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Chocolate Turtles
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      2018/2019 Entries (2020 Coming Very Soon!)

      Microdosed Vegan Mixed Fruit Tarts - incredibles

      Sweet and Sassy... Pick your flavor... Always a better experience. Microdosed Energizing Fruit Tarts. Tangy apple, lemon and grape flavors deliver a tart punch to your palate along with a microdose of our incredible oil for discreet medicating on the go. Available in 5mg pieces for medical patients and 2mg pieces for adult users, these tarts are gluten free, non-GMO, and always triple-lab tested for potency, purity and safety.

      Drink It: The Coffee - Canyon Cultivation

      This product write-up offers endless opportunities to talk about buzz and coffee and THC. We’re above that. Just know that this is really good coffee blended with really good THC. Ready to drink Recreational only dosed at 10mg per unit.

      Strawberry Lemonade Lick it - Canyon Cultivation

      These tasty grown-up lollipops are in the old favorite flavor just like grandad used to make to sit on the front porch. Except grandad didn’t infuse his strawberry lemonade with super-pure and excellent THC. Single serve available in both Recreational (10mg) and Medical (25mg) dosages.

      Chew It - Canyon Cultivation

      Smaller doses, bigger flavor.  Perhaps the only drawback to most gummies is that you only get to eat one or so. That’s why we created these lower dosage yummies. You get all that lemony, limey, strawberry flavor with all that tasty fun. Strain specific flavors dosed at 2.5mg per piece include; Sativa Sour Cherry Limeade, Indica Watermelon Lemonade and Sour Lemonade 1:1

      POT-ROX! - CWD edibles

      Oh yes they did! Want an adventure in your mouth? You’ve got to try this retro mouthful of popping cannabis! Comes in four delightful 10mg flavors for recreation and two 100mg flavors for medical! These Pot-Rox really do pop and are dosed perfectly! Ask for them at your favorite dispensary.

      Restore Tincture - Lucky Turtle

      Restore is a FULL SPECTRUM product combining the whole range of cannabinoids contributing to the entourage effect. Think of Restore as a supercharged, all-natural ibuprofen.

      Nano Bites Mixed Fruit - DŌSD

      NanoBites by DŌSD contain cannabinoid nanoparticles made from ultra-refined distillate, which are utilized by the body much more efficiently than unrefined oils. With increased bioavailability of THC, you can expect more out of your dose...with far less waiting.

      Sativa Cherry Cola Gummies - District Edibles

      These scratch-made edibles have low sugar content, come in 9 delicious flavors and are infused with fully activated Premium C02 Oil. 100mg per pack. Consistent 10mg doses. Exceptional Oil. Exceptional Edibles. Are you ready to Experience the Difference?

      Peruvian Nacional 47% Dark Milk with Hazelnuts - Binske

      The rarest chocolate in the world - per New York Times. Wind 47% Nacional Dark Milk with sustainably grown Oregon Hazelnuts. Suggested Musical Pairing: Truth by Alexander

      Artisanal Truffles - Newt Brothers

      Newt Brothers Artisanal Truffles start with premium, imported Belgian dark and milk chocolate. We fill these delectable chocolates with four tantalizing flavors, handcrafted with the highest quality ingredients.  Make sure to try our dark chocolate Peppermint and Crème Brulee Squares, and our milk chocolate Peanut Butter and Caramel Corn Squares.

      keef cola - keef cola

      A pioneer since 2010, Keef Cola has developed the best tasting, most award-winning cannabis infused beverage on the market.

      Pomegranate Gummies - Green rooster edibles

      Time to get out your pom poms because you will be cheering for these silky soft gummies which are packed with the wonderful flavor of the Mediterranean. Green Rooster pomegranate gummies are guaranteed to take you from your couch to a flavor paradise.

      CBD Honey - Colorado cannabis company

      Locally sourced, unfiltered, raw honey, infused with raw CO2 extracted cannabis oil. This CBD 20:1 Infused Honey contains 75 mg. of CBD and 3.75 mg. of THC inducing a pain relieving and calming effect. The power of CBD with a fraction of THC provides consumers with the relief they desire without the feeling of being high.

      Raspberry Cheesecake Truffle - NectarBee by The Green Solution

      The eye-opening flavor and packed into this bite-sized chocolate delicacy is enough to make it a note-worthy treat during any occasion, let alone the kick-off for an unparalleled edibles experience. Sweet, savory, and full of sativa, these edibles are a far cry from the firecrackers of yesteryear!

      Blueberry Gummies - NectarBee by The Green Solution

      Judges, do not take these camping…you may attract bears. These treats are full of rich blueberry flavor, with an acai kick to boot! Infused with hash oil, and featuring a revamped recipe, these gummies have the consistency you know and love, with the potency you expect from NectarBee®.

      Dark Chocolate Mint - INDVR Fire

      The INDVR Fire Dark Chocolate Mint vaporizer is a premium blend of CO2 extracted THC and therapeutic, food grade essential oils. The vaporizer contains peppermint oil that may help to open the capillaries of the lungs, promote pain relief and support digestions, providing an invigorating uplifted experience.

      Strawberry Lemon - Eureka Vapor

      Who doesn’t love the combo? This is the perfect flavor for your first time smoker, party-goer, and summertime grill specialist. Enjoy a flavor you’re familiar with whilst experiencing an unparalleled high.

      Golden Pineapple - Concentrate Supply Co.

      Finally, a vape cartridge that’s potent! The Golden Pineapple distillate is fully activated & refined at a molecular level to ensure purity & consistency. With average cannabinoids ranging from 90-95%, this isn’t your run of the mill vape cartridge. Find yourself on a beach with CSC’s Golden Pineapple!

      Lime Sorbet - The Clear

      The Clear™ is the first and original company in vaping and distillation. Offering the best tasting all natural product in the world, their Elite cartridge is second to none, this uncut cannabis extract is ultra-distilled to the most refined level of purity available. The Clear™ provides terpene profiles in cannabis, fruit and citrus flavors with something for everyone its the clear choice.

      Sweet Melon - Evolab

      The latest addition to Evolab’s popular Chroma™ Colors product line, Sweet Melon includes naturally derived honeydew and watermelon flavors from real fruit, paired with potent, CO2 extracted

      cannabinoids and terpenes. Sweet Melon comes in disposable iHits or environmentally-friendly

      refillable cartridges made from premium materials including pyrex glass and stainless steel.

      O.pen vape ish pen - O.pen

      Sativa Blue Raspberry: This premium on-the-go vaporizer is loaded with flavored, dominance specific distillate oil and leverages CeramFLO technology to provide even bigger, tastier hits. A one-time use form factor, with rechargeable functionality. Small size, big flavor. This is the ISH.

      Bomb Pop - Pyramid

      While still in preproduction, Pyramid has gifted us with an insight into their new “Burst” line. This Bombpop flavor has summer vibes written all over it. With hints of cherry, lime, and blue raspberry your taste buds will be begging you for more.

      Live Resin 24k - Infinite Infusions

      Our aromatic 24k Live Resin Cartridge, an indica dominant strain, is as flavorful as it is potent. With our consistent terpene profile, dominated by myrcene and limonene, you’re guaranteed a punch of tangy citrus with earthy undertones in every hit. This euphoric high will leave you with a lasting impression.

      Lemon Drop - INDVR Fire

      The INDVR Fire Lemon Drop vaporizer is a premium blend of CO2 extracted THC and therapeutic, food grade essential oils. The vaporizer contains lemon oil, a natural antioxidant that may help support natural respiratory function, providing a refreshing and fulfilling experience with every draw.


      Sold exclusively at The Joint by Cannabis.

      Trainwreck - Eureka Vapor

      Train Wreck is a savory Sativa-Dominant Hybrid. The vivid lemon-lime sweetness is invigorating to the taste buds with a piney, slightly peppery, floral finish. With several cannabinoids present including THC, CBD, CBC, CBG, and CBN, the entourage effect provides an amazing one-of-a-kind high.

      Aero-Inhaler - Quest

      The 2017 Cannabis Invention of the Year allows consumers to elevate discretely and on-the-go. Available in flavors ranging from Tangerine Martian to Sour Cinco to Grape Ape, each AeroInhaler contains a total 100 doses with each dose containing 7 MGs of THC plus terpenes.

      Uncut Sourband ‘09 Sauce ePen - incredibles

      Incredible Extracts

      Introducing the completely uncut incredible Extracts Sauce ePen in Sourband ‘09, loaded with strain-specific high-terpene extract and Black Label Distillate inside a wickless, glass and ceramic cartridge. Our ePens are powered by selected cannabis genetics that are harvested in their peak terpene windows and fresh frozen to preserve strain-specific flavors.

      Vape Cartridge - Lucky Turtle

      500mg of CO2 oil cut only with terpenes. Our whole plant extracts are closer to the original plant material. Minimally processed using a Waters 2.0 CO2 extractor. Never cut with PEG or other additives, only with our blend of cannabis and other Co2 terpenes.

      Headband - Concentrate Supply Co.

      The CSC sauce cartridge starts with molecularly distilled, fully activated cannabinoids. A high-terpene fraction from select, small batches of live resin is then introduced to create a true-to-strain experience. In the end, you get a highly flavorful & potent combination that’s perfect for life on the go.

      OilStix - OilStix

      One of the first on the market with CO2 extraction, we have taken the time to perfect our technique. Every hit out of an OilStix will provide a smooth & fulfilling experience.

      Nectar Cartridges - Harmony Extracts

      Our cartridges are made only with the finest live resin on the planet! They are completely uncut, with no emulsifiers, fillers or additives like PG, VG, or MCT. You can enjoy these 100% cannabis derived oils on the go discreetly and conveniently, backed up by Harmony’s dedication to flavor and quality. Now you can enjoy live resin anywhere, anytime

      Sour Kush Rosin Vape - Connoisseurs Genetics & Concentrates

      Rosin in a Vape? No PPG, no PEG. Solventless Rosin from our very own Sour Kush. 500mg of Schmoove…….

      Tangie - Evolab

      With a refreshing tangerine aroma and sweet flavor, Tangie is a balanced hybrid with incredibly high terpene content. Processed with Evolab’s proprietary CO2 technology, the full terpene profile is captured in this Alchemy™ Cartridge. Like all Evolab extracts, there are no artificial cutting agents or solvents.

      Craft Panacea - Hollywood + Lemon G - craft

      Craft’s Hollywood (GSC X Star Dawg) strain is a legendary G.S. Cookie flavor that coats the mouth as you inhale. Lemon G component adds the perfect complement, awakening your senses with the taste of lemon cookies. This is combined with our high-test distillate, crafting a 100% cannabis-derived cartridge.

      Jilly Bean - Pyramid

      Pyramid produces one of the only 100% cannabis vapes on the market and Jillybean is their pride and joy. Jillybean has become a staple in Pyramids line up from the first time they tasted her. With hints of citrus, bubblegum, and pine Jillybean produces some of the most potent and saliva-inducing terps on the planet. 100% cannabis, 100% of the time.

      Lemon G Pen - OLIO

      “The Lemon G is a brassy Au Pair who slaps you in the face on your first meeting. A surprisingly sour flavor reminiscent of biting into a lemon rind greets you and stays with you for several moments after the exhale. The high is exuberant, playful and focused. In all forms, Lemon G is an institution.” -Samuel McDuffee

      Strawberry Cough CBD Vape Pen - Complete Releaf

      Hemp-derived CBD Isolate Vape Cartridges are made without Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin, and are a convenient way to consume CBD on-the- go. Derived from 100% industrial hemp and sourced locally, Complete Releaf Too’s CBD Isolate Vape Cartridges contain less than 0.1% THC, so you can rest assured that they are non-psychoactive.

      Bubba Kush - Colorado cannabis company

      The CSC sauce cartridge starts with molecularly distilled, fully activated cannabinoids. We then introduce our high-terpene fraction from select, small batches of Live Resin to create a true-to-strain experience. In the end, you get a highly flavorful & potent combination that’s perfect for life on the go.

      Ultra Pure Sativa Cartridge - NectarBee by The Green Solution

      Extracted utilizing a CO2 process, the Ultra-Pure Sativa cartridge is the preferred method of vaping for active concentrate users. The use of CO2 permits a much cleaner, smoother draw than propane, butane, or ethanol extraction methods, while providing a richer terpene experience for the realm of vape cartridges.

      Tango - Seed and Smith

      Our cartridges are unique because embedded in the center of the cartridge, is a ceramic heating coil with 360˚ even heat distribution within the ceramic core to ensures the atomizer is fully and uniformly heating the Tango distillate we’ve carefully injected into the cartridge. The Tango distillate has it’s own re-introduced terpenes, giving the distillate a bright and citrusy flavor and aroma.

      Moonshine Haze Live Resin Cartridge - Natural Remedies

      Concentrate Remedies’ Moonshine Haze Live Resin cartridges promise to deliver a loud flavor that is satisfyingly sweet. Rest assured that you can count on an evenly heated, smooth experience with each use as our Live Resin cartridges are pure, uncut and exceptionally potent.

      Sour Diesel - Karing Kind

      This simple easy to use vape pen deploys the best micro technology. Only ceramic elements are used to vape our clean, safe and pure CO2 extract leaving exceptional flavor. No chemical cutting agents or other toxic ingredients are used. These high terpene great flavor pens are recyclable and come in sativa, indica and hybrid as well as a high CBD line.

      Panama Kush - Sweet Mary Jane

      Looking for an amazing solventless option? Sweet Mary Jane’s Panama Kush Rosin budder offers up a flavorful, clean high, with terpenes intact . Processed with fresh, premium bud & without the use of any foreign substances so you never have to worry about remaining solvents impacting your high or health.

      Cheese Cake Rosin - Sundance Gardens

      Exclusively Grown by Sundance Gardens, powered by Connoisseurs Genetics & Concentrates, there is no other strain like it. Sweet Fruit-like candy with a smooth Cheese finish.

      Toxic Chem - Essential Extracts

      We combined two of our favorite flavor profiles from the garden at The Herbal Cure to create our Toxic Chem Solventless Sauce. Our Solventless Sauce is made using just water, ice, and pressure. We have been hard at work to provide the newest and best Solventless concentrates on the market!

      Twice Baked Cookies - Connoisseurs Genetics & Concentrates

      TwiceBaked Cookies by CGC. Smooth, creamy and full of terps. Dab enthusiasts will enjoy the taste of fresh baked cookies on the palate while the Durban Poison provides an energetic uplifting high. Not all Rosin is Created Equal.

      Strawberries and Cream Premium Rosin - OLIO

      “The Strawberries and Cream conjures a seductive nocturne. Cookies dripping in a bouquet of floral fruits led by the strawberry will literally make your mouth water. Presenting you with a classy relaxing high, the Strawberries and Cream provides a small refute from the world to ease a weary spirit.” -Samuel McDuffee

      THCA Isolate - NectarBee by The Green Solution

      Unlock the power of the crystals and embrace the future of cannabis! Isolate from NectarBee is no ordinary product. Consistently testing at 99.99%, devoid of terpenes, and boasting clear, glass-like crystals, our isolate boasts the pure, clean experience you expect from isolate, every time.

      Sour Strawnana - Dab Logic

      Hand washed in a ice bath from a mix of fresh frozen Sour Face and Strawberry Banana Sherbet (grown by Verde Natural), pressed into Live SHO (solventless hash oil aka “rosin”) from resulting 90μ Ice Oil (water hash). Overwhelming fruity flavor with a hint of sour at the end. Balanced high and guaranteed to stink up the room once opened.

      Kosher Witches - BGood

      Kosher Witches Live Rosin processed by Kenn Wall from Nomad Extracts. Fresh frozen whole plant blend of Kosher Kush and Witches Weed, washed and pressed by Kenn Wall. These two flavors come together with a delicious OG sweetness!

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