:1 CBD:HTE Cartridge - Ascend

      The modern cannabis lifestyle is a perfect fit for CBD dominant extracts and Ascend is Colorado's leading Recreational CBD concentrate company. Cannabidiol is best known for its non-psychoactive benefits, with the potential to deliver relief without intoxication. Our latest innovation combines single strain cannabis High Terpene Extract and CBD in a perfectly balanced 1:1 ratio cartridge. This is a revolutionary approach to wellness.

      Distillate Infused Beverage Enhancer - Koala Edibles

      "Squeeze More into Your Day" - This distillate infused Beverage Enhancer is game changing.  Available in 8 amazing flavors.  Add to any bottled beverage for people "On the GO".  Ultra-Discreet.  Take it with you to a concert, sporting event or airport.

      Danky Kong - The Flower Collective


      We start with flower rich in terpenes and strain-specific bubble hash blended at a 5:1 ratio.  The blend is then loaded into hemp leaf wraps and hand-inspected for consistency, ensuring a smooth and potent toke.

      Cereal Berries - Live, Solventless Hash Oil Cartridge - Dablogic

      The world’s first LIVE solventless hash cartridge by DABLOGIC! Our hashish is exclusively made with Verde’s freshly-frozen, living soil grown cannabis and extracted using only ice, water, heat and pressure. Our cartridges are 100% cannabis--NO propylene glycol, MCT oil or synthetic ingredients. Cereal Berries, a sweet blend of Hazelnut Cream, Strawnana and Citrus Berry, calms the mind without heavy sedation.

      Cannabutter - Sweet Grass

      You asked. We answered. It's the full-flower cannabutter from Sweet Grass you know and love, and now you can make it your own. At 10mg a slice and 100mg total, your cooking conquests and home infusions just got even butter - err, better. Spread it on some toast, drop a dollop in your coffee, toss it in your favorite baking recipe or get real fancy and lather up a steak. Anyone else drooling yet? The possibilities for your canna-coctions are endless.

      Alien Glue - Cheech's Private Stash

      Great look and nose, very dense bud structure bright green leaves, thick layers of milky trichomes. Sour piney aroma with a slightly citric zest. Mellow effects, this Indica dominant strain has you looking for the couch and your favorite munchie.

      THC/CBD Infused Bath Bomb - Connoisseurs Genetics & Concentrates

      THC / CBD Infused Foaming Bath Bomb - Relax, unwind and enjoy as the foaming bubbles as they wash away a long day.  The organically source essential oils are formulated to induce specific results of relaxation, releif, or refresh beyond your imagination or expectation.

      Soothe 1:1 - Stratos

      Soothe offers a premium cannabis-infused salve that is the perfect answer to sore ski legs or aching feet. Infused with 100mg each of THC and CBD, Soothe stands out with a special infusion of peppermint, arnica, clove, spruce, hyssop and helichrysum essential oils, made even smoother with the addition of coconut oil, beeswax, and shea butter. Rub it on and relax!

      Intensive Skin Repair - CBx Sciences

      Intensive Skin Repair is a cannabinoid rich formulation by CBx Sciences featuring a 1:1:1 ratio of THC, CBD, and rarely used CBG. Plus Vitamin E, rosehips, camelina, and collagen make this nutrient dense oil applicable to wrinkles, scars, blemishes, and tattoos. Every drop is infused with 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils of the CBx signature blend.

      ICE Topical - Sweet Mary Jane

      A soothing topical made with organic beeswax and virgin coconut oil infused with the calming effects of natural peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus. 150mg CBD : 100mg THC

      Honestly Herbals 3X Pain Stick - The Pat Pen

      Honestly Herbals 3x THC Painstick has three times the strength and effectiveness of the original THC Painstick. Each pain stick still contains 100MG of THC, to help provide relief fast.  All-natural ingredients like Beeswax, Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils are combined with our CO2 extracted cannabis oil to craft these effective and rejuvenating topicals.

      Heal Muscle Balm - NectarBee

      Formulated with a stimulating combination of cayenne pepper and menthol, Muscle Balm provides a simultaneous warming and cooling effect to alleviate acute or chronic pain. A proprietary blend of herbs and essential oils address inflammation, assist circulation, and help to relax tense, overworked muscles, injured tendons, and sore ligaments.

      FIRE topical - Sweet Mary Jane

      A relaxing topical made with organic beeswax and virgin coconut oil infused with the warming effects of natural cinnamon, cayenne, black pepper, ginger and cloves for a calming effect. 150mg CBD : 100mg THC

      Vanilla Bean Caramels - Rebel Edibles

      Soft caramels made with distillate-infused butter, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans and a hint of sea salt.

      Wake and Bake Cookies - Green rooster edibles

      Coffee lovers rejoice! Wake up with the Rooster! Our newly upgraded recipe includes a caramel center that pairs perfectly with your morning cup of Joe.

      Strawberry Banana Fruit Chew - Evergreen Organix

      Evergreen Organix Fruit Chews are never sprayed or soaked.  They are 100% made from scratch with premium ingredients by our gourmet confection makers.  These Fruit Chews are made with all-natural strawberry and banana fruit puree, while containing no artificial flavors, no added dyes, no gelatin, and they are vegan friendly!

      Stillwater Gummy Supplements: BLOOD ORANGE - Stillwater Brands

      Stillwater Gummy Supplements offer a healthy and natural way to get your (delicious) daily dose of cannabinoids. Infused with all-natural fruit juices and colors, low in sugar and fat, and Made with Ripple for a fast-acting, functional experience. Each individual Blood Orange piece contains 5mg of THC distillate, so they taste great without the guilt of a sugary edible.

      Sour Smash Gummies - Dixie

      It’s time to pucker up and chill out! Dixie’s award-winning line of gummies has a new sidekick on the scene. Sour Smash Gummies are an assorted-flavor pack that feature super sour coatings on a medley of three flavors: Sour Apple, Sour Cherry, and Berry Lemonade.

      Sleep 1:1 Tincture - Stratos

      Formulated using water and MCT oil, Stratos tinctures offer a quick onset and high bioavailability. Uptake happens within minutes and effects can last up to five hours. Created using an Indica dominant strain and infused with 100mg each of CBD and THC, simply place the chocolate mint flavored tincture under your tongue and wait 30 seconds. You’ll be catching zzz’s in no time.

      Root Beer elixir - Dixie

      Root Beer has come a long way since its commercial debut in 1800’s. We’ve taken the classic earthy, spicy bite and added pure extracted THC to lighten the mood and help put this beverage in its rightful place. This soda classic finds its highest form yet.

      Robhots Gummies - Focused Labs FLO

      Robhots gummies are the best option for the sweet-tooth edible connoisseur. Crafted with FLO’s premium distillate, each 10mg gummy is sure to pack a punch!  Robhots are exceptionally consistent and flavorful. Available in a variety of multi-flavored packs with over 15 flavors total, try one today!

      RIPPLE Pure 10 - Stillwater Brands

      Ripple Dissolvables are single-serve powder packets filled with perfectly precise portions of odorless, flavorless, calorie-free, water-soluble THC. From chai tea to wing sauce, make ANY food or beverage an edible without altering taste or texture. Each individual packet contains 10mg of THC distillate, offering a smooth, comfortable, and clear-headed THC experience that’s quick to arrive and slow to depart.

      Raspberry 1:1 NanoBites - DŌSD Edibles

      1:1 Raspberry Flavored Gummies infused with water-soluble CBD & THC Nanoparticles. DŌSD NanoBites were created to closely mimic the consistency of a traditional Haribo or Trolli brand gummy, while providing a much quicker onset than edibles with fat-soluble cannabinoids.

      Premium Milk Chocolate Bar - Evergreen Organix

      A smooth blend of creamy milk chocolate and cannabis. Evergreen Organix Premium Milk Chocolate is carefully crafted in small batches by our gourmet chocolatiers to ensure quality, taste, and consistent dosing in every bite.

      Premium Dark Chocolate Bar - Evergreen Organix

      A luxurious blend of rich dark chocolate and cannabis.  Evergreen Organix Premium Dark Chocolate is carefully crafted in small batches by our gourmet chocolatiers to ensure quality, taste, and consistent dosing in every bite.

      Peanut Butter Cups - Honu

      Honu Peanut Butter Cups - creamy peanut butter center enrobed by a blend of milk and dark chocolate.

      Pomegranate Acai Vitalizing Mints - Dixie

      A dynamic duo, Pomegranate and Açai, combine to give you an extra antioxidant kick in a low dose, 5 mg option. Dixie Vitalizing Mints are your go-to for a midday boost on sluggish afternoons, staying fresh during a long night out with friends, or just to help make the mundane feel more momentous.

      Peanut Butter Cookie - Evergreen Organix

      Evergreen Organix Peanut Butter Cookies are a classic cookie favorite with a culinary cannabis twist! Made with Peanut Butter chips for the ultimate peanut butter edible experience.

      Mr. Moxey's Energizing Peppermint - Native Roots

      Mr. Moxey's Mints are crafted in small batches to promote well-being.  Each mint is formulated with herbal synergists tailored to elevate the cannabis experience.  These refreshing mints include Siberian Ginseng to improve stamina and Ginkgo to promote clarity.  Microdosed to suit your needs, these mints will brighten your day and send you on your way to greatness.  5mg THC each.

      Mint Kudu Kookies - BlueKudu

      Bring back the feeling of the good ol' days with BlueKudu's gluten-free Mint Kudu Kookies. Thin, mint-flavored wafers covered in a rich, decadent chocolate coating. Everything your taste buds have come to expect from your favorite cookie, now with a touch of the unexpected. Available in 100mg THC for adult use and 200mg THC medically.

      Lick IT - Strawberry Lemonade - Canyon

      This is no regular lollipop. Not by a long shot. This is the perfect combination of adult fun and great tasting flavors. Each pop is carefully crafted with 10mg of the finest THC. These tasty grown-up lollipops are in the old favorite flavor just like grandad used to make to sit on the front porch. Except grandad didn’t infuse his strawberry lemonade with super-pure and excellent THC.

      Koala Bar - Strawberry Cheesecake - Connoisseurs Genetics & Concentrates

      Koala Bars are offered in 100mg, 250mg, 500mg & 1,000mg dosages. I got chills / They’re multiplying / And I’m losing control / Cause the power you’re supplying / Oo-oo-oo / Nothing left for me to do / You’re the one that I want / Oo-oo-oo / The one that I want / Oo-oo-oo / The one I need / Oh, yes indeed!!!!

      Key Lime Truffle - Hybrid - NectarBee

      Decadent treats developed for connoisseurs of cannabis cuisine, Key Lime Truffles combine white chocolate with lime, cream, and just a touch of salt. Best of all, each delicacy is infused with 10mg of pristine hash oil.

      Key Lime pie Bar - incredibles

      Crafted with silky white chocolate, gluten-free graham cracker crunch, and bright, tangy lime essence, incredibles Key Lime Pie Bar manifests sensations of vibrancy and the care-free mood of summer.  Infused with 100mg THC, experience a dreamy getaway as restoring and uplifting as a beach holiday in the Florida Keys.

      HORCHATA Cookies - Sweet Mary Jane

      The smooth and creamy taste of Mexico’s favorite beverage can be found in our finely crafted Horchata cookies. Filled with cinnamon chips, cajeta and finished with a dusting of powdered sugar. These cookies are reminiscent of the classic Snickerdoodle with a delicious twist. 100 mg THC in each package. 10 mg THC in each cookie.

      Happy Chews - Seven-Ten solutions

      Happy Chews are Taffy-Like Fruit Chews.  Flavor Focused with an excellent Chew. Multiple flavors in each bag provide extra variety.  Available in 3 assortments; Chuckle Fruit (Strawberry-Watermelon & Raspberry-Apple), Giggle Berry (Strawberry-Blueberry & Pomegranate-Grape) & Tropical Delight (Pineapple-Mango & Kiwi-Strawberry). Find YOUR Happy Place with Happy Chews.


      Step back and enjoy a steady dose of relaxation with our naturally-flavored, vegan and gluten-free sour apple gummies. Packed with up to 30% fruit juice, BlueKudu's Indica-infused FRUITJUICED Gummies are a delightfully chewy treat that helps put your mind at ease and decreases nausea, aches and pains.

      Forbidden Fruit - Forbidden Fruit by Giving Tree Kitchens

      Forbidden Fruit is a medicated dehydrated fruit edible that comes in six different sku's. Pineapple, Papaya, Kiwi, Mango, Cinnamon Apple, and Chili Mango. Our fruits are certified Gluten Free and Non GMO. Forbidden Fruit is offering customers a healthier edible option that still has great taste.

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