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Chocolate Turtles
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      2018/2019 Entries (2020 Coming Very Soon!)

      Lemon G PHO Wax - craft

      Panacea Lemon G has all the ingredients for crafting beautiful concentrates, but the buttery-blonde wax excels, being exceptionally fruit forward - bursting with lemon zest, Pine- Sol and Tang. The flavors persist in your mouth long after the smoke clears, as the clear, euphoric high sets in. Testing at 80.98%.

      Citrus Sap Nug run - OLIO

      “Orange zest and tart beginning define the citrus sap at first glance. As its expansive and powerful high climbs behind your eyes, a sweet smooth flavor reminisant of fine dark sipping chocolate coats the exhale. Creative and uplifting, sweet and delicious, the experience is pure pleasure.” -Samuel McDuffee

      PHO Wax - OG Kush - Infinite Wellness

      Made from clone to concentrate in house, this saucy sugar wax glistens with the quality that comes from our two heaviest hitting indicas, testing at 91% THC. Look for earthy, cherry and citrus flavors in this specific batch, and check for the latest batches in Fort Collins!

      OGB - Seed and Smith

      Our OGB wax is a soft canary yellow in color and a drier crumble consistency but with a surprisingly pungent smell and flavor. Seed and Smith’s OGB wax always tests for 0% residual solvents, and this batch of OGB wax tested at 82% THC.

      Super Lemon Haze - BGood

      Super Lemon Haze Sugar Wax processed by Concentrate Supply CO. Sweet lemon flavors dominate the flavor profile of the Super Lemon Wax. Strong, sativa influence on the effect.

      Completly Clean Caviar - L’eagle

      Made in-house at L’Eagle and free of any additives. Completely Clean Caviar in strain specific GSC, features L’Eagle’s clean cannabis and solventless rosin - that’s it! Perfectly dense GSC buds, hand dipped in freshly pressed GSC rosin, dusted with GSC kief. These nugs pack a punch and are full of flavor.

      FIRE -

      Similar to our Caviar Baller Buckets, Fire uses the same high quality flower, full spectrum oil, and dry sift to make our powerful Caviar Cones. Peak Dispensary in downtown Denver, proudly carries the entire Fire product line.

      Black Diamond -

      Fire uses only the finest quality flower combined with distillates, full spectrum oils, and dry sifts to create perfectly balanced Caviar Baller Buckets. Peak Dispensary in downtown Denver, proudly carries the entire Fire product line.

      Kaviar Preroll -

      Premium flower infused with hash oil, rolled in kief. Ground and expertly rolled with a luxurious branded glass tip on every pre-roll. Although the high is soothing and relaxing, it is also motivational and clear-headed, leaving the mind refreshed and ready to take on the day.

      CGC Caviar - Connoisseurs Genetics & Concentrates

      This Solventless Caviar is a blend of sweet, sour, and pungent. Super Lemon OG, coated with Sour Kush Solventless Rosin and Keif. After sending your senses into overdrive, this Sativa Dominant blend will provide an energetic uplifting high.

      Moonrocks -

      Premium flower infused with hash oil from tip to stem, coated with kief. These ingredients create a rich, bold flavor and smooth, heavy smoke. The effects of this high are immediate, with a euphoric cerebral rush soon followed by a relaxing, hazy bliss in both the mind and body.

      CannaTela - NectarBee by The Green Solution

      Connoisseurs rejoice, this combination of cannabis is just for you! This Pre-Roll is crafted using premium flower rolled into a natural cannabis leaf and sealed in hash oil. The CannaTela is an unrelenting roll featuring a pronounced, cannabis-heavy terpene experience with a rich mouth-feel during each draw.

      Cannagar -

      Our Cannagars are hand rolled with premium flowers and concentrate. Held in a natural wrapper made of hand selected fan leaves. This unique experience smokes like no other product available and leaves you with a memory not soon forgotten.

      Cherry Pie CBD Isolate - Eureka Vapor

      Testing at over 90% CBD, this CBD-heavy dab is a great way to cap off a long day. The full-body relaxation combined with the floral aroma from this concentrate is truly something remarkable.

      CBD Sunrise - denver dab co

      Processed for Terrapin Care Station: CBD Sunrise combines The Wife, Lemon G and Grapefruit Durban. The Wife, our highest-testing CBD flower, provides pain relief without psycho-activity. Lemon G offers a comfortable high with equal parts CBD/THC. Grapefruit Durban is perfect for daytime use. Together, these strains ensure effective pain management.

      Mystery Bordello - NUHI

      The Mystery Bubba Kush cut provides relaxing CBD effects while the Bordello delivers the intense flavors and aromas of it’s Blackberry crosses. A great addition of CBD without having to give up flavor or potency.  This perfect pair provides a tantalizing blend of cannabinoid & terpene content.

      Phyto-Resin - PhytoFamily

      The Phyto-Resin extraction process results in the most terpene-rich hemp extract you’ll find on the market, and allows us to concentrate the CBG (cannabigerol) found in hemp more precisely and efficiently.  PhytoResin is produced with ethanol and water, without the use of any harsh solvents, to provide a unique and palatable concentrate.

      The Wife’s Watermelon Hashbergs - Rocky Mountain Green

      Meet ‘Hashbergs’. A perfect marriage between the potent Indica-dominant

      Watermelon Man and The Wife, rich in CBD, forms this in-house 2:1 extract. Careful, as it’s over 95% cannabinoids by weight. When dabbing, they hit the ‘cannabisseur’ with a distinct fruity flavor, followed by powerful, long-lasting pain relieving and relaxing effects.

      CBD Isolate - Complete Releaf

      For those looking for only high-quality industrial hemp-derived CBD isolate, our CBD is offered without added terpenes. Dip your dab into the pulverized CBD, sprinkle on top of a bowl or consume by itself to experience the healing effects of industrial hemp, and use it throughout the day without feeling side-effects.

      CBD Distillate Disposable Vape - Colorado cannabis company

      It’s hard to believe something so therapeutic could taste so good, feel so good. The delicious terpenes are first extracted from Cherry Haze R4 and then re-infused into the same strain-specific, CBD-rich distillate to create the ideal formula to combat countless issues without leaving you sluggish or high.

      CBD Shatter - NectarBee by The Green Solution

      Sometimes, those aches, pains, and headaches are in so deep that almost nothing gets them out! Well, almost nothing. CBD Shatter is the ideal choice for deep analgesic impact. This product boasts high CBD potencies, and maintains the strong terpene profile for an enjoyable, relieving experience.

      Rubicon - the green solution

      With a namesake referencing the Lake Tahoe region, this CBD strain is just the right choice for a relaxing, relieving cannabis experience! The strong presence of myrcene and pinene permit a terpene experience resembling a glass of wine, a good book, and a gorgeous lakeside view.

      Sour Tsunami - Native Roots

      Known for its unique, diesel-esque aroma with sweet undertones, Sour Tsunami is a cross between Sour Diesel and New York City Diesel. This strain is well-known to consumers looking to manage pain and inflammation while limiting the “high” effect.

      Mystery 98 #1 - THe Health center

      This offspring from our classic Afghan Kush is truly a medicinal strain. Containing a ratio of about 20:1 CBD:THC, the large, sticky buds are sweet and pungent with an unmistakable cherry cough drop flavor found in many high CBD varities. The concentrate blends made with this strain are out of this world!

      Vesl oils - Vesl CBD

      What makes VESL CBD different? The highest quality extracts in the world, paired with the most effective delivery methods. Our products are always 100% THC-free. VESL OILS are manufactured from connoisseur grade, organic, hemp flowers. Our extraction method creates a full-spectrum concentrate that contains all the benefits of the “entourage-effect.” You will notice the difference immediately.

      All VESL products are available online.

      The wife - Green Grass

      This strain has the perfect balance of CBD to THC. Boasting CBD levels over 20% with a THC at 4% the wife will take good care of you. Looking for a true medical strain this is a must try.

      Cherry Mender - The Farm

      2:3 CBD:THC ratio. Cherry Mender was developed to have a healthy helping of CBD with a generous amount THC. The soft aroma is reminiscent of cherry blossoms. Well-suited for the beginner cannabis user, this unique blend has the best of both worlds. The CBD helps to relieve muscle tension and enhances the THC to encourage deep mental relaxation.


      11.43% - 18.42% THC-A, 7.86% - 12.62% CBD-A


      Wookie is a smooth hitting indica hybrid with a loud terpene profile from its GSC lineage, and it offers a balanced high in both mind and body. It brings dense trichome production from its White 91 lineage which easily contrasts on the dark purple hues to create one of our favorite genetics.

      Chemmy Jones - In the Flow

      Much like the fabled train conductor, you better watch your speed. In The Flow’s signature strain consistently tests between 30-40% THC and its complex aroma has been described as moth balls, ripe tropical fruit, and everything in between. Let the inspiration and energy flow abundantly as Chemmy Jones lights a fire under your exhilaration train!

      Jet Fuel OG -

      (Aspen Og x High Country Diesel)- A sativa leaning hybrid bred with some of the strongest Diesel strains in Colorado by 303 seeds. It retains the musty diesel smell we’ve all come to know and love. This high is akin to a cup of coffee at first, mellowing into a relaxing state sure to help you forget any stress.

      Jilly Bean - Infinite Wellness

      This fruity wonder lives up to the namesake, with lush aromas of sweet citrus that’s fruit forward. Known for causing the giggles, this is a great all around strain that tests in the upper twenties for total cannabinoids.

      Big Indigo Sky - The Green Solution

      Clear skies, clear head, clean terpenes! This hybrid strain looks as good as it tastes, boasting large calyxes, and bold bud hues. Featuring a unique blend of fruity, citrus, and hoppy terpenes, its flavor profile is reminiscent of certain beers, while the THC content packs a cerebral, yet manageable punch.

      Genghis Chron -

      Genghis Chron is a dank and classic 50/50 hybrid, created by crossing the two famous strains Pre ‘98 Bubba Kush and Sour Diesel. It is coated in crystalline trichomes, testing at 27.9 percent THC, and is ideal for a mid-day toke. The pungent and inviting flavor wafts from medium-sized nugs resembling miniature pine trees.

      Pudding Pop - BGood

      Pudding Pop- Forum Cookies crossed with Dosidosl Amazing hybrid strain with a strong, grape and cookie dough flavor profile. The Pop grows like the forum cookies but with much bigger, full purple buds covered in trichomes.

      Sour Willie -

      Sour Willie is a cross between Sour Diesel and Willie Nelson. This strain has a delicious fresh-cut grass and lemon peel smell, as well as very resinous flowers, and has tested as high as 30% total cannabinoids. It is a must-try hybrid for any cannabis connoisseur.

      True Berry - Ballpark Holistic Dispensary

      True Berry by Elemental Seeds is a Kush-forward cross of True OG and Strawberry Banana x Blackberry. It emits the scent of fresh jam and a pine forest entangled in blackberry brambles. This strain has a strong buzz that thumps the consumer between the eyes with clean, uplifting euphoria. Over time, Trueberry’s heavy physical buzz compounds, soothing minor aches and pains while deflating stress.

      GG #4 - High Level Health

      Gorilla Glue #4 is our highest testing strain coming in at 40.01% total cannabinoids! It is very heavy hitting and not recommended for the light smoker. It has a pungent, earthy spice aroma with dense sticky buds. It is best enjoyed during the evening for some relaxation.

      Granola Funk - DEN-REC

      Super pungent terpene profile reminiscent of the legendary Kurple Fantasy. Extremely smooth and pleasurable to smoke, earning a perfect consumption score and a 98.48 TAG in recent competition. Taking home another 1st place, Peoples Choice and Connoisseur’s Choice shortly thereafter, this strain speaks for itself.

      FLO - Ballpark Holistic Dispensary

      Flo is the cross of Purple Thai and an Afghani Indica, bred by Dutch Passion and later propagated by DJ Short. The plant is described as having pear-shaped buds with purple calyxes. Flo can potentially be harvested multiple times, creating a “flo” of buds. The effects are characterized as light and energetic, allowing for clarity of thought.

      BUBBA BERRY - Higher Grade

      Bubba Berry is a delicious cross of Pre-98 Bubba Kush and DJ Short’s Blueberry. This strain can be well characterized with the potency of an OG and a pungent fruity flavor. Great for day time relaxation!

      Wavy Gravy - Natural Remedies

      Natty Rems grown Wavy Gravy is a unique Chemdog D and Casey Jones (Orient Express x ECSD v.3) cross. As the name suggests, this well-balanced hybrid has a mouthwatering spicy and hashy aroma, reminiscent of a delicious Thanksgiving meal.

      Strawberry Banana -

      This Indica Dominant Hybrid is a powerhouse of flavor and potency. A cross of Banana Kush and Strawberry, it carries a delightfully fruity flavor and aroma. Paired with a powerful and relaxing high, Strawberry Banana is a can’t-miss strain.

      GS Cookies - Fox Cannabis

      Thin Mint Cookies is an OG Kush Durban Poison hybrid cross with a sweet and earthy aroma. It is very euphoric with a full-body relaxing kick back. Patients needing a strong dose of relief, however, may look to this strain for severe pain, nausea, andappetite loss.

      OGKB Stardawg - THe Health center

      This sativa dominant cross of White Strawberry and White Nightmare has a tangy, citrus scent of blood orange. With a juicy consistency, fruity aroma, and uplifting high this Live Resin is an all around win.

      Durban kush -

      Durban Kush is a 50/50 hybrid created by crossing OG Kush X Durban Poison. It has been known to have a citrus, herbal, pine, and spicy flavor. As one of our highest testing and fastest acting strains, Durban Kush has quickly become a customer favorite at Diego Pellicer

      Star Killer -

      Take the Skywalker Og and cross it with the RD#2 male and you get sweet/kushy taste lemonhead candy of all the way around. From the first taste, she brings on the OG flavor. Dense, purplish hued, trich-covered buds.

      ONYCD - The Herbal Cure

      Top Dawg Seeds puts the “O”riginal in ONYCD.  Using Chem91’ to cross Tres Dawg, ONYCD packs a punch the likes of which haven’t been seen since Mike Tyson!  Fuel, Chem, & Kush dominate the terpene profile, bringing a classic taste back to current day cannabis.

      Mandarin Cookies - Seed and Smith

      Mandarin Cookies is a rare strain that has medium to large dense buds. These buds are light green with small amount of orange hairs, and are covered in milky white trichomes that give them a very icy/frosty look. It’s got a tropical smell that finishes with a very heavy citrus flavor, hence the name. When smoked, Mandarin Cookies will provide a nice relaxing experience, but not so heavy that it couch locks the user.

      OG Kush -

      Making its debut appearance back in the early 90’s, OG Kush has an origin shrouded in mystery. Utilizing a natural grow technique and small batch approach, The Kind Room  elevates this classic for the 21st Century. With tastes of lemon and pine and potency exceeding 30%, this hard-hitting hybrid  won’t disappoint.

      Papaya -

      A Pink House cultivar since 2012, this hybrid is a pungent breath of citrus. Papaya has very solid bud structure, and is often described as LOUD-AF. Caution is advised when in possession of this powerful herb, as its smell and potency knows no boundaries, and may lead to bud-envy in some circles.

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